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7 Best Apps Like Class Dojo to Manage Your Classroom [2024]

7 Best Apps Like Class Dojo to Manage Your Classroom [2024]

Apps like Class Dojo: Are you looking for a classroom management app? We know managing a classroom can be hard for teachers, especially if you are managing multiple classrooms. Well, Class Dojo and apps like Class Dojo can help you with that. 

First, let's understand what Class Dojo is. ClassDojo is one of the best classroom management software that helps teachers enhance pupils’ behavior and communicate more efficiently with parents. 

Even though it is the perfect classroom management app, it is not the only app out there that might manage your classroom requirements. 

So, if you are wondering are there other apps like ClassDojo, look no further. In this guide, we have listed other apps like Class Dojo that you can use. 

Apps Like Class Dojo

Keep on reading to find out more about class management apps like ClassDojo that parents, teachers, and students can use. 


Apps Like Class Dojo

In the first place, we have Classcarft on our list of apps like Class Dojo. Classcraft is a classroom management tool that helps educators motivate students by making learning fun. So that students are motivated to gain points with their good behavior throughout the day.

It combines time-tested teachings with an up-to-date tactic, harnessing the power of what kids love games and stories to endorse solid connections between students and teachers. 

Besides, teachers should set up a fantasy world for their students to join and have them entire quests like assessments for students to become extremely engaged, promote their non-cognitive skills, personalize their curriculum, and comprehend what’s working through real-time analytics. 

Key Features 

  • Students, teachers, and parents can switch between classes 
  • Teachers can add or remove points to manage behavior and monitor class activity 
  • Students can view their character and stats, learn, or use powers, and see the class and teams 
  • Parents can view their child’s progress, see powers and sentences, and view game feed entries pertaining to their child
  • Students and parents can send messages to the teacher
  • Students can access the game feed, delayed damage, and sentences 
  • As a teacher, you can track student behavior over time with analytics 

Pricing: It offers two types of plans – Basic and Premium, with the former entirely free and the latter costs $120 per year. Visit here for detailed information on pricing. 


ClassCharts Apps Like Class Dojo

With ClassCharts, you can say goodbye to hours of scissors and Prit Stick and say help to a fast and powerful way of creating a visual representation of a group of students. 

ClassCharts communication module allows schools to share information easily and quickly with students, parents, and teachers. Besides, the announcements module ensures that students and parents remain up to date with essential school notices and events. 

What makes ClassCharts interesting is that it has a separate app for teachers, students, and parents, which helps engage and celebrate achievement. Moreover, its behavior management component makes a real difference and totally streamlines the behavior management workflow in schools.

Key Features 

  • Seating plans reduce teachers’ workload and make sure they are always aware of key pupil data for differentiation 
  • Instant reports for teachers, from pastoral teams, tutors, and SLT
  • Management behavior is quick and simple to use
  • Monitor and motivate students with behavior and achievement points in two easy clicks 
  • Attendance lets teachers quickly take AM/PM and lesson attendance directly within Class Charts 
  • It offers a wide range of homework features and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current seating plans 
  • Teachers can instantly track a certain student’s interactions with other students within the classroom

Pricing: It offers a paid subscription. You can request a quote to get pricing depending on the school. It also offers a free trial account once you have had a demo. 

Furthermore, it’ll give you a pre-populated account that you can use to see if Class Charts is perfect for you. 

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Procare Apps Like Class Dojo

Procare is another app like Class Dojo for parents and students. With Procare, manage every aspect of your center, enrich child, and parent interactions, and automate the payment process. 

Procare lets you run your entire school operations through the app and website. It has everything that you are looking for, including sign-in-out, staff time clock, messaging, learning, billing, attendance, photos, videos, daily sheets, reports, and more. 

Furthermore, save time and money by streamlining core administrative functions while enhancing the experience for the parent with professional communications, easy to access portals, and the ability for real-time updates from the classroom. 

Key Features 

  • Built-in parent engagement app 
  • Staff can check in from the app using a four-digit pin
  • Parents can record signatures and capture answers with a drop-off form
  • Track ratios in real-time from the app for all your rooms 
  • Send any number of photos and videos, and tag pupils with one click 
  • Manage all billing transactions, credits, payments, and refunds directly from the app
  • Share upcoming events with parents easily for any day and month 
  • Keep every student and family information at your fingertips
  • Record all data related to any pupil incidents and send the report to parents and get their signature

Pricing: You can visit this page for information on Procare’s pricing. 


Tadpoles Apps Like Class Dojo

Tadpoles is reforming childcare and preschool by helping streamline operations and parent communication through the app. 

For parents, it builds connections with their child’s teachers and caregivers. So, stay connected to the learning that is happening in your child’s classroom with daily reports, engaging activities, multimedia SEL playlists, and two-way messaging with your child’s teacher. 

And whenever a teacher shares a new resource with you, you’ll be instantly notified by your preferred methods of communication, such as push notification or email, or both. 

Key Features 

  • Provide daily drop-off notes and contactless health screenings 
  • Seamless toggle between multiple children 
  • As a parent, you can easily communicate with your child’s teachers
  • Get automatic notifications about new posts by your chosen notification method
  • Be certain that all content is private, safe, and secure 
  • Get daily reports, updates, photos, videos, and resources from your child’s teacher that connect to classroom experiences
  • Regulate family observations for inclusion in the valuation process whether in-class or remote learning

Pricing: It offers a free trial. Once it is ended, you can purchase its subscription plan for $2.25 per active child per month. 

It includes all features like daily tracking, parent communication, attendance tracking, online child portfolios, lesson plans, text messaging alerts, classroom counts, and more. 


Bloomz Apps Like Class Dojo

Bloomz is an award-winning app that has everything that educators need and saves teachers lots of time in all parent communications while creating a supportive classroom community. 

It supports students’ timelines – an easy and simple way to capture and share student-driven portfolios. And students can publish their work by seamlessly scanning a QR code and explaining their work. 

Key Features 

  • Sign up volunteers in a few easy steps 
  • Manage events and calendar with built-in reminders
  • Post class updates and share pictures, and see who’s seeing them
  • Schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences in seconds
  • Send alerts notifications for important matters to both phone and email in one click
  • Message one or more parents without sharing their cell phone number
  • Invite parents through email or class code for privacy

Pricing: Bloomz is free for teachers and parents, and you’ll always get tools for you to connect, communicate and coordinate with parents for entirely free. 

Additionally, it offers premium features that parents, schools, and teachers can purchase. Its paid plans are as follows:

  • Bloomz Teacher Premium – Costs $98.99 annually. Offers unlimited video, language translation, message, and photo sharing as well as unlimited staff, groups, and more. 
  • Bloomz Parent Premium – Costs $19.99 per year. Offers more access along with media downloads. 
  • Bloomz Premium for Schools – District and school pricing is based on the enrollment and solution desired. Offers all the benefits of teacher premium and data analytics, reporting tools, additional settings, administrative oversight, and more 

You can visit here for more information on Bloomz pricing. 


ClassTag Apps Like Class Dojo

Next on the list of apps like Class Dojo, we have ClassTag. ClassTag is a free all-in-one classroom communication service that allows teachers and their pupil’s families to communicate, organize their classrooms and share material.

What makes ClassTag important is that it automatically translates over 100 languages. And you can also view which families are reading and responding to messages. This information is automatically added to a communication log and shows you who requires an extra nudge. 

Furthermore, ClassTag is the perfect match for your Google Tools because it syncs your Google calendar with ClassTag events, embeds YouTube videos directly to your ClassTag feed, holds parent-teacher conferences with Google Meet, and many more. 

Key Features 

  • ClassTag’s smart messages reach all parents depending on their chosen method – email, SMS, app, paper, or web 
  • Parents can participate in events, volunteer opportunities, parent-teacher conferences, donations, and supplies 
  • Share classroom moments via videos, virtual backpacks, messages, and file libraries 
  • Automatically translate messages into over 100 languages 
  • Create wish lists that the community and families can participate in funding 
  • Sync Google Calendar with ClassTag events, store, and exchange data with Google Drive, and more

Pricing: With ClassTag ad-free, you can access all the services with no advertising. You can purchase a subscription in two ways:

  • By paying a monthly subscription fee of $3.99
  • By pre-paying for a year’s subscription for $23.99

Remember that your payments will automatically renew at the end of each month unless you cancel it. You can navigate to this page for more information on ClassTag pricing. 


Brightwheel Apps Like Class Dojo

Lastly, we have Brightwheel which is a perfect alternative to Class Dojo. It is the best tool for childcare, camps, preschools, daycare, and after-school programs. 

It specifies in streamlining the procedures for the school administrators and staff in centers with mid to low capacity. And it lets you engage with parents so that you can save time and money, enhance satisfaction for your parents and make life easier for your staff. 

Parents can engage in their child’s day with a real-time feed of videos, updates, photos, and reminders. Moreover, you can use Brightwheel’s digital check-in to safely sign in and out, invite grandparents, and even pay tuition online. 

Key Features 

  • Store everything associated to kids and families in one secure place
  • Multiple digital check-in options accessible containing digital signatures, 4-digit check-in codes, and a kiosk mode
  • Snap photos, record videos, and tag students with one click
  • Make note of progress, achievements, and activities with pre-loaded state standards and a DRDP tool
  • Manage parent communication from one central hub
  • Share events, holidays, and important dates with both families and staff
  • Thorough reports of every brightwheel feature for billing and licensing necessities

Pricing: It offers two pricing structures – standard and premium, the standard version offers basic features, and the premium plan supports several enhanced features. Brightwheel’s pricing starts from $15.00 per month. They offer a free version and there is also a free trial. 


All the apps like Class Dojo listed in this article offer a safe virtual space where teachers, students, and parents can connect and teachers can share learning materials with students, track their pupil’s behavior, document their learning & achievement, manage student grades, and many more. 

Most of these apps offer both free and paid versions. Moreover, you can try out their free trial to check if it meets your requirements. Hopefully, the above article has helped you find the best alternative to ClassDojo.  

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