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Taskworld vs Trello: Which One Is Best For You? [2024]

Taskworld vs Trello: Which One Is Best For You? [2024]

When it comes to organizing and completing tasks, it is very difficult to do so. And when it comes to organizing and completing a task with the team, it gets more difficult to transfer everything from one computer to other.  

Moving ahead, when there are plenty of tasks to organize, complete, and manage, you need a helper who can do all your work and also allow the team to interfere. When you need to handle more than one screen at the same time, you need applications that support your multitasking.  

In this article, we are going to talk about such apps known for task management and organization namely- Taskworld vs Trello. We are simply and briefly going to compare both of them to conclude which is best Taskworld vs Trello. 

And by the end of the article, you’ll get to know about both of them in detail as their overview, key features, prices, differences, and more.  

Taskworld vs Trello: Overview  


Taskworld is a planning and organization app which is usually known as a task management app. It has integration with Google Calendar, OS X, and Outlook with email clients Gmail and more third-party apps.  

Taskworld offers its services as task management, project planning, budgeting, reporting, and collaboration. Additionally, it is a task board for the task managers to create, organize, and manage tasks to assign them to their team members easily.  

The app is easily available on the web, iOS Devices, and Android devices. Henceforth, Taskworld is a great option for project handling and teamwork tasks.  

Taskworld vs Trello


Trello is a quite famous application that aces in the list of Kangan board themes useful for task management apps. It has great dynamics and is very easy to navigate.  

Trello is a great choice if you are a fan of the Kanban board and practices. It also offers a task management program with advanced tools and detailed cards with comments, attachments, and deadlines with workflow automation and customizable Kanban boards.  

Similarly, Trello provides you to add descriptions, links, images, comments, and also attachments up to 10 MB to every card created. 

Trello vs Taskworld

Taskworld vs Trello: How Do They Work? 


Taskworld has a unique user interface that keeps its users engaged for a good time. It has been noted to be a very interactive dashboard that provides real-time data on the workspace to look at how much work has been done. 

It allows users to create task lists and then standardize the workflow of their team members. And the tasks that can be changed and edited as per multiple projects and routine work.  

Taskworld also gives the percentage of overdue, completed work, and planned tasks to check out the work schedule and work progress. And is noted to have time-tracking variables with burnup charts and progress bars.  

Furthermore, the user data of Taskworld is hosted on Amazon Web Services with authentication powered by SSL Technology and data encryption so privacy is very well protected. Moving further, the app also offers more advanced privacy options with the virtual private clouding feature. 

Additionally, Taskworld promotes other features such as a people page, customizable backgrounds, admin rights, multiple languages, a workspace guest area, and more.  


Trello has a simple user interface that is very easy to understand and use. The app is easily available on the web, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store to download from.  

It offers board creation, cards, and listing for project management and task management. And users can simply add subtasks within a card with checklists if they want. So, with the help of Trello, tasks can be allotted to several team members, and then the team can be notified if any card changes.  

 Furthermore, Trello allows users to add attachments of efficient organization, providing an activity log to keep the team updated with every change made. It is powered back by built-in animation which reduces the number of tedious tasks by automation.  

Key Features: Taskworld vs Trello  


  • Add workspace and also team members.  
  • Ability to create checklists with Taskworld. 
  • It is stated to use features like tags and labels etc. 
  • Easily check your followers and activity log to look after your team and the work done. 
  • Moving further, you can add and share tasks by email. 
  • Easily add attachments from other applications to Taskworld. 
  • Users can check image previews and can also get repeating tasks.  
  • Allows tasks in multiple locations.  


  • Trello offers free service on a basic level. 
  • Offers a quick overview of the front as well back of cards.  
  • A drag-and-drop feature for you to drag-and-drop tasks as per your priorities. 
  • Offers real-time sync with data filtering features.  
  • Provides checklists with a progress meter to check the progress done in a day.  
  • Simplest organization for tags, labels, and other categories.  
  • Easily upload files and attachments to share in the workspace. 
  • Ability to archive comments and changes in card records.  
  • Trello offers in-line editing to keep it flexible for end-time changes.  

Plans & Pricing: Taskworld vs Trello  


  • Taskworld offers a 15-day free trial.  
  •  A single workspace is given by Taskworld to work with. 
  • Taskworld Professional packs start from $10.99/ per user per month.  
  • For the Taskworld Enterprise pack, you need to get a customized quote on call.  


  • Trello offers a free version to use where it offers unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, attachments, etc.  
  • The Business class of Trello is quoted to be $9.99/per user per month.  
  • The Enterprise pack of Trello costs $20.83 or less per user per month.  

What are the key differences between Taskworld vs Trello? 

Taskworld and Trello both are known as the best task management apps and hence their features are quite similar when we talk about managing and creating tasks, checklists, etc.  

The key difference between Taskworld vs Trello would be in the types of integrations offered by Taskworld and Trello. Choosing the best between both depends on the list of integrations you required in the task management tool. 

Talking about the integrations offered by Taskworld, we have Slack, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Open API, Dropbox, Google Mail, Google Meet, Calendar, etc.  

On the other hand, if we talk about the integrations offered by Trello, we have Slack, Board Wiki, File Manager, Google Drive, Card Done, Jira, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, and many more. 

Hence, the key difference can be seen in the types of integrations offered to the users for managing tasks via Taskworld and Trello. 

Taskworld vs Trello: Which is Better? 

We come to the end of the article, where we compared Taskworld vs Trello task management app, resulting in a brief discussion regarding their overview, key features, and prices.  

Choosing which is better among both they are quite difficult and based on what you prefer the task management app can alter your choice accordingly. 

If you are into more integrations, then, of course, go for Trello but if you want more dynamics and advanced features, then Taskworld is a great choice.  

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Is Trello the best project management tool?

As mentioned in this article, we can observe Trello has a lot of features and options to make your project management job easy and stress-free. Hence you can say that Trello is one of the best project management tools.  

Is there an alternative to Trello? 

Yes, you can find many alternatives to Trello, Taskworld can be a good alternative for Trello and vice-versa.