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6 Apps Like Elf Yourself & Elf Yourself Alternatives [2024]

6 Apps Like Elf Yourself & Elf Yourself Alternatives [2024]

Apps Like Elf Yourself: Entertainment is a big yes for everyone and every situation. If you are upset, if you are going through depression, want to feel light in life, want to laugh out loud, or want to forget worries- then entertainment is all the solution.  

The best way to make someone laugh or smile is reels or GIFs nowadays. And to follow the trend, people are now finding ways to make the best GIFs and that too personalized ones.  

If you are new to making gifs and dance videos, then this article is for you. We are going to talk about the apps which will help you make funny dance videos and GIFs to share with your friends and family.  

Elf Yourself is a popular application when it comes to making videos and sharing them with friends and family. In this article, we are going to talk about the best apps like Elf Yourself which gives you more options in the same criteria.  


Apps Like Elf Yourself

Jibjab is a great and happening app like Elf Yourself that allows you to create funny videos and a huge collection of GIFs. It is a good choice as an Elf Yourself alternative because it offers similar benefits to creating personalized funny videos.  

Moreover, it is the best ecard app which offers thousands of collections of ecards with the option of making personalized greeting cards.  

Key Features of Jibjab  

  • The app is pretty simple.  
  • You can download and use it for free.  
  • It has been downloaded by 84 million people to make awesome videos.  
  • Jibjab is said to be on the top list on the Google Play store for creating funny videos.  
  • Provides a feature to create new cards, music, and videos and update the same all the time.  
  • It is very simple to create funny videos with Jibjab, you just need a photo and paste it into the video template you prefer.  
  • You can choose a group photo for group videos.  
  • Share videos to social media as well as a camera roll.  

Compatibility of Jibjab  

  • IOS Devices 
  • Android Devices  
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Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos 

Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos App

Dance Yourself 3D is an app that provides a feature to make funny videos by taking your photo and face. You can choose from multiple options like Elf Yourself offers.  

You can have access to GIF animations which you can easily convert into short clips and also export to other platforms. 

Key Features of Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos  

  • Provides easy conversion of the videos into shorter clips to make them more interesting.  
  • You can simply make funny videos by choosing different funny scenes and templates.  
  • Share your GIF animations, and videos on Instagram and other social media platforms.  
  • You can choose to make videos of different kinds of dances, and you can also choose your favourites and shoot with them.  
  • Use soundtracks and shoot videos for musical effects with Dance Yourself 3D.  
  • The app is free to download and use.  
  • You can simply choose the theme of your video and get similar tools such as romantic, celebration, pride, holiday, new year, etc and make people smile.  
  • Make a 3D model of your face and use it to create funny videos or dancing videos as per your preferences.  

Compatibility of Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos  

  • IOS Devices 
  • Android Devices  

Elf Dance

Elf Dance App

Elf Dance is the closest alternative app for apps like Elf Yourself. Both are similar apps to use but Elf Dancing is a pure dancing app that provides videos as per your photo selection.  

It is the perfect choice to make videos on special occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc with your friends and family. Here, you can also make a team and make group videos.  

Key Features of Elf Dance  

  • It offers an easy user interface.  
  • The app is free to download and use.  
  • You can simply make videos by selecting your face or photo.  
  • Users can add a team of at least 5 members for a group video where you can select each one's photo and make it all together as one.  
  • It offers a huge collection of video ideas for Christmas and many other special occasions.  
  • You can choose songs to use in the videos which are offered by the app itself.  
  • Offers the option of saving videos to a phone gallery and also the option to share them on other social media platforms.  

Compatibility of Elf Dance  

  • Android Devices 
  • IOS Devices  

Face Dance  

Face Dance App

Face Dance is another great app if you want to make your family and friends smile and laugh a little more. It is a great app like Elf Yourself which offers to create funny videos by using your face or photo.  

Moreover, it is a great app to make your old photos a better face to live. Furthermore, the app allows the feature of capturing photos and making them more interesting.  

Key Features of Face Dance  

  • The app is free to use and free to download.  
  • Has the unique feature of using a camera and capturing selfies.  
  • Offers the option to capture your photos and selfies with unique trends and filters. 
  • Face Dance is a good option to transform your old photos into something interesting which can lift your loved one’s mood.  
  • Capture your pet as a girlfriend or substitute to make the video funnier and more interesting.  
  • Ability to share the video on social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and others.  

Compatibility of Face Dance  

  • Android Devices 
  • IOS Devices  


Reface App

Reface is a semi-professional video editing app. If you are into video editing and need help with creativity and making the video more fun and livelier, then reface is a great option to go for.  

Reface as the name suggests offers the option to change the face and turn yourself into a celebrity and curate videos for fun like Elf Yourself.  

Key Features of Reface  

  • It is free to download and use.  
  • The app is said to be a semi-professional video editing app.  
  • The app doesn't completely change your video but enhances it to a great level.  
  • Add voice notes and voiceover to the videos to make them more original.  
  • Swap your face with a celebrity and turn yourself into a popular figure.  
  • The app may need an updated phone version to fully utilize its feature.  
  • The app works pretty simply where you can see a dancing video and copy-paste your photo or your friend's photo instead of a random person and make it interesting.  

Compatibility of Reface  

  • IOS Devices  
  • Android Devices  

Funny Face dance Video Maker 

Funny Face dance Video Maker App

As the name suggests, it is an app where you can make funny videos out of your face dancing videos to make people laugh happily. 

The app offers creative tools to enhance boring simple videos into personalized funny and dancing videos to share as short clips, GIF animations, and much more.  

Key Features of Funny dance Video Maker  

  • The app offers different categories to choose video templates from.  
  • Offers a 3D photo dance video maker where you can simply choose from themes like Superhero, Dancing, Disco, Birthday, and many more.  
  • You can simply cut out your face and swap it for funny and interesting videos to give a personal touch.  
  • The app is free to download and free to use.  
  • Anyone can play with facial expressions to make short clips, videos, photos, or even GIFs.  
  • Easily share your edits as per videos, memes, stickers, face-swapping funny gifs, etc to media and phone galleries.  

Compatibility of Funny dance Video Maker  

  • IOS Devices 
  • Android Devices  

Conclusion: Apps Like Elf Yourself 

Summing up, we come to the end of the article which provides the best the apps like Elf Yourself to create funny dance videos to cheer up your family and friends.  

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Is there a Free Elf Yourself? 

Elf Yourself is completely free to download and use. You can easily download the app from Google Play store and Apple App store.  

What app makes pictures dance? 

In this article, we have come across many apps like Elf Yourself which makes pictures dance, these include Jibjab, Elf Dance, Face Dance, etc.  

Where does Elf Yourself save videos? 

Elf Yourself save videos to your phone memory or share it on your other social media handles.