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6 Best Apps like Meitu To Click Beautiful Selfies [2024]

6 Best Apps like Meitu To Click Beautiful Selfies [2024]

Apps like Meitu: Trying hundreds of makeup styles and tricks to get the outcome you want might work only for a few. As for the others, if the tricks are not working for you then instead of wasting time on these tricks, try using some incredible photo filter apps like Meitu where you don’t need to do anything to your face and instead, the app will do everything for you.  

About Meitu

Meitu is a popular all-rounder photo and video editor that offers almost all the basic tools to make edits. It has more than 200 filters which can help you brighten the color and aesthetic of your pictures and add unique effects to edit certain tools like the magic brush, mosaic, collage, and more.

Meitu is indeed a good option that will help you edit your face without actually experimenting with it with hundreds of make-up items. However, since it may not be offering all the tools and features you require, in the article below we have curated a list of apps like Meitu which can help you find your new favorite savior from makeup – a well-suited app to fit your face and preferences.

Beauty Cam

Apps like Meitu

Beauty Cam is a wonderful app like Meitu that helps you look more beautiful than you already are. With its full body mode and aesthetic filter mixture, you can have an effortless fashion shoot for your social media posts.

So,even if you don’t have an iPhone or a good camera, with the Beauty Cam’s selfie editor and beautify function you can shoot stress free and convert your smartphone into a DSLR. 

Beauty Cam is a free app but if you opt for its VIP premium plan then you’ll unlock some incredible features like teleprompter which is a smartphone recording tool, over 150 exclusive materials including makeup style, detailed makeup, and member-exclusive filters along with an ad-free experience.

Key Features

  • With the original mode, which is the ultimate secret of Instagram aesthetic clicks, you will get naturally glowing skin without any extra makeup. 
  • The beautify function includes more features like skin and hair correction, leg lengthening, spot removal, slimming, auto retouching, and many more. 
  • The AI smart beauty is a new function update that will bring you a variety of brushes, colored contacts, and trending makeup looks – all this to help you skip makeup entirely. 
  • With the help of a super HD beauty feature, you can light up your face with soft light for night shoots.
  • Under the cutie function, you will get over 100 special AR effects. 


B612 Apps

B612 is one of the most famous photos, and video editors in apps like Meitu, which is a family of millions of users across the world and an all-in-one photo editor. If you are struggling to keep up with the new trends then installing B612 will give you hundreds of trendy filters, stickers and effects to keep you updated regularly.

The main highlight of B612 is that it offers a smart camera which will apply real-time filters and beauty to capture the best moments of your day. You don’t need to touch makeup in reality because with B612, you can turn your worst click into pics worth showing to the world.

Key Features

  • The AR makeup tool helps you create a natural makeup look for daily or trendy makeup challenges and you can always adjust the makeup to suit you.
  • Both high-resolution and night modes help you shoot clearly wherever and whenever you want. 
  • Offers a GIF bounce feature that can help you create GIFs with just one tap.
  • It has a music library with more than 500 different kinds of tracks to add to your blogs and videos. 



SNOW is another leading camera editor app with a family of more than 200 million users across the world. With SNOW, you get to find your favourite version by creating custom beauty looks by adding different effects, filters and decorating your photos with cute stickers.

It helps you click profile-worthy pictures with amazing stylish AR makeup features. You get to choose from 1000s of stickers which are updated regularly. Moreover, another highlight of using SNOW is that it offers exclusive seasonal filters, stickers and effects to add the relatable touch to your photos.

Key Features

  • Under the body edit feature you can edit your entire body like slimming, editing head, shoulders, waist, hips, etc.
  • You can adjust the colors of the picture through tools like brightness, saturation, and hue.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera App

Candy Camera is a good camera and selfie app which can be best in use when you want to click some pictures worth posting on social media but don’t want to touch makeup at all. It offers an amazing beautifying tool and filters which can help you look beautiful in selfies whenever and wherever you want.

Candy Camera has a diversified range of filters designed especially for selfies. In addition to the real-time filter camera, it offers additional editing tools for a perfect selfie and you can always adjust the picture through the beauty functions like whitening, lipstick, blush, mascara, slimming, and more.

Key Features

  • Has stickers for every occasion, trend, and season.
  • Offers a silent mode where you can take snapshots, selfies, and pictures without making any noise.
  • It offers tens of grid and collage styles.


Pitu App

Pitu is a selfie cam app offering several beauty filters specifically designed for face slimming, enlarging eyes, and portraits, and in short, offering real-time makeup tools through which you can do your makeup virtually without using makeup products in reality.

The working of Pitu is similar to any other apps like Meitu presented in this article. You have to start by importing pictures, then you can edit them with the beautify tool, add makeup efforts or different types of filters and once the picture is ready, export it in higher resolution to your gallery or post directly to your social media account.

Key Features

  • It can automatically recommend filters and light settings based on the photographs.
  • Offers all the basic tools you require to adjust the colors and lighting of the pictures like brightness, contrast, etc. 


MakeupPlus App

MakePlus is another perfect app to click a selfie and edit it to the next level. MakePlus is a platform where you can give yourself a complete virtual makeover from contour and eyelashes to hair color and brows, you can faux freckles and add glitter, change the color of your lips, and adjust more settings without actually using makeup.

MakePlus is one of the best apps like Meitu because it is a good tool to use for beginners. And it guides you from start to end and with every new feature you use and you are first explained on what the tool is used for. 

Key Features

  • It offers a good number of hairstyles and hair colors for every moment. Whether you want to go with pink tips or cotton candy, you can dye your color with the hair dye tool easily.
  • The newly upgraded feature called AR Glam will offer you ultra-glam augmented filters where you can transform your selfies into something glam full.
  • The app offers a touch-up filter that will help you personalize your signature look or you can try an exclusive full face-make filter that is recommended by the app. 

Final Words 

Although you can find many other Meitu alternatives on the internet, our list of apps like Meitu contains the best out of the best options for you and all the them have received a positive response from the users.

Therefore, we highly recommend you try the apps mentioned in this article before you give some other apps and software a shot. With this, we hope you were able to find your new favourite beauty cam app.

Frequently asked Questions 

Are there more apps like Meitu video editor?

Yes, there are more apps like Meitu video editor and the list has Pitu, MakePlus, B612, SNOW, Beauty Cam, and Candy Camera on it.

Which are the best Asian camera apps?

Some good asian camera apps can be B612, Candy Camera, Beauty Cam and SNOW.

What are good asian editing apps?

If you are looking for some good Asian editing apps for pictures then apps like Meitu, Pitu, Candy Camera, MakePlus, B612, and SNOW can be of your help.

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