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6 Best Apps That Add Santa to Photo [iOS & Android 2024]

6 Best Apps That Add Santa to Photo [iOS & Android 2024]

Are you finding the best apps that add Santa to Photo? Are you looking for the apps with the best features? We'll help you here! This article will show you the best applications for adding Santa to your photos and selfies.

All the apps discussed in this article essentially have the same feature. After taking the photo in your chosen room, you hit the button to add and resize Santa so that he fits in with the surroundings.

Most of them are free, and it is available on iOS and Android. Along with New Year's Eve effects, there are many different stickers available. By the end of the article, you will get to know about them in detail with their key highlights and compatible devices.

Catch Santa Claus in My House

Apps that Add Santa to Photo

With the Catch Santa Claus in My House application, you may convince your kids that Santa has visited your home and placed gifts under the Christmas tree himself.

Elf and reindeer can be added to the picture to give the impression that you have seen Santa on your roof or in your backyard.

This app enables you to add Santa to any image you like, including ones you already have and ones you capture in the present. It provides a wide variety of Santa options, as well as holiday elf, reindeer, and other components.

Key Highlights

  • It is available for free.
  • Santa Claus can be included in any of your images, or you can snap a brand-new picture.
  • A wide range of image stickers.
  • iMessage compatibility is seamless; you can immediately add photo stickers without leaving the conversation.
  • Doesn't include any bugs.


On both Android and iOS devices 

Santa Was Here

Santa Was Here App

With the Santa Was Here app, you may capture videos of Santa Claus visiting your house and later share them with relatives and friends. The app uses augmented reality technology to create customized videos of entertaining Santa visiting your home.

Children will be amazed to see Santa leaving gifts under your tree on Christmas morning. Friends will be just as enthralled to see Santa interrupting your snowball battle by bringing his sleigh to rest on your roof.

Additionally, the app is really simple to use, and you can even frame the video with a festive greeting before publishing your videos directly to social media sites.

Key Highlights

  • Record several Santa Claus scenarios in or around your home.
  • Available broad filter library.
  • Christmas Card Filter allows you to send a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays message to loved ones in your AR Santa video.
  • The Night Mode Filters allow you to record the video in a well-lit environment and then convert it into a dark night setting to increase the realism of Santa's visit.
  • Santa appears to be a cartoon.



Capture the Santa In My House!

Capture the Santa In My House App

Capture the Santa In My House is the most popular Among apps that add Santa to your photos. The app is fantastic, easy to use, and straightforward. It is an option if you're looking for a fun way to “trick” your kids into thinking Santa appeared in the living room.

It probably has the most “real” feel. It's a simple photo editing app that lets you pick one from 50 different Santa poses and digitally place it into a picture of your living room.

The editor in the app is simple, and the results nearly always appear realistic. Your kids will be amazed by the AR-produced image once you save it and add a filter.

Key Highlights

  • User-friendly and intuitive.
  • You can first add a variety of beautiful stickers. 
  • Enables the recording of personal Santa messages.
  • Free stickers are available for other holidays in addition to the New Year.
  • Available across a variety of platforms.
  • 40 handcrafted filters are available.



Capture The Magic-Catch Santa

Capture The Magic-Catch Santa

This is one of the top popular apps that add Santa to your photos in the app store, with over  million downloads! Take a picture of the area where Santa should appear, then add the desired asset.

You may choose from over 100 different Santa options while posing, turning, and resizing them however you see fit with this photo editing app for Android and iOS.

The graphics are effective, with joyful Santa and extra stickers to make your setting even more joyful and merry. Using this application, you can make it appear as though you captured Santa on your baby monitor or security camera.

There are several Santa packs available, the Premium pack has over 50 different poses, so you can find one that works for your scene.

Key Highlights

  • You can select a Santa character for your photo from among almost 100 options.
  • A premium pack is offered with more than 50 different poses.
  • To create the most realistic images possible, use advanced editing tools to crop, resize, lighten, or darken both the background and Santa.
  • A million plus downloads.


Compatible with iOS 9.3 or later and Android devices.

Santa Moments

Santa Moments App

The greatest way to include Santa in your everyday images alongside Elf, Snowman, and Santa Decoration with fantastic-looking Christmas messages is using Santa Moments.

Santa Moments allows you to include Santa in your live camera stream and capture images of Santa at specific moments. It shows a live Santa view on your camera so you can picture Santa in your home.

The most realistic-looking stickers of the actual New Year's Santa will be available for usage. You will also be able to add Bigfoot, a snowman, elf, and other New Year's Eve characters in addition to him.

Key Features

  • 1,000,000+ downloads.
  • You may create photos by including Santa or an elf in your camera view.
  • With awesome-looking Christmas messaging, it is the greatest way to include Santa in your everyday images.


Android and iOS

Santa In Photo

Santa In Photo App

Santa In Photos is the best way to have Santa in your regular photos, which also includes Elf, Snowman, and Santa Decoration with fantastic-looking Christmas messages.

Santa or an elf can be added to your camera view to create holiday photos. Santa In Photos allows you to include Santa in your live video feed and capture images of Santa at specific moments.

Key Highlights

  • You can add snowmen, elf, and Santa Claus in your images.
  • You can also use advanced tools like Text over Photos, Draw over Photos, and others to highlight your photos.
  • Decorate your photo with the amazing stickers that are available within the app.
  • $2.99 for a weekly subscription with a 3-Day Free Trial.


iOS and Android

Final Words

The article on apps that add Santa to photos comes to an end here. The 6 apps mentioned here are free to use and have many features. 

We hope that after reading our list of the best apps that add Santa to your photo, you have a good set of options.

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What app lets you catch Santa in your house?

For this Christmas, use Catch Santa Claus in My House and make your kids believe that Santa was really in your house leaving gifts for them! Add elves to liven up the scene or even Santa with his reindeer to make it look like you caught him in the front yard.

Is Capture the magic app free?

Using the Capture the Magic app is super easy, too! To capture a photo of Santa Claus in your home, simply upload a photo of your Christmas tree, living room, or another scene from your home via the free app (iOS or Android).

How do you get Santa in your picture?

Step 1 – Upload Your Photo. Take a photo of your room as it will look on Christmas Eve. …
Step 2 – Select Your Santa. Follow the prompts to choose one of the Santa images to insert in your photo. …
Step 3 – Check out, Download and Enjoy!

How do you use Capture the magic app?

Simply snap a photo anywhere in your house – your mantle, tree, living room – and select from a variety of Santa poses that you think fit best. Add your selected Santa pose into your photo and then use one of the many editing options to make it look as realistic as possible.