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5 AI Apps like Voila To Create Cartoon Photos! [2024]

5 AI Apps like Voila To Create Cartoon Photos! [2024]

Apps like Voila: Are you in search of some good apps like Voila where you can edit your photos into stunning pieces of art? Want to know what are the best apps like Voila?

In this article, I’ll show you the best Apps like Voila AI artist which will help you to transform your photos into a Pixar-inspired cartoon, a masterpiece from the Renaissance, and more.

Voila app is free to use on iPhone and Android. It turns your photos into stunning pieces of art such as Funny Cartoon, Pencil Sketch, Renaissance Paintings, and Hand Drawn Caricature by combining Human's creativity and Artificial Intelligence's capabilities.

It turns your selfie into a 3D cartoon from animated movies and painted yourself as artworks from the 15th, 18th, and 20th centuries.

By the end of the article, you will get to know in detail about these free apps like Voila with their key features.


Apps like Voila

ToonMe is a cartoon creator and editor that can turn you into a variety of cartoon characters in a photograph. A selfie may become cartoon art with only one click.

Because of its innovative AI-driven algorithm, ToonMe is important software for everyone who isn't an artist and rapidly produces breathtaking portraits with a hand-drawn quality.

Using a range of atmospheric effects, it helps users create the appropriate atmosphere. Any photo can be transformed into a cartoon using the fantastic AI filters provided by its caricature generator. Cartoonizing photographs allows you to transform them into large-headed anime characters.

Whether you want a 3D cartoon face or full-body photo art, ToonMe's artificial intelligence can create them all for you automatically. To create these images, the service makes use of AI and facial recognition tools.

Key Features

  • On iOS and Android devices, ToonMe is free to download.
  • The pro version costs $4.99 per month without ads.
  • Even if you're not skilled at drawing cartoons, you can use the ToonMe app to participate.
  • For all ages, ToonMe is suitable.

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor

The best cartoon maker apps like Voila is ToonApp, which offers a variety of cartoon effects and beautiful photo filters. AI filters make it quite simple to transform photographs into fantastic cartoons.

With just one tap, you may make entertaining avatars, even attractive anime characters, and Create beautiful paints and pencil sketches from photos.

Key Features

  • The app is initially free to download and use.
  • The app includes full-body cartoon image tracing and templates for vector image editing.
  • The app mimics a variety of styles and artists.
  • With the app background is immediately removed so you may choose an incredible cartoon background.
  • Use the cartoon face filters to avatar photos and instantly convert photos to cartoons.
  • The caricature sketch effect allows you to create a hand-drawn black-and-white image in a matter of seconds.

 Graphite Sketch Art by BeCasso

Graphite Sketch Art by BeCasso

Graphite is a photo-editing app that instantly turns your photographs into professional-quality sketches, drawings, and illustrations on your iPhone or iPad.

With Graphite's integrated color filters, fine-art materials, and vignettes, you can add a distinctive touch to your digital creations.

Key Features

  • It is available for free.
  • Instantly convert as many pictures as you like into fine-detail technical drawings in pencil, charcoal, or other media.
  • Take use of Graphite's innovative AI technology to maximize the potential of your digital creations.
  • Directly apply all artistic effects to your iPad or iPhone.
  • Your photos never leave your device, therefore it is secure.
  • You can export your edited photos in high resolution (up to 16 MP), then post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Varnist App

Varnist is also one of the best apps like Voila for making it simple to turn your images into wonderful pieces of art. With Varnist, you may add more beauty, emotion, humor, or craziness to your images.

It gives you access to a wide range of styled filters divided into a number of categories. The app includes works of art by well-known artists, drawing techniques, images, fascinating natural effects, and all the major photo-editing tools, among other things.

Varnist – Photo Art Effects is a great option if you need an all-in-one photo editing solution for your Android device.

Key Features

  • It is a free and easy-to-use app.
  • The photos you create can be shared with anyone.
  • You may add to the beauty, emotion, and humor of your images.
  • Include more than 200 different filters.

Socialbook Cartoonizer

Socialbook Cartoonizer

Social book is a free cartoon tool that enables you to quickly cartoonize any image. Additionally, it gives you the choice of cartoonizing a headshot or getting a full-body cartoonized image.

The SocialBook Cartoonizer also features some really entertaining filters, such as Arcane, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and others that can change the appearance of your image into a new character from a well-known animated series.

Key Features

  • The app is easy to use, enjoyable and gives amazing results.
  • It gives you the option to select whatever cartooning style you like.
  • Any filter or color effect is available for selection.
  • You can cartoonize an image of your entire body in addition to just your face.

Final Words

Hence, here we come to the end of the article, every app mentioned above is a cartoon creator and editor that can turn your photos into stunning pieces of art.

Although there are many apps like Voila available online, I have just mentioned five that are quite useful. So, hopefully, the information in the above article has helped you in selecting the top cartoonists from the top 5 apps like Voila AI artist.

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Is Voila AI artist free?

For added functionality, try Voilà AI Artist Pro subscription service completely free for 3 days and enjoy no watermark and no ads. If you love it, keep it for as little as $2.99 per week. If you prefer a monthly subscription, our price is $5.99 per month and $29.99 per year for yearly subscription.

What is the app that turns you into a cartoon?

Turning photos to cartoons has just become a possible mission for anyone. Special AI-driven algorithm in ToonMe instantly generates awesome portraits of a hand-drawn quality making it a go-to app for all non-artists out there. Just take or upload a selfie and get ready to meet your cartoon self.

Which is the best cartoon maker?

Voila, Varnist, ToonMe, Graphite Sketch Art by BeCasso, ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor, Socialbook Cartoonizer, etc are the best cartoon maker apps.