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5 Useful Sites like Rate My Professor To Find College Reviews [2024]

5 Useful Sites like Rate My Professor To Find College Reviews [2024]

Sites like Rate My Professor: Did you know that before the internet, students used to ask their friends if they should enroll in a particular professor's classes in order to learn more about their course?

They would find out that class student who already took the class and ask, “Could you rate your lecture?” Obtaining professor or lecturer ratings was difficult, but now it is easier.

Here, you will see a few websites where students express their thoughts about a particular professor and course and give personal feedback.

As a result, you will know whether your decision is good. In this article, we'll discuss some of the top sites like Rate My Professor, where you may rate your professors and read reviews of other professors.

On the Rate My Professor site, with over 1.3 million professors, more than 7000 campuses in the US, UK, and Canada have submitted over 15 million reviews of their professors.

Rate My Teachers

Sites like Rate My Professor

One of the best ratings sites like Rate My Professor is Rate My Teacher. You will be asked to choose your country every time you visit this website.

It provides all the same features as the other websites to rate professors. Additionally, this website is one of the best for providing students with first-hand information about professors and teachers.

You can search for teachers on this website by their school name. Simply put, you must open the school name to rate a teacher at a particular institution. You can then access the teacher's link to provide feedback.

Key Features

  • It primarily targets teachers in primary and secondary schools.
  • It has some schools in some particular countries including the United States, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • If you can't find your school, you can add it to the database.
  • You can rate your teachers on a scale of one to five stars based on their effectiveness, integrity, empathy, respect, determination, and other qualities.



Uloop is another one of the best websites like Rate My Professor to rate teachers. Students from school can rate their professors and lecturers on this website.

Former students of the professors write the reviews and give them valuable insight into their teaching style, behavior, and personality.

Additionally, students will help other students to prevent them from being stuck with a bad professor. The information on this website is more beneficial than just professor ratings. Each professor's page has a comment section with comments from previous students.

Key Features

  • It covers almost every school in the USA. 
  • It offers various services to students, including jobs on campus, textbook loans, course notes, tutoring, help locating roommates, and professor ratings.
  • Students evaluate professors on their clarity, ease of understanding, and helpfulness.
  • There are also comments to help you understand the ratings more deeply.
  • 1 million + students across 4,000 colleges use this site.



Niche is unique compared to all other teacher rating websites. The Niche website is among the best for ratings and reviews of educational products.

The list of top professors, lecturers, and teachers from all USA colleges, institutions, and schools is also included. In addition, you may view a complete ranking and rating of a school's performance across all academic departments on this Niche website.

The Niche website provides parents and students with essential career-related information. In addition, it aids the students in making the best choice possible.

Key Features

  • The best website for knowing more about colleges in American institutions, especially those in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, NYC, and other states.
  • Millions of students use this website each month as it is easy to access.
  • Nearly 100 million students, residents, and parents have provided rankings, ratings, and reviews.
  • On half of all US high schools, Niche had gathered 500,000 user reviews.
  • More than 1,700 colleges and universities have chosen for Niche.



Docsity is a social learning network for professionals and students throughout the world. You'll need to sign in to leave a review. Reviews are anonymous and can be as brief or in-depth as you'd like.

There are only straight, simple reviews; there are no subcategories or ratings for the various aspects of a professor's instruction.

The teacher-rating site Koofers has recently been acquired by and merged into Docsity. You can still get the Koofers professor ratings at Docsity by clicking through, even though it focuses more on practice exams and documentation.

Key Features

  • For user feedback, the website provides a star rating and commenting function on all of its content.
  • For other students to search, examine, and download, students can share their study notes and all of their academically connected papers.
  • It enables students to make friendships, have fun while studying, engage with one another on social media, and receive notifications about their friends' activities.

Rate Your Lecturer

Rate Your Lecturer

Rate Your Lecturer is a great professor rating website available for you if you live in the UK. This website encourages students to evaluate their colleges, universities, and localities is one of the best things about Rate Your Lecturer.

You can read all of the past evaluations, rankings, and remarks made about a person. If you don't see your lecturer listed, you can add him and give the initial ranking.

To view the top five lecturers and other professors at your university, type the name of your school into the search field. Identifying the best performers and ensuring you receive a quality education is simple.

Key Features

  • Teacher evaluations require less time in it.
  • It also allows you to rate a professor's or teacher's various abilities.
  • Each evaluation will range from 0 to 10 stars, with the teacher receiving an overall grade based on the individual ranks.
  • Seminars, tutorials, lectures, feedback, intranet support, office hours, and approachability are all factors that students might use to rank teachers.
  • When you search for a specific school, the website will show the names of the top five professors.
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Final Words

Here, above mentioned sites are some of the best sites like Rate My Professor where you can rate your teachers and professors. These are the best sites available, whether you want to share your experience with others or want to research your study before selecting classes.


How does Rate My Professor work?

Raters can share the grades they received in a professor's class when rating the professor. The Average Grade a professor gives is calculated from the grades indicated by raters. N/A means a grade hasn't been provided.

Why do students use Rate my professor?

Students use this website as a tool to discover their peers' anonymous opinions on both professors and the course itself. This site can influence which professor's class will fill up the fastest and the type of students that will be attracted to the course.