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Mastodon App Review: Is it Legit? [Complete Overview 2024]

Mastodon App Review: Is it Legit? [Complete Overview 2024]

Mastodon App Review: Are you searching for a Mastodon app review which can answer all the questions about the app? Is it legit? If yes, what is the app about? What are its features, pricing, and plans?

If you wish to know the answers to all the questions mentioned above and information about the Mastodon app then, we will highly suggest you continue reading this article.


The biggest decentralized social network on the internet is Mastodon. It's a network of millions of users in separate communities that can all smoothly communicate with one another instead of a single website. On Mastodon, you can find passionate people posting about whatever interests you!

Mastodon app will enable you to connect to a variety of servers managed by different companies and individuals rather than one central platform under the control of a single company like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Monthly, more than a million users actively use Mastodon. It is a free social media platform that works similarly to Twitter. Instead of tweets, you can post “toots,” follow other users and organizations, and favorite and boost other users' postings.

In 500-character posts, you can express yourself using custom emoji, pictures, GIFs, videos, and audio. To share amazing content, reply to threads and reblog posts from anyone. To grow your network, look for fresh accounts to follow and popular hashtags.

Anyone can use Mastodon on their server and download, modify, and install it. You may download Mastodon on iOS or Android.

Mastodon App Review

How does it work?

The Mastodon social media network consists of nodes, each of which runs specialized software. Everyone is free to host their own Mastodon instance, which can federate with others or remain private.

Individual Mastodon servers are completely under the hands of individuals or organizations. Mastodon still has centralized points of management, but they are not as tightly knit as they are on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

People register for accounts with particular instances on Mastodon. If the instance is federated with others, you can view a federated timeline made up of toots from users in other instances after logging in. You can also view a local timeline after logging in.

Users of Mastodon can communicate with one another by using their account names, which are similar to email addresses in that they include both the server address and the user name. Similar to Twitter, Mastodon enables users to post, follow individuals and groups, as well as like and repost other peoples posts.

Key Features

  • There isn't any outside advertising on Mastodon.
  • ActivityPub is an open and decentralized social network protocol that is supported by Mastodon.
  • Free & Open Source in its entirety.
  • Users of Mastodon receive 500 characters per post instead of 280.
  • It is considered a privacy-friendly option.
  • It is based on a decentralized architecture that is not governed by a single entity.
  • Your personal information won't be tracked or used by Mastodon.
  • It supports two-factor authentication.
  • The posts on Mastodon are shown in chronological order rather than using an algorithm.
  • Videos can be linked to postings, although doing so raises the cost of server hosting since many servers are run by one person.
  • Posts can be changed, modifications still remain viewable. A “delete and redraft” option is also available.

Pricing and Plans

The Mastodon app is completely free to download and use without any ads.

Is Mastodon App Legit?

Yes, the Mastodon app is legit according to the majority of positive reviews received from customers. In a month over one million users use this app.

Compared to most other social media platforms, Mastodon is safer. In terms of fraud, bots, and social engineering, it is just as secure as any other website. Given that it isn't the largest platform right now, it might even be safer at this stage. In terms of data privacy and information security, Mastodon really shines.

Final Words

Finally, we hope that after reading our Mastodon app review, you have all the data you need to trust the app and give it a try.


Why do people use Mastodon?

Mastodon is ad-free, free to use, and offers posts in chronological order rather than utilizing an algorithm to determine what material will be most relevant to users. According to the website, it is a federated network.

How do I find people on Mastodon?

When creating a Mastodon account, the majority of Twitter users link to it from their Twitter profile. Twitter's search feature can be used to look them up. On, type “Mastodon” into the search field.

How do you create a Mastodon account?

On the Mastodon website, selecting “create account” will bring you a list of servers for you to choose from. These can be filtered in various ways, such as by region, language, topic, sign-up speed, and more. Find a server there that interests you, join it, and you might need to wait a little while if it requires approval. You can then start looking for others to follow, regardless of whether they registered using the same server as you.