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8 Stores like Muji To Buy Japanese Clothes & Furniture! [2024]

8 Stores like Muji To Buy Japanese Clothes & Furniture! [2024]

Numerous Japanese stores like Muji have made their debut and ever since they first entered the market, guess what? Due to their aesthetically beautiful stores and cute and practical things, they are becoming huge successes. Here is a complete list of stores to buy Japanese furniture and clothing that you must visit if you want to stock up on really cool goods!

Ever feel that your house is not as warm and inviting as it could be? Or that you wished you had the time to enhance the design of your home? So maybe buying at Muji or at stores like Muji would help you overcome these problems. After all, Muji is among the top sources for stylish furniture, office supplies, and home furnishings. Nevertheless, having several places to shop is preferable to having just one, therefore let's discuss some additional Muji-like stores!

Overview of Muji

Japanese minimalism is the design concept that Muji adheres to. The store also emphasises recycling, minimises waste, and even has a no-brand policy. Although Muji originally offered 40 products when the company first opened its doors in 1980, today it offers more than 7,000, all at very affordable prices. 

Muji initially made an appearance on the American market in 2007. Since then, it has quickly grown in recognition among people, who are unable to resist falling in love with Muji's spirit. 

Its primary product categories include food, stationery, furniture, home goods, clothing, travel, health, and beauty. So, we can say that Muji is a delightful store that captures your heart with its wide range of goods and simplistic aesthetic.

Now that you know about Muji, you can go ahead and shop at stores like Muji and still get a premium experience. So, read on.


Stores like Muji

Chinese businessman Ye Guofu and Japanese fashion designer Miyake Junya established MINISO, a store like Muji in 2013. MINISO is a brick-and-mortar-only company with a business plan based on the realities of e-commerce. It can deliver an experience, something that online stores are unable to do, through thorough customer concern and a distinctive look.

What does it offer?

A retailer of lifestyle products with a Japanese flair, MINISO sells a wide range of products, including food, cosmetics, office supplies, toys, kitchenware and home goods of the highest calibre at reasonable costs. 

Key highlights

·       Numerous lifestyle products from Japan's rapid fashion designer company are ultra-trendy but affordable.

·       They truly offer anything you might need! From fashionable wallets, purses, and handbags to gorgeous coffee cups and stylish water bottles, hats, sunglasses, and footwear, to charging cables, back massagers, and neck pillows, there is something for everyone here.



In 1949, a textile firm in Yamaguchi, Japan, launched UNIQLO, now a global leader in apparel. It now has more than 1000 outlets worldwide and is a recognized global brand. Redefining apparel with an unwavering focus on quality and fabrics since the company's founding.

What does it offer?

The brand's tagline, “Uniqlo is a modern Japanese firm that inspires the world to dress casually,” captures the company's distinct perspective. The apparel line's “Made for All” brand philosophy positions it to transcend age, gender, ethnicity, and all other categories that serve to categorise people. Contrary to its name, “Uniqlo,” its clothing is basic, universal, and uncomplicated, allowing wearers to mix it with their unique sense of style.

Key highlights

·       The business sets itself apart from its price-focused rivals by giving its standout innovation names like HeatTech, LifeWear, and AIRism.

·       By meticulously managing its stores, cultivating a healthy workplace culture, and utilising in-store technologies like video lessons that outline product qualities, Uniqlo offers a superior physical shopping experience.


JapanLA Sore

Adults who enjoy “kawaii” or “cute” character merchandise can get it at JapanLA, a distinctive retail establishment. They sell a variety of items that are influenced by Japanese and Los Angeles Pop Culture, including toys, gifts, clothing, accessories, art, and more. In 2006, Jamie Rivadeneira opened the shop.

What does it offer?

What stands out about Japan LA is that it is run by people who are passionate about Japan and its adorable culture. This store sells everything from geeky couture to unusual jewellery, artwork from artists like Camilla d'Errico, Japanese plushies, and more. The purchasers are aware of the choices that will produce a wonderland.

Key highlights

·   Because the visuals and characters speak to a particular spot in all of our hearts—the youthful innocent element that is within all of us—cute Japanese culture and all things “kawaii” resonate with people of all ages and cultures. This is the primary concept of JapanLA, which is a store like Muji.


Jinen Store

Influenced by Japanese customs and production methods, Jinen was developed. It sells goods that combine excellent craftsmanship and optimum pricing because it believes that well-made things can improve quality of life.

What does it offer?

One's identity is shaped by each of the more than 60 brands that Jinen offers. Choose from any of the three main product categories: home (furniture, decor, and office), kitchen (dinnerware, drinkware, and kitchen tools), or outdoor (garden and accessories) to purchase from this wide selection. And note that orders over $150 receive free shipping here.

Key highlights

·       International shipping is not offered by Jinen. The store uses UPS and USPS for shipping. 

·       Like Muji, you can return any item after 30 days of purchase if it is unopened and is in its original packaging.

·       Additionally, you can join Jinen's affiliate network to earn income by recommending its products if you are a blogger, member of the press, or media.


Daiso Store

Hirotake Yano first established Daiso, a store like Muji in 1972 as a street vendor selling goods that priced at 100 yen under the name “Yano Shoten.” Later, in 1977, he established Daiso. Over 40% of the more than 100,000 products available at Daiso are imported goods, much of which come from China, South Korea, and Japan. They sell a lot of household goods, including cookware and cleaning supplies.

What does it offer?

The concept of the brand emphasises distinction, variety, and calibre. With items like kitchenware, dining sets, toys, pet supplies, home goods, cleaning supplies, gardening equipment, stationery, arts and crafts materials, sewing and knitting supplies, gifting supplies, PPE items, and storage options, there is something for everyone.

Key highlights

·   This business takes great satisfaction in the high calibre, vast range, and distinctiveness of its extensive product line. They provide a flavour of Japanese culture through their products.


Poketo Store

Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, a husband and wife duo, founded Poketo in 2003. Since then, it has developed from a tiny business into an online destination and a creative centre. Poketo is a lifestyle company that produces collections of design-conscious products to promote a creative lifestyle.

What does it offer?

Poketo, a store like Muji has developed over time from a fledgling creative business to an internet destination with two physical venues in Los Angeles: The Poketo Flagship in Downtown LA's Arts District and Poketo at The LINE Hotel – both places serve as centres for the neighbourhood's creative community by frequently hosting art exhibitions, workshops, and other events.

Key highlights

·       Poketo received invitations to work with artists in Scotland, Australia, Spain, and Japan. They produced Poketo artist series collections in each of these nations.

·       It has collaborated on unique items with more than 200 worldwide artists and has also worked with renowned businesses and brands including Nike, MTV, SF MoMA, De Young Museum, Disney, Target, and Nordstrom.

Tokyo Japanese lifestyle 

Tokyo Japanese lifestyle Store

Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle – a store like Muji, have gained a strong reputation among its consumers by emphasising high-quality services and goods. The company is constantly expanding, adding new users while retaining current ones who have chosen Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle as their go-to online retailer.

What does it offer?

In terms of customer service, Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle aspires to be a pioneer. Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle continuously extends its product variety, makes its website easier to use and more user-friendly, updates its user information systems, and works to boost customer service and speed up order fulfilment to provide a better browsing and buying experience.

Key highlights

·   Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle has localised its website's languages, content, design, and product selections to better serve its international clients by facilitating information access and order placement.


Yamazaki Store

Yamazaki designs home furnishings, household goods, and happy-making items with a focus on compact spaces. They think that even little changes made around the house can help us live more joyously and less stressed out. Its headquarters is in Japan, and it is well known throughout the world for bringing thoughtful, original design to commonplace things.

What does it offer?

The look of homes is always changing. However, home design has changed little over the years. Ordinary products may be predictable and uninspiring. But they are not required to be. Yamazaki feels that everything from bread boxes to wastepaper baskets to dish racks may be improved upon.

Key highlights

·   Yamazaki another store like Muji lives by the motto “If the house is what you make it, make it tidy.” Make it lovely. Justify Yamazaki.. 

Conclusion: Stores like Muji

Although no other store provides the same products as Muji, some offer you the opportunity to transform your home by incorporating extraordinary designs. You now have a variety of options to choose from if you want to try something new for your house and aren't afraid to spend a bit more money on it. So, come on now, we have done our part. Now you must dash to these stores like Muji and grab everything you can!

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