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Missing ItsMe? Try These 4 Avatar Apps like ItsMe! [2024]

Missing ItsMe? Try These 4 Avatar Apps like ItsMe! [2024]

Apps like ItsMe: Your digital identity, known as Itsme, used to enable you to prove who you are. Due to itsme there was no longer a need for a list of passwords or card readers. Itsme, one app for applications at the highest security level, made it simple to log in, confirm transactions, and sign documents. It was one-of-a-kind digital key with applications, including entering your health insurance fund, validating a bank payment, verifying your insurance, submitting applications to local governments, checking your pension online, and many more.

But, alas it's shut down now. No worries as such because we are here to help you find the best apps like itsme ensuring that the apps have the most exclusive features which you’ll enjoy to the fullest. For a range of operating systems, including iPhone, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, and Mac, there are more than 25 alternatives to Itsme. To deduce your hassle, we have come up with the following 4 apps like Itsme which we think might suit you the best.


Apps like ItsMe

Zepeto, an app like Itsme, is a location where nothing is unattainable. Zepeto is about another self in another universe. It is a mobile chat app from South Korea in which users create and interact as 3D avatars in various worlds. 

Some of these worlds are chat-based, while others are game-based. Here, users can choose whether they want these worlds to be public or just for their friends. It is a worldwide platform used by 300 million people.

Key features

Zepeto's avatar

·   Here, you can enjoy the free, limitless avatar customization and bring your imagination to life. You can create and endure whatever suits best for you.

You can make your own avatar

·   All users have to do is take a selfie or upload an existing photo. After your avatar is created, you can customise it to look like you in real life.

Planet Zepeto

·   It is the world's most immersive experience. Meet up with pals, take pictures, and go on missions.

Zepeto's creator content

·   You can make things and entire worlds. Serve yourself with the best imagination. Anyone can do it with ease and even benefit from it!

Social on Zepepto

·   Share to feed, one-on-one. To add to it you can make a connection with users from around the world.

Live streaming via the app

·   You can display your incredible self and also use Live to communicate in real time.

Zepeto premium

Exclusive products over studio reviews are prioritised. So, obtain unique advantages available only to premium members.



IMVU is your 3D virtual world metaverse! You can meet people from all over the world! To add to it you can connect, customise your own avatar, and chat in real time. 

To summarise, IMVU is a free virtual world where you can express yourself, create, and discover new things.

Key features

Possess a virtual life

·   The life of your avatar is your life. Do you desire a love tale? Visit a virtual dating site. In search of friends? Make pals everywhere you go. Do you wish to investigate? IMVU, an app like Itsme, is a whole virtual world waiting for you.

Make your avatar

·   Make a doll version of it! In our online game, you can design personalised avatars to socialise with other players and have fun. Shop without boundaries and customise your avatar's attire!

Discuss animated with mojis

·   In our life simulator, boost your relationships with pals. Utilise your custom animated chatroom when talking to friends. Play the part you want in your virtual life while enjoying the online social game.

Join a video chat

·   Chat with friends from around the world and get to know individuals locally or abroad! Beyond instant messages, entire conversations are possible with 3D chat.

Network and share your temperament

·   Your 3D avatar comes to life in the virtual chat room thanks to emoticons and features. IMVU is eager to be your virtual home; create a unique avatar and start playing this great 3D game!


Avakin App

Avakin lets you enter a virtual world that is filled with the latest style closet, a home at a place which you have always dreamt of, and numerous thrilling adventures, parties, and events taking place every day. 

It is a world that has no boundaries and you can just be you here without any fear. It is YOUR life, so live it as you see fit. 

Key features

Choose your brand

·   Thousands of haircuts, makeup options, and facial features let you personalise your appearance.

Use animations to show off your personality

·   You select whether to walk like a zombie or swagger like a model.

Define your fashion

·   Weekly fashion drops will help you stay on top of trends.

Post photos to Facebook and Instagram and share your sense of style

·   Build the house of your dreams. Scandi-chic or a den of vampires? Decorate with themed furniture selections to suit your tastes.

Make new pals

·   Hang out and talk to new people in countless fantastic places, whether you'd go on a picnic or spend a Saturday night at the rock club. In the warm community, you can find your online relatives and build enduring connections.

Join the group

·         Participate in weekly activities as a group and earn special rewards. 

Start your journey

·        Explore without boundaries. Visit space, take a road journey across America, or unwind in the Amazon rainforest.



LMK is a social app like Itsme that allows you to meet people in several ways. Join their community to interact with others having similar interests by chatting, hanging out, and more.

Key features

Link up with others

·   Connect instantly and converse with others who have similar interests.

·   Visit Audio Rooms and stop by to speak to a crowd. Try sending gifts inside an Audio Room as well!

Swipe to navigate

·   On those, you wish to be friends with, swipe right.

Profile creation

·   Including your hobbies and providing a bio, you may build your profile. To display your actual personality, you can even post to the community feed!

·   Their top objective is creating a thriving, secure community. If you notice any inappropriate behaviour, kindly let them know.

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Conclusion: Apps like ItsMe 

 We have tried our best to come up with apps like itsme which will give you an unforgettable experience. Try your hand on the one that suits you the best and do let us know what you think! Happy avtar-ing to you all!