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Temu vs AliExpress: Is Temu like AliExpress? [2024]

Temu vs AliExpress: Is Temu like AliExpress? [2024]

Both Temu and AliExpress operate in the same space. If you are wondering how Temu compare with Ali Express, you're at the right place. In this article, we've mentioned a detailed Temu vs Ali Express comparison article to show you which platform is better at what?

While Temu is still new to the world, launched a couple of years back, AliExpress here has over 20 years of experience in this field. With so many such differences and specific features and benefits of their own, which between Temu and AliExpress do you think is a better option?

So, keep on reading to know the answer to the aforementioned question along with detailed and significant information about Temu and AliExpress.

Temu vs AliExpress: Overview


Temu vs AliExpress

Temu is one of the currently trending online marketplaces. As you might have already noticed, it gained quite a lot of popularity due to having the most downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store for its app.

Also, you might have come across the label while it is being used by popular influencers on social media platforms regarding their hauls and reviews. In simple words, it is your one-stop destination to shop for the latest Internet fashion products from various categories like beauty, handmade crafts, home decor, fashion, etc


AliExpress vs Temu

AliExpress is another online shopping platform for popular products under categories like electronics, fashion, accessories, etc. It is mainly known for offering extremely affordable products from trusted sellers across the world. It also offers over 100 million quality deals regularly.

Furthermore, based on its pricing, which literally starts from $0.01, it is quite understandable if consumers think of it as a scam. However, in reality, it is one of the best places to buy electronics, fashion and similar items if you want to buy in bulk and at $1, $2, $.50 like prices.

Attention: You can also visit some other cheapest marketplaces which offer good quality products directly from the manufacturer at surprisingly low and cheap prices. 

Temu vs AliExpress: Products 


Temu, as a marketplace, focuses on covering almost all categories there in the market. 

This precisely includes most famous to least famous categories including art, craft, sewing, smart home, home, kitchen, lawn, garden, industrial, commercial, beauty, health, musical instrument, automotive, electronics, tools, home improvement, and many more.


AliExpress covers all types of categories and products from apparel to appliances for smart home and home improvement. Still, for a better idea, its list of categories includes men’s fashion, computer, security, consumer electronics, bags, shoes, toys, outdoor fun, sports, health, automobiles, home improvement, tools, jewelry, watches, appliances, and much more. 

The quality of the products, since they come from the manufacturer, is quite reasonable for the price they are charging for one unit. However, unlike Temu, AliExpress does not offer many promotional deals and discount offers.

Temu vs AliExpress: Pricing


Temu can offer cheap products since it has multiple connections in the industry. Here, you can find deals starting from under $1 and available all the time of the year on its website and app.


AliExpress seems to be offering cheaper products than Temu and multiple other marketplaces. The reason behind its cheap pricing is that – it connects you directly with the manufacturer and without third-party interruption anywhere in the middle, you will be making a deal with the manufacturer himself.

Temu vs AliExpress: Shipping


Temu offers secured tracked shipping on all its shipping services. The standard shipping time is 7 to 15 business days and the express shipping will usually waver according to your location, but will definitely be less than 10 days max. 

Also, Standard shipping is free on most orders but for premium shipping, you'll have to pay about $12.50 as long as your order total is less than $120.


AliExpress shipping time depends on your location and warehouse but in most cases, it will take about 15 to 45 working days for the parcel to be delivered. 

However, if you choose premium shipping, then the estimated delivery starts from 7 to 15 working days. Also, the shipping price changes as per location and the shipping service you choose. 

AliExpress offers free shipping on eligible orders, irrespective of your country. Through this, you don’t have to worry about additional taxes and custom money either. 

AliExpress offers a money-back guarantee in two cases – if the product delivered is not as described in the product description, or if the product is not delivered within the buyer protection period mentioned. Buyer protection days start as soon as the seller ships the order.

Temu vs AliExpress: Returns and Refund Policy


Temu has a convenient 90-day return policy. The best part about this is that your first return for any type of order will be free. But, if additional returns are requested for the same order, then extra shipping and handling fees will be applied.

Temu guarantees that all the items that are new and unused are eligible for a complete refund within 90 days after purchase. But, if you have ordered personalized items, maybe something like customized keychains, cutlery, T-shirts, etc then the order can’t be canceled after delivery.


AliExpress has an easy 15-day return policy. The refund days will start as soon as the parcel is delivered to your doorstep. All the items in the order will be accepted as long as they are in perfect condition, unused and brand new, and in the original packaging.

Is Temu like AliExpress?

The below-mentioned difference between tables has information from our research as well as from customers of both brands.

Refund 90-days15-days
ShippingStandard Shipping over 10 days.Standard Shipping about 15 to 45 working days.
Buy Now and Pay Later ServiceYes, by Klarna and Afterpay.Yes, by ZiP.
Quality and Pricing Quality is good based on low prices.Quality is reasonable based on cheap prices.
User Experience Its website and app help in shopping and navigating around faster and in a more convenient manner.Its website and app are simple to use but can be a bit complicated for first-timers.

Temu vs AliExpress: Summary

Overall App Rating4.6/54.6/5
ProductsAlmost All types of Categories Almost All Categories 
Shipping10-15 Days15-45 Days
Returns and RefundsIt offers a 90-day return. First return offers $0 handling and shipping costs.It offers a 15-day return.
Customer Service24/7 online live chat service available.24/7 live chat is available.
Customer/Purchase ProtectionYesYes
PricingStarts from 50 cents Starts from 0.01$

Final Words: Is Temu better than AliExpress?

To start with, according to reviews of consumers who have tried both labels, although Temu has cheaper prices than AliExpress, they still went for AliExpress because it has regular and multiple beneficial deals with better control over quality than Temu. 

Yes, pricing is important, but when you are getting the better and more durable quality of the items by just paying just a couple of dollars more – many people would happily go for the second option.

Furthermore, the shipping time taken by Temu, even in the standard shipping and let’s consider the warehouse and the resident is on the opposite side of the world, will still take about 20 days max for the parcel to be delivered. In case you chose the premium shipping then it will barely take 10 to 15 days for the delivery. 

Compared to that, AliExpress will take about one and a half months max – 15 to 45 working days if you have chosen the standard shipping. In case you have chosen the premium shipping, it will still take half a month max. Like, what’s the point of premium shipping then? 

Also, let’s not forget the fact that even though it has gained a lot of popularity in the US, Temu has recently joined the market, which also means it doesn’t have enough experience in this field. Compared to which, AliExpress has been in business for years and clearly offers a good million or more deals than Temu.

With all the important points mentioned in this article and significant ones highlighted in the summary, we hope you are now clear to decide and choose – which between AliExpress and Temu is better for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Temu sell?

Temu is well known for offering almost all types of categories you can find in the market. For instance, it has apparel, electronics, home improvement, tools, kitchen, home decor, toys, crafts, art, accessories, and many more.

Is AliExpress a Chinese site?

Yes, AliExpress is a Chinese online retail service from China and is owned by the AliBaba group. It was launched in 2010 and is connected with thousands of small businesses in China and other locations like Singapore to offer good quality products at cheap prices to international online buyers.

Why is Temu so cheap?

Temu seems to be offering products at unbeatable prices because it is accessed by its parent company which has good connections in the supply chain and related industries. Due to its large connection, Temu can also extend the savings and multiple offers to customers, more than other similar marketplaces.

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