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Temu App Review: Pros & Cons, Is it Worth to Use? [2024]

Temu App Review: Pros & Cons, Is it Worth to Use? [2024]

Temu App Review: We are quite sure you haven’t even heard about this app that has beaten Walmart, Amazon, and its top competitor Shein, which has made not only you but many users encouraged to learn more about this new fashion brand in the market. 

Therefore, to give you a good Temu App Review, in the article below we have curated all the data with important highlights about the app to help you learn everything from start to end. 


Temu is a globally famous fashion brand offering a wide range of items with amazing deals and prizes. Whether you are interested in fashion, handmade crafts, or home decor and related items, you can find everything in this app.

Temu has made it easy to find popular trends and well-suited items according to your preferences with multiple promotions available all the time. You can find unique items with every new occasion, festival, special days for special someone.

The main highlight of Temu is that although it entered the market only 7 years back, in the generation where Alibaba was dominant, it took rise through all the competition and replaced Alibaba after 5 years of its debut with millions of monthly active users recorded. 

It is best known for offering two things which are good quality products at reasonable prices. Apart from this, it offers multiple deals, a good set of varieties under every category it offers and basic features of shipping and returns.

Additionally, it is a fast and secure platform offering 24 x 7 customer service. You can either give them a call or talk to them through text, whatever you prefer and then move on with your shopping and get a good set of basic as well as unusual payment options to choose from.

Temu App Review

Key Features

  • Wide collection

Temu’s wide collection not only include categories and products, but you can find specific picks for the specific occasions too. For example, if Halloween is approaching, you will see the website offering a vast collection of products to help you look the best at your Halloween party.

  • Unlimited promotional offers

Like the title suggests, there is no limit to promotional discount offers available on the app. While it offers as much as 30% for new users, you also get extra benefits for shipping and returns accordingly on all the products listed on its app. In addition to that, it offers a separate section for all the items currently under sale with discounts going up to as far as 50% off.

  • Frequent site updates

While it already offers a good set of categories, you won’t believe that regularly more than 1000 new products are released on its website and app. Whether it is for women’s bottoms or accessories, every category gets bigger and bigger as days pass. 

  • Convenient 

The Temu app is convenient from every corner because not only does it have a good and easy user interface for its app but it also offers a huge variety of categories, which means one is not required to visit different websites to shop for different items as they can shop for a complete outfit top to bottom from Temu itself.

What does it offer?

The Temu app offers several categories including home decor, dresses, jackets, accessories, tops, bottoms, etc. It mainly focuses on offering trendy items.

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For new users, shipping is free irrespective of where you stay. Talking about the delivery time, it will require about 7 to 15 days to arrive across the US and if the parcel is not delivered in the side delivery window then you’ll be offered a $5 credit to your Temu account. 

Also, if your order total exceeds $99 then you automatically qualify for free express delivery which means your parcel will be delivered in a maximum of 10 days after the order is confirmed.

Return Policy

For new users, the Temu app has free returns within 90 days, that is 3 months after purchase. You will not have to pay a single dollar for returning the item and you have a good set of months to check the product, find the defect or any other issue and return it. 

After you have successfully returned the item, the money will be credited into your Temu account which you can use while purchasing another item.

Is it Legit?

Indeed, the Temu app is 100% legit. The main reason behind calling it 100% trustworthy is not only based on our research on the Google reviews about the app but the same story is said by its customers on the Google Play Store and App Store where it has received a literal 5 out of 5 rating stating that it is a legit app offering all the features it claims to have.

Final Words: Temu App Review 

In the above Temu app review, we have mentioned all the important headlines required to decide whether the Temu app is sincere and worth a try or not. 

As for our recommendation, we will recommend you to try it because even after you have used your new user free shipping and return offers, the app will still have huge discounts to help you save on your purchases which is a big plus point.

With this, we have ended our Temu app review and hope you have decided whether the app is worth a try or not.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is Temu clothing worth it?

Yes, Temu offers trendy and good quality clothing at reasonable prices which means Temu clothing is worth every penny you spend.

What is included in Temu return policy?

The Temu return policy includes that all the users are offered 90-day free returns on all purchases without any hidden fees.

Is Temu a real app?

Yes, Temu is definitely a real app offering a wide range of global products, all trendy with good quality and incredible prices and multiple discount offers.

Does Temu ship to Australia?

No, Temu is only available in the United States.