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How to Sell on Temu [Complete Seller Guide 2024]

How to Sell on Temu [Complete Seller Guide 2024]

How to Sell on Temu? Temu is currently one of the top leading marketplaces in the US – a perfect place for a small business to make a fortune through increasing fame.

Talking about you and your small business, if you have experience in small businesses, had your small business started for a good time, and want to take a big step and enter the huge marketplace industry – then becoming a merchant at Temu might be one of the best choices you might make this year.

For the same reason, if you don’t know how everything works and want a step-by-step guide to know how to sell on Temu, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains just the right guide to help to launch yourself on Temu successfully.

Introduction to Temu

Temu is a one-stop cross-border destination to shop for the latest fashion and trend products. It is a subsidiary company of Japan‘s second-biggest parent company named, Pinduoduo.

Because of this, Temu has connections all across Japan and other related countries like Singapore.

Temu is a marketplace with hundreds of regular deals and discount offers going up to 50% to 60% off. It is well-known for two things – for offering a huge variety of products at surprisingly low prices. 

Also, even though it hasn’t even been a year since its debut, it gained massive popularity in the US due to its increasing number of downloads.

How to enter the Temu Marketplace for Selling?

To enter the Temu marketplace for selling, you have two options – you can either get registered as a verified seller on its parent company or sign up as a trusted seller on Temu itself and register yourself as a cross-border merchant.

If you are successful at either of the tasks, then it means you have officially listed your store and products on its app and website.

To know everything in detail, we have presented the steps to complete both tasks below.

Enter as a Verified Pinduoduo Seller

If you are an old Pinduoduo seller, then your task will be simplified and you won’t have to go through additional processes.

However, if you are not registered, the entire process will take only a couple of minutes to complete.

To start, you have to visit Pinduoduo’s official website and select the cross-border e-commerce button present on the left panel. After signing into your account, apply for cross-border e-commerce, and if it’s a success, you are successfully registered. 

Join Temu as a New Seller

If you are registered with the parent company, then registering for a merchant position at Temu is easy.

However, if you are not registered with the parent company, then you can directly apply for the new merchant role on Temu’s website.

Although the entire signing-up process with Temu is easy, the verification process for the form you have submitted online will take about three working days to be completed and your results to be out.

Now, let’s dive into detailed steps to sign up and register yourself as a new merchant on Temu:

  • Sign up – 

First, you must sign up/create an account on Temu's official website on the seller center page. Next, verify your account, you have to use the passcode that was sent to you through messages and then log in.

  • Complete the merchant registration – 

After you have verified yourself as a Temu member, you now have to start with the merchant registration process. You have to start by choosing your store type and what type of business you run. 

Then you will be needed to fill out the qualification form by providing certain details about your business. The required documents will have to be submitted to the Temu Seller Center to complete the final step of the registration process. Below is the list of documents required:

  • The ID of the store manager.
  • Distribution or logistics documentation like proof of warehouse partners.
  • Brand qualification documentation like trademarks or authorization letters.
  • An ID of the legal representative, a passport, or a driver's license will do.
  • International proof of your business and registration, like a business license.

All these documents are necessary, and if you fail to submit even one of them, the application will be rejected immediately.

  • Submit the form –

After you upload the documents, it will ask you to fill in more store details like the official name, logo, and other information. Your account will then go through a verification process, and it will take three days to complete.

After the verification is completed, you will get a message with the final results of your application. If you are approved, you can sign into your account and start adding products to the seller center. 

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Roles of Sellers on Temu

Since Temu is a marketplace, it doesn’t have control over anything related to sellers including order fulfillment, and everything depends on the manufacturer or seller for manufacturing, packaging, product listing, and shipping of the parcel. But, as a Temu seller, below are the roles you have to play:

  • Samples of popular items must be sent to Temu main office for a thorough review and verification.
  • The seller or responsible person must prepare and upload item information well.
  • Sellers must take responsibility for setting up their brand on the platform entirely.
  • Bank accounts attached for fund transfer must be connected to the manufacturing company, and an individual or personal account will not do.
  • Orders should be bagged according to Temu packaging guidelines.
  • Sellers must take complete responsibility for answering any inquiries and questions asked by the customer.

Restrictions for Sellers

Now that you have successfully set up your shop on Temu, it is time to have a look at some restrictions and things that can get you banned on the platform.

Levels of Restrictions 

  1. Level 1 – these level restrictions will remove and forbid the items and remove any store advertisements from the platform.
  2. Level 2 – these level restrictions will remove the product, add prohibitions, and remove the advertisement and the platform will also prohibit new listings.
  3. Level 3 – these level restrictions will remove all the products listed by the shop and no new items will be allowed to be listed on the platform.

Things that can Ban You

  • Temu is open for individual stores, industrial stores, and commercial enterprises and stores. In case you have portrayed yourself as one among these but in reality are not, then you will be banned.
  • If you continue to list products that are against the local laws and regulations of the platform, then you will be banned.
  • The store names must not contain anything that provokes something else, has a name of religion, region, international organization, or country, and is exaggerated in any way.
  • All the documentation submitted must have an expiry date of a minimum of 1 year in the future, and those with an expiration date under 12 months will not get approval to become the seller.
  • Whoever receives the level 2 restriction will receive a ban from posting advertisements, the sales of their products will be affected, and they will be limited to listing the products.
  • Bans will occur automatically when there are many abnormal logistic orders, increasing quality refund orders, and high dispute refund orders.
  • Bans will be placed when the stone is slow in responding to its customers.

How to Withdraw Funds from Temu Seller Center?

All the payments for orders placed from the Temu app can be withdrawn through the Temu Seller Center tool. But, to withdraw the funds, the store must have a card or account attached to it. 

After attaching the account, go to the account funds category and navigate to the Funds Center. Select the amount you want to withdraw and tap on Withdraw to confirm. You will have your amount deposited into the chosen account.

How to Sell on Temu: Final Words

Indeed, the entire process of how to sell on Temu might look easy now, but it might be complicated for the people who do not have the required documents, are having trouble signing up, have issues with the account, etc. 

However, if you have everything it requires, then you must not wait, and with the help of this how to sell on Temu step-by-step guide, launch yourself and your business on one of the most famous marketplaces currently in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Temu sell? 

Temu is well-known for offering various products, choices, and categories. The list includes women’s clothing, men’s clothing, smart home, home improvement, kitchen appliances, home decor, tools, garden tools, lawn, outdoor essentials, traveling essentials, and much more. 

What can you sell on Temu?

As a registered merchant onTemu, you can sell in every category it offers – home decor, tools, craft, art, sewing, garden tools, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, accessories, watches, smart home, electronics, kitchen appliances, and more.

Who owns Temu?

Pinduoduo, the second-largest marketplace in Japan, owns Temu. 

Manh Cuong Nguyen

Friday 17th of March 2023

I am in Vietnam, is ít posible to become a seller on Temu.