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Temu vs Amazon: Is Temu Destroying Amazon? [2024]

Temu vs Amazon: Is Temu Destroying Amazon? [2024]

Temu vs Amazon: Temu and Amazon are two of the currently leading marketplaces in the US and have been a hot topic recently.

Some even think that within a couple of years, watching how Temu has been acquiring the market and sales successfully, it might outrun Amazon at some point. 

Watching how Amazon has covered over 40% of US e-commerce sales, it is unbelievable to even think about Temu overpowering Amazon anytime soon. But, there are still some advantages of using Temu over Amazon, which can benefit you too, and will be listed below. 

Along with that, one more question is arising – which between Temu and Amazon is a better choice? It is kind of obvious that Amazon is the one majority of the people would choose, but are you sure? 

If you want to know the answer to the aforementioned question and detailed information about both labels – then we highly suggest you continue reading this article that contains a thorough and unbiased comparison between Temu and Amazon.

Temu vs Amazon: Overview


Temu is the same platform that gained popularity with its surprisingly increasing downloads all across the US.

It is a one-stop platform and an online marketplace offering you and is well-known for its wide variety of categories, products, and choices.

Another highlight of using Temu is its pricing. The prices literally start from just $0.50 with quality being reasonable according to charges mostly.

Additionally, it offers other deals and promotional offers all the time of the year, with discount offers going up to 50% off daily.


amazon vs temu

Who doesn’t know Amazon? Amazon is the No. 1 online shopping platform globally.

Whether you want to buy mobiles, cameras, and watches or wish to order daily necessities like washing powder, kitchen appliances, etc. – for everything, Amazon is the answer.

Amazon, similar to Temu, is known for offering almost all types of categories and products. It has variety, comparatively low prices with good quality guaranteed the majority of the time.

Temu vs Amazon: Website and App User Experience 


Temu has both a website and an app for iOS and Android users. The user interface of both platforms is pretty simple.

You can search for the products through its robust filter and search tools, add items to your cart with one click after choosing your preferences if necessary, and with a small procedure – you have placed an order!


Amazon has both a website and an app and is known to have easy user interfaces for both platforms.

You can find everything you need with quick navigation, it is well known for offering a robust search and filter tool to help you cut short your research and you can always ask for recommendations from Amazon.

Both Temu and Amazon have user-friendly websites and apps.

Winner: Both

Temu vs Amazon: Pricing


Pricing is one of the main weapons of Temu. With hundreds of daily deals with discounts and promotional offers going as far as 50% to 60% off, the pricing is no less interesting. It starts from only $0.50, and you can find thousands of items under $1.

For instance, you can find trendy jackets and hoodies from only $9, furry jackets from only $26, and multiple combo T-shirts from just $10. Even if you are interested in buying anything in bulk at wholesale rates, you can take your budget easy with Temu.


Amazon, on the other hand, is not exactly a platform to buy things at wholesale rates in bulk, although the prices are lesser than their original market value. 

For instance, the same trendy jackets and hoodies will start from $20 minimum. For combo offers of plain T-shirts, you will be charged over $15 minimum, and for thick and furry jackets, you will be charged no less than $45-$50.

Amazon offers most things at reasonable rates according to the quality, as long as you’re buying from a trusted seller, but its prices are still way too far from Temu’s.

Winner: Temu

Temu vs Amazon: Products and Quality


Temu offers a good range of products under various categories such as electronics, accessories, shoes, clothes, garden, home decor, cosmetics, beauty products, jewelry, watches, appliances, smart home, pets, home improvement, tools, lawn, and many more. 

Talking about the quality, although it claims to offer your products directly from manufacturers providing good quality items, it is still quite doubtful to get electronics and so many expensive items at such cheap rates.

However, Temu allows you to check the reviews under every product to determine the quality.


Amazon offers various products, including electronics, gaming, pets, smart home, kitchen appliances, home decor, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, unisex items, watches, garden tools, home improvement tools, traveling essentials, and whatnot.

Now talking about the quality of the products, first of all, to check the quality of the specific buyer, under every item, you can check its reviews and star rating by other customers to determine the quality.

On top of that, Amazon has multiple trusted sellers, and in case you can’t find one item from a specific seller with good quality, you can try searching for the same item from another seller who can be trusted.

Winner: Both

Temu vs Amazon: Shipping


Temu offers an accurate order tracking service where the standard shipping will take about 7 to 15 days, and express shipping time will be estimated after your order is confirmed. 

Standard shipping is free on almost all the items listed except for a few, and express shipping is free if your order total is about $129. If not, then you will be charged $12.90.


Amazon claims to take 5 to 8 days to deliver the product. It offers various other types of shipping options like one-day delivery, two-day delivery, next-morning delivery, and such.

For many of the contiguous parts of the US, 4 to 5 days are enough, and deliveries on Saturday and Sunday are available for many areas.

Regarding the rates, the domestic standard shipping will charge you $3.99, expedited shipping will take $6.99, and the 2-day and relevant shipping options will cost you about $14.95.

It happens rarely, but you will notice your package not being shipped for 3 to 4 days simply because the product is unavailable or the shipper isn’t shipping it for some reason.

Likewise, you can get your parcel earlier than the estimated delivery date.

Winner: Amazon

Temu vs Amazon: Return and Refund


Temu gives you the right to return the product within 90 days of purchase in case you’re not satisfied with it.

As for the refund, it seems to take 14 days to transfer the money to your chosen wallet or account. 


Amazon offers easy returns, and the days of return depend on the sellers and products.

As for the refund, if you choose to be paid in the Amazon balance wallet, it will take less than 2 hours to get it transferred.

But, if you have chosen to get it on your credit or debit card, then Amazon will need 2-4 business days to transfer.

Winner: Amazon

Temu vs Amazon: Customer Service


To contact Temu, call them at 1-888-480-8368 or email them at [email protected]


To get customer service, you can visit Amazon’s customer service page on the website or app and tap on the category relevant to your issue, like membership subscription, delivery, etc. 

If you didn’t find your topic in those categories, then scroll down, and you will find more categories listed. You can also search for the category through the search bar.

However, if you didn’t find the answer you were looking for from these categories, you can contact Amazon customer service at 02230430101. 

Temu vs Amazon: Which one is Better?

Temu and Amazon both are winners when it comes to the variety of products it offers. Still, according to user reviews and our research, Amazon has better control when it comes to quality. 

Likewise, Amazon takes an average of one week to deliver the products even with the standard shipping, compared to Temu, which will take half a month.

But Temu has the upper hand regarding shipping rates since most of the products, irrespective of your order total and location, offer free shipping.

Now hopping on the return and refund policy, both offer a full refund when you have the product with original packaging and unused. 

But, while Amazon takes 2 hours to transfer the amount in Amazon balance wallet and 2 to 4 business days in your credit or debit account, Temu takes literally half a month to do so. Of course, it might refund the money before 14 days, but you never know.

With all the headlines and highlights mentioned in this article, we hope it is clear which between Amazon and Temu must win your choice battle. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Temu legitimate?

Yes, with the help of customer reviews on its website and under the app on the App Store and Google Play Store, Temu is legitimate.

Is Temu safe to order from?

Yes, as said by the customers and review section, Temu is safe to order from.

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