Temu vs Wish: Is Temu Like Wish? [2023]

Temu vs Wish

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Temu vs Wish: Are you searching for a good marketplace that can help you buy inexpensive products but with good quality? If you are searching for these marketplaces for a small business, you are not alone. 

For the same reason, we have plenty of such marketplaces and websites, and among the best are two popular platforms: Temu and Wish. 

Both Temu and Wish are well-known in the market for offering a huge variety of products and plenty of options to choose from.

These are officially from China and are mainly used by small business owners to offer premium quality products at affordable prices to their users.

However, you can’t use both apps for your work, can you? Then, which between Temu and Wish is a better option? To know this answer and everything about both the sites that will help you in decision-making, have a look at our comparison battle between Temu and Wish mentioned below. 

Temu vs Wish: Overview


Temu vs Wish

Temu is one of the well-known shopping platforms, a direct importer from China. It gained fame since it became the most downloadable in the US right after its debut in 2022. It is said to offer similar products at affordable prices as AliExpress and Wish. 

On a more positive note, it mainly focuses on helping you get items with low minimum quantities at inexpensive prices that can be shipped and delivered within a couple of weeks to western users.


Wish vs Temu

Wish is a marketplace, and its app helps you buy discounted products, and you can also buy good quality products at cheap prices from trusted sellers.

The best part about shopping from this brand is that it allows you to buy almost all types of products, from electronics to apparel, as long as it is not against its policies.

Additionally, it is a safe platform and also supports user awareness where users have the responsibility to check the seller twice before making a deal.

Also, let’s not forget the fact that it helps you buy fair quality products at minimum order quantity.

Is Temu like Wish?

Yes, in ways, Temu is similar to wish. However, there are many differences that can tell Temu and Wish apart.

To start with – Temu offers the buyer’s protection service through which, you can stay relieved while buying from it, but in Wish’s case, you get nothing like that. 

Whereas Temu acts like a perfect marketplace for a small business where the more you buy, the lesser the amount will get based on certain quantities of order.

Wish doesn’t have any search facility and although you can place an order for thousands in quantity, the price will not be discounted. 

Temu vs Wish: Products


Temu moving the worldwide popular marketplace offers well-curated brand-new products every day.

It has about hundreds of different categories and subsections to help you explore and find the product you’re looking for with ease.

The most impressive part about Temu is that it accepts over 11 million small businesses and suppliers.

Whether it is an entirely manufactured product or handmade, you will get anything and everything at Temu.

Still come out to give you an overview of its product and category variety, it has categories like appliances, smart home, health, household, home, kitchen, women’s shoes, tools, home improvement, garden, etc.


To start with, similar to Temu, even Wish updates its categories and items according to new trends in fashion.

Since it is a marketplace, it has millions of sellers and suppliers added to its platform.

However, like any other marketplace and shopping app, which doesn’t give you the option to select products from specific categories or sections.

Instead, as soon as you visit his website, you will be getting headlines like popular, recently viewed, trending, fashion, etc to explore products.

Furthermore, if you have a specific product in mind you wish to shop for, you can use the search bar, add the keyword or name of the product and get the results accordingly.

To give you a better idea about the products it offers, you can find items under categories like electronics, home improvement, fashion, accessories, etc at Wish. 

Since both parties seem to offer almost all kinds of products, both must win the section.

Winner: Both

Temu vs Wish: Pricing


Based on its low minimum order quantity and quality of products, the prices are highly reasonable.

The best part about its pricing is that the more products you buy, the less it will charge you. 

Also, even if you are buying just one product, which is completely allowed, you will get it at an impressive price (probably 50% to 60% based on the market price). 

On top of that, it offers a Buyer guarantee that includes 90 days of protection with free shipping added.

This is to assure you that the suppliers are trustworthy, but even if you face any fraud, with the help of this guarantee you can complain about the issue within 90 days and will get free shipping when you get the real item you ordered.


Wish offers you all the products discounted about 80 or 90% off on their original market price.

It doesn’t have the exact system of minimum order quantity, which could have the feature of buying more and paying less, but it allows you to place an order for a specific item in hundreds and thousands accordingly, and the price will still be lower based on what you would have paid in the real market.

Although both offer good quality items at cheap prices, Temu has Buy now pay later service.

Also, let’s not forget that Temu offers a buyer’s protection with 90 days guarantee and free shipping – something you can’t find out Wish. 

Winner: Temu

Temu vs Wish: Shipping


To start with, do you have more offers for free shipping for every customer’s first three orders?

Free shipping can also be availed at the time of redeeming sales and promotional codes. 

On top of everything, the website will take the responsibility of compensating the?

If the package did not arrive one time, whether on an estimated date or guaranteed date. If this happens, the website will instantly pass a $5 credit as a token of appreciation for the customer’s patience and understanding of the delay.

No talking about the shipping time, it entirely depends on the distance between your resident and the warehouse from where the item will be dispatched. 

In most cases, especially when you have ordered anything in bulk, it will not just ship your order for a couple of days and at that time, you will have to have patience for even a couple of weeks for your order to get shipped and delivered.


Additionally, keep in mind if you are buying products from separate merchants, the shipping cost will be applied for each product separately.

On top of that, the shipping cost for each item will depend on where the order is dispatched and where it is supposed to be delivered. 

In short, there is no specific shipping rate, and the same goes for delivery time.

As for the shipping time, it also depends on the distance between your house and the seller’s warehouse. And, for different countries, the app has a different yet good set of options in carriers.

Temu vs Wish: Returns and Refund Policy


Temu has an easy 90-day free returns policy. Also, the app doesn’t charge you for return shipping on the first return of any type of order.

After that, the buyer will have to pay $7.99 as a shipping fee which will be automatically deducted from the refund before it is paused to the specific account.


Wish allows you to return your product within 30 days of the delivery date if you’re not 100% happy with your product.

For the same, you will have to go through a small process and start with submitting a refund request through which assistant. 

In case you want a full refund, you are allowed to cancel a return order and opt for a friend within the cancellation window. 

Temu vs Wish: Summary 

Points Temu Wish
Does it offer an app? Yes Yes
Does it offer affordable products? Yes Yes
Variety and Quality of Items Yes Yes
Does it offer buyer’s protection? Yes No
24/7 Customer Service Yes Yes
Returns and Refund Policy 90-day 30-day
Overall Rating of the app  4.5/5 4.6/5

Final Words: Temu vs Wish

Temu and Wish are both good websites. They adhere to common people’s basic needs of good quality products at cheap prices and also offer updated products regularly with hundreds of categories to choose from.

However, since the Temu app is a bit better than Wish in offering buyers a guarantee, options of categories to choose from, and offers the buy more and pay less feature on all the products listed on the website, it seems to be a better and more professional option to choose. 

But, this comparison between Temu vs Wish contains our recommendations and thoughts. If you want to choose Wish for any other reason, it is also a trusted and good app offering similar services. 

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Frequently asked Questions: Wish vs Temu  

Why Temu is so cheap?

Temu is a Chinese company with the primary aim of offering you good quality products at highly reasonable prices, with low minimum order quantity. 

Is Temu reputable?

Yes, even when it took the market in 2022, Temu is still a reputable platform known for offering good products at inexpensive prices – from a wide range of categories. 

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