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6 Best Sites like Changelly and Changelly Alternatives! [2024] 

6 Best Sites like Changelly and Changelly Alternatives! [2024] 

Sites like Changelly: Currency and Exchange are two combinations which can never be ignored. With the digitalisation of currency, we now have slight ideas about cryptocurrencies and their exchange rates.  

Investing currencies with future returns on investments is a must. In the fast-changing world, money cannot be kept idle. Hence, Changelly is an app which provides a platform to invest and exchange cryptocurrencies.  

Recently, Changelly users are facing KYC document issues, refund issues etc with Hence, we are here to help you out with the 6 best Changelly alternatives to look forward to.  

In this article, we are going to talk deeply about the 6 Changelly competitors in the market of cryptocurrencies, exchanges and trades.  

By the end of the article, you will get to know those 6 Changelly alternatives with their key highlights and much more.  


Shapeshift Sites like Changelly

Shapeshift is one of the changelly alternatives to choose from for trading cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can easily find investors for their funds from Digital Currency Group, Access Venture Partners, LakeStar and many more. 

With Shapeshift, users can trade their funds with more than 750 cryptocurrencies topping the list such as ETC, Bitcoin, Augur, Black Coin and others.  Users can also have a cold crypto wallet under the Shapeshift web portal. 

Key Highlights 

  • With Shapeshift, users can buy cryptocurrencies directly from their debit cards. 
  • It is available in more than 20 countries in the world. 
  • More than 750 cryptocurrencies are available to choose from with Shapeshift. 
  • It has a speedy transaction guarantee like Changelly. 
  • You can have access to a built crypto wallet. 
  • Shapeshift offers a real-time trading feature with no custodial fee holdings.  
  • It supports chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, and many more. 
  • Wallets available with Shapeshift are-  Metamask, Shapeshift, Keplr, keepkey and more. 
  • For more details, check here.  


ChangeNow Changelly Alternatives

ChangeNow can be considered a Changelly competitor for good trading and competitive rates for cryptos. The platform supports more than 70,000 trading pairs with 400 listed cryptocurrencies. 

In short, ChangeNow works with crypto industries namely Binance, Trezor, and OKEX to offer their best services in the exchange and the trading world.  With ChangeNow, no restrictions are observed related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.  

Key Highlights  

  • ChangeNow makes it easy for users to register because no personal information is necessary. 
  • Users can have access to customer care services via chat, call, email etc. 
  • 400 cryptocurrencies are offered by ChangeNow to start the trading journey. 
  • Transactions are usually completed within 5 minutes with ChangeNow. 
  • No custodian fee is collected like Changelly. 
  • Users can have the option to trade their fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies with more than 60 fiat currencies.  
  • The minimum trading can be done with $2 or so.  
  • ChangeNow also supports NOW Wallet and NOW Payments.  
  • For more details, check here  


SimpleSwap Cryptocurrency Exchange Easy way to swap

SimpleSwap is another Changelly alternative which is an online platform to trade crypto assets and currencies to buy new ones. Users can create their accounts easily without worrying about their personal information.  

SimpleSwap is able on the website as well as a mobile application to trade simply from anywhere and everywhere. With SimpleSwap, users can also have access to their crypto wallet which is based on AES encryption and can easily be used as a browser plugin. 

Key Highlights 

  • No personal information is collected for registration for users. 
  • Crypto Wallet is available for the users of the plugin. 
  • More than 300 cryptocurrencies are listed on with SimpleSwap. 
  • There are no deposit fees taken. 
  • No withdrawal fees are charged by SimpleSwap to the users on the withdrawal of funds. 
  • Customer Services are supported via the live chat feature, email and social media handle to solve any queries.  
  • Users can have alert notifications set up for price alerts, based on their order history. 
  • For more details, you can check here.  


CoinSwitch Buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Coinswitch is another best Changelly alternative to look for trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. With Coinswitch you can get access to more than 100+ cryptocurrencies.  

Coinswitch as in coins have more than 400 categories to select from for trading and exchanges of Cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch has a minimal KYC Setup process to know about the user’s authenticity for protected transactions and trading.  

Key Highlights  

  • Customer Services are available to the customer via mail, FAQs, Form Support etc. 
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee is charged by Coinswitch. 
  • Transaction Fees charged by Coinswitch can be around 0% to 0.5% 
  • For fiat currency, Coinswitch only supports INR.  
  • The minimal deposit amount kept by CoinSwitch Kuber is 100 INR for beginners. 
  • Coinswitch comes with a zero-brokerage policy for its users.  
  • For the payments, NEFT, IMPS, UPI etc are supported by Coinswitch. 
  • To know more about Coinswitch, click here. crypto exchanger is the easiest trading platform for cryptocurrencies which makes it one of the changelly competitors. offers immense security of funds to make it the best highlight of its platform and services.  

The best feature of is it helps you swap digital currencies without creating a whole account with their platform. No tracker is installed on their platform to respect the user’s privacy at its maximum.  

Key Highlights  

  • The conversion rates available with are fixed which makes it ensure the stated amount to be received shall be received without any deductions. 
  • Security of the website is maximum focused, and user's privacy is respected.  
  • Education and awareness programs are made available on their platform to teach beginners about trading and risks with them.  
  • No account opening is needed to use 
  • You can easily exchange currencies with their Flyp Now feature to transfer funds from and in wallets.  
  • To know more about the same, check here

Coin DCX  

CoinDCX Crypto Investment App

Coin DCX is another good changelly alternative to start your trading and exchange journey. Users can easily trade and exchange cryptocurrencies up to more than 200+ listed down with Coin DCX. 

Coin DCX supports many cryptocurrencies but can be seen dealing with more of Ethereum, Bitcoin and many more. It has a straightforward user interface to trade and exchange with speed and without confusion.  

Key Highlights  

  • Top Investors available with Coin DCX can be seen among Bain Capital Ventures, Poly chain, 100x Ventures and many more. 
  • The user interface is simple, and the app is free to download.  
  • For fiat currencies, Coin DCX supports INR and countries, usually India and Singapore. 
  • Withdrawal fees are charged on the base of the currency chosen.  
  • No deposit fees are taken by Coin DCX. 
  • Transaction fees varied on the club level chosen with the volume of transactions supported on the user’s account.  
  • For more information about Coin DCX, click here.  

Conclusion: Changelly Alternatives  

Here, we come to an end to the article featuring the 6 Best Sites like Changelly to start trading and exchange journey with cryptocurrencies. You have seen the 6 best competitors of changelly here and now you can select the best changelly alternative according to your requirements.  

Trading and exchanging involve high risks, yet before investing your funds, research, and educate yourself about cryptocurrencies, trading, exchange rates etc.  

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FAQs: Sites like Changelly  

Is Changelly better than Coinbase? 

No. In technical terms, Coinbase has higher value in the industry of cryptocurrencies comparing it to Changelly.  

Can Changelly be trusted? 

Yes. Changelly can be trusted on the terms of MinerGate but do research well before investing your savings with them. You can use changelly alternatives best as safety options.