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7 Best Websites like Dailymotion to Watch Videos! [2024] 

7 Best Websites like Dailymotion to Watch Videos! [2024] 

Websites like Dailymotion: Binge Watching is everyone’s favourite activity. YouTube and Dailymotion both are popular platforms to watch videos and enjoy too.  Videos have been optimised with huge importance, especially for content creators.  

The existence of half of the content creators is from their videos from real-life scenes to behind-the-scenes. Hence, videos and watching videos never get old. Dailymotion is preferred by a huge audience because of the availability of content from all over the globe just like YouTube. 

Recently, Dailymotion was banned in a few countries, and it is facing server issues, video loading issues etc. Hence, websites like Dailymotion are much needed.  In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 best Websites Like Dailymotion.  

By the end of the article, you will get to know about Dailymotion Alternatives and their key features to watch out for.  


Brightcove Websites like Dailymotion

Brightcove is the closest Dailymotion alternative to browsing online video options and participating in live streaming. Brightcove is a one stop destination for online video hosting and publishing platforms.  

Brightcove is said to be the fastest player which uses HTML 5 video player for impressing the audience with video and speed quality. Brightcove has an easy user-friendly interface which the audience loves the most.  

Key Highlights  

  • Brightcove offers HD-quality of video streaming to its audience. 
  • The website comes with many premium benefits such as trick play, countdown timers, companion ads etc for maximum client interactivity. 
  • You can use Brightcove as a mobile application as well as a chrome extension for video playing like Dailymotion. 
  • The website also comes with other options such as Hybrid Digital Tv, Video Library Management, Social Sharing and many more. 
  • With Brightcove, you can easily get a 3-day free trial and after that the quotation of Brightcove as per your selection and size of the industry. 
  • Some other minor features of Brightcove are as follows, OTT Platform, Live Streaming, 24×7 availability, Single Sign-On, Secure Video Playback and Internal Video options.  

Facebook Watch 

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a free-of-cost video streaming platform making it one of the best websites like Dailymotion. Facebook Watch is the simplest and the easiest site like Dailymotion with a friendly user interface and navigation.  

Facebook Watch is underrated for its original content to binge-watch even on a cost option. If you are a Fan of 20th Century Fox Television, then the Facebook Watch won't disappoint you.  

Key Highlights  

  • Facebook Watch is free to download and use.  
  • The app has more than 50+ titles to binge-watch. 
  • The streaming quality offered by Facebook Watch is HD quality like Dailymotion.  
  • Users can also have live streaming and original content with popular stars.  
  • To enjoy content on Facebook Watch users must have a Facebook Account and nothing more. 
  • You can watch Facebook Watch on TV with their special app made for TVs.  
  • Facebook Watch offers parties to watch together with friends online. 
  • Many more features are offered by Facebook Watch such as a real-time chat option, an internal video sync option, following favourite shows and much more.  


Vimeo  The world's only all-in-one video solution

Vimeo is another Dailymotion alternative with amazing features of no ads. It is said to be a great option for creators to rent and sell their original pieces to the world. The video player given by Vimeo is worth using once. 

Vimeo usually offers freemium options to choose from. Users can simply choose whether they want to use the free version of Vimeo or get paid plans on a monthly or annual basis.  

Key Highlights 

  • Vimeo offers free plans which are specially curated for individuals who want to join their community, for more details check here.  
  • The paid plans come with exclusive features with a price range starting from $9 per set monthly to $65 per seat per month curated for Enterprise, and much more. 
  • Vimeo Video Player offers features like 4K to 1080p video quality as per plans subscribed.  
  • The video player also has a playback speed control option, player customisation, chapters, transcripts editing, no ads feature etc.  
  • Users can also avail of benefits like unlimited screen recording, custom bandwidth, virtual events and webinars, unlimited video browsing etc.  


SproutVideo Video Hosting and Live Streaming for Business

SproutVideo is one of the sites like Dailymotion for watching videos with hefty benefits. SproutVideo is said to be the simplest yet easiest site out there to utilise for video players. It supports every device with web-based extensions. 

Users can count SproutVideo as a budget-friendly and affordable option for video hosting. Businesses and Creators can send out a lot of content with the help of SproutVideonwith an easy user interface.  

Key Highlights  

  • SproutVideo comes with amazing video marketing tools and advanced SEO techniques to look upon. 
  • With their site, you can customise video analytical tools and then send them via embeds or playlists as preferred. 
  • This site can be seen as a professional platform yet a simple site to watch videos like Dailymotion. 
  • Users can also download their application which allows easy ways of uploading, encoding, embedding and hosting videos at competitive prices, check here to know more.  
  • Users can get a one-on-one solution to their queries with SproutVideo. 
  • Sprout Video offers a 30-day free trial with 3 different pricing plans to look for.  


Wistia Get the complete video marketing platform for business

Wistia comes in handy when we talk about a good Dailymotion alternative. It is one of the most advanced brand-affiliate marketing sites when it comes to video marketing. 

With Wistia, users will have hands-on experiences with customisable video players, video heatmaps, channel openings and subscribing features etc. With Wistia, users can also look at Facebook custom audience integrations and many more.  

Key Highlights 

  • Wistia Users will have access to the video player and video hosting with video management tools etc. 
  • For marketing, creators and businesses will be gifted with engagement and marketing tools. 
  • Like Dailymotion and YouTube, Wistia offers channel creation and subscribing methods. 
  • For the hosts, users can have access to role-based access, recording webinars, branding tools and invitees management etc. 
  • For the attendees, they have features of registration management and live chat features.  
  • Wistia offers social media integrations with much software to look for.  
  • For a free trial and plans of Wistia, check here.  


DTube community powered video sharing platform

DTube is on the list of the closest websites like Dailymotion because of its quick user interface and easy video streaming. DTube is power packed with all needed tools such as brand overlay, bulk uploading etc. 

With DTube, users can have access to closed caption settings and preferences, a mobile screen support system, video streaming, sharing and looping analytics with lots of privacy options. It offers the unique feature of earning DTube coins which can be then converted into Bitcoin or Ethereum.  

Key Highlights

  • DTube offers DTube coins to earn with video likes and views and convert them into Bitcoins later.  
  • It is a well-integrated platform with Blurt and Hive for exclusive interactions.  
  • Users can have access to different communities and follow their video updates etc.  
  • You can upload a video with them or have it uploaded from YouTube URLs by simply pasting them.  
  • To know more about DTube coin and pricing, check here.  
  • Users can like your video and comment on them just like Dailymotion and YouTube.  
  • The user interface of DTube is commendable and supports free-speech video sites.  



Last but not the least, Spotlightr comes shining bright for websites like Dailymotion to watch and stream videos with. It is an all-in-one video hosting app for solutions to video marketing and bulk uploading.  

Spotlightr will give access to many features such as video customisation, hosting, player settings, video marketing tools, analytics, special integrations and modern security tools to have detailed privacy lookout to the users. 

Key Highlights

  • Users can have access to control their video uploading and manage drag-drop features with metrics settings.  
  • With Spotlightr, 4K video quality is going to with the support of 360 videos regardless of any device compatibility.  
  • For customisation options, users can customise their logo, their channel appearances, custom captions, floating video links, web pages, custom thumbnails and many more. 
  • Spotlightr gives you integration with Zapier to help you out with CRM and other tools.  
  • For plans and trials of Spotlightr, check here.  

Conclusion: Websites like Dailymotion 

In conclusion, we come to an end with the article on Websites like Dailymotion to watch Videos On! It is easier to judge the video quality but tough to choose the best video hosting. But here we have made it easy for you. 

Read the article thoroughly to know about the 7 Best Dailymotion Alternatives to choose from with their key highlights to judge upon.  

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FAQs: Websites like Dailymotion 

Name best sites like YouTube or Dailymotion?

Apps Like Dailymotion and YouTube namely- Facebook Watch, IG TV, DTube and many more.  

Is Dailymotion free to watch? 

Yes. Dailymotion is completely free to watch videos like YouTube. 

What is the difference between YouTube and Dailymotion? 

The main difference between YouTube and Dailymotion is in its uploading quality. YouTube doesn’t come with any limits for the quality to upload videos. Whereas, Dailymotion has certain limits for uploading videos.