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6 Weather Apps like Dark Sky for iOS & Android [2024] 

6 Weather Apps like Dark Sky for iOS & Android [2024] 

Apps like Dark Sky: Rain check and Weather Forecasting are life savers of all time. Without a rain check going outside, especially in this global warming era, is the most horrible task to do. Dark Sky was one of the best apple apps for weather forecasting.  

Unfortunately, on Jan 1st, 2024, Apple decided to shut down the Dark Sky app and with due respect to the decision it was removed from the Apple App Store as well. Yet it has been replaced with Apple's Weather App.  

But one app cannot satisfy all the requirements of users from both Android and iOS devices. Hence, in this article, we are going to talk about 6 Weather Apps like Dark Sky for iOS and Android to use and experience the best weather forecasting of all time. 

By the end of the article, you will get to know about the apps in detail with their compatibility with devices and key features available for the weather app like dark sky in detail and many more.  


AccuWeather Apps like Dark Sky

AccuWeather is one of the best weather forecasting apps like the dark sky to keep updates on weather and seasonal changes.  

The accuracy of AccuWeather can be trusted completely because the authentic information available on the app is checked by the National Weather Service and other meteorological organisations as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.  

Key Features  

  • The app has the most accurate information related to weather alerts, forecasting, hour updates etc.  
  • Detailed notifications and news can easily be found within the app.  
  • The user interface is kept minimal, simple and eye-catching with animations and many more.  
  • AccuWeather has a MinuteCast feature where you can easily get updates on weather per minute and changes observed.  
  • The app is also power-packed with 45 days of weather updates to sections divided among today-tomorrow-tonight features to check the weather before planning the day.  
  • You can access the different reports on weather elements in detail such as UV index, dewiness, visibility, air quality, pollution, allergens, precipitation etc.  
  • AccuWeather app has a freemium version for both IOs and Android users to go ad-free with weather forecasting, to know more check here.  

Compatibility of AccuWeather

  • IOS 
  • Android  
  • Chrome Website, etc.  

CARROT Weather 

CARROT Weather App

Carrot Weather is another cool weather app like the dark sky to get cute weather updates and forecasting from time to time. The app gives you plenty of information about weather alerts, seasonal changes and much more.  

Carrot Weather App comes in the freemium version which is free to download from the app store and the premium version can be selected for premium features such as no ads, a time travel option and many more. To know more about pricing, click here

Key Features  

  • Carrot Weather App offers a 7-day free trial to their premium plan with exclusive features to try before purchasing.  
  • The premium plan of the carrot weather app offers weather data sources, customisations, widgets, apple watch complications etc.  
  • The app offers weekly weather forecasting with more details on each day's specifications to click and look for. 
  • For animation lovers, Carrot Weather App comes with AI which hilariously tells you the weather to make your day.  
  • Users can have access to information such as UV Index, Wind Pressure, Wind Speed Hourly View etc.  
  • You can choose out 60 secret locations, 6500+ hilarious lines, 41 achievements, 26 alternative app icons, Siri shortcuts and much more.  

Compatibility of CARROT Weather  

  • Android 
  • IOS Devices  

The Weather Channel

Weather - The Weather Channel Local Radar Maps & Storm Watch

The Weather Channel App is another popular Weather App Like Dark Sky to trust with weather forecasting news and updates. It has a pretty interface and is very clean for new users.  

For the rain tracker, The Weather Channel is the most trusted app with the most accuracy and supports 15-minute forecast details to look down for. Furthermore, the app is power-packed with advanced 24-hour radar to look at future weather updates.  

Key Features  

  • It is free to download from Apple Store and Google Play Store.  
  • Gives you a freemium version to choose from your weather information requirements.  
  • It has ranked to be the top weather app by Google Play Store. 
  • You can get live radar updates, rain trackers, storm news, flood information and many more. 
  • Widgets and many other features such as dark mode are available with The Weather Channel app. 
  • In the premium version of the app, users can have access to ad-free weather apps, precise weather updates, detailed forecast news and many more exclusive options.  
  • To know about the pricing of The Weather Channel App, visit here.  

Compatibility of The Weather Channel 

  • Android 
  • IOS Devices  

Weather Bug  

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast Local Radar, Live Map, Alerts

Weather Bug is said to be the largest weather network available on the global level. It has a doppler radar across the United States and Canada in specific terms. You can get real-time traffic and radar conditions easily on your phone with this app. 

Weather Bug is free to download and offers a premium version with exclusive features. The app provides customisation features and widgets to keep you updated on weather news. To know more about the pricing of Weather Bug, check here.  

Key Features  

  • Weather by Weather Bug is a great app, especially for snowfall and rain checks with accurate forecast details.  
  • It offers real-time radar details with local weather updates to look for every city across England, Northern Ireland, Wales etc. 
  • You can get personalised notification alerts on the weather for your favourite locations to keep you updated even with busy schedules.  
  • It has a cool, clean user interface for users to keep you in awe with app usage. 
  • Offers multiple languages support for English, French, Spanish, German and many more.  

Compatibility of Weather Bug 

  • IOS Devices  
  • Android 

Weather Underground

Weather Underground: Local Map Radar & severe storm tracker

For the amazing satellite coverage on cloud positions and weather alerts, Weather Underground is the best preference. It offers weather updates for more than 250000 weather stations to select from.  

It offers detailed weather updates and news on different elements such as UV index, heat maps, hourly weather forecasts up to 15 days in future and many more. It offers a freemium version, to know more you can visit here.  

Key Features 

  • Weather Underground is said to have the largest satellite station collection to cover different weather updates.  
  • It has an interactive map with high resolution of imaginary predictions of weather and live radar information for the users to check updates.  
  • You can easily customise dark and light modes according to your liking.  
  • You can have access to the temperature updates in your notification bar.  
  • You can plan your week 10 days in advance with accurate future predictions.  
  • Weather Underground offers customisable widgets to choose from different colours, sizes etc.  
  • Users can have access to detailed weather information on UV index, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, air quality and much more.  

Compatibility of Weather Underground  

  • IOS Devices 
  • Android  

Weather Live

Weather Live - Local Forecast Weather Widget & Rain Alerts

Weather Live is the last closest app like the dark sky to select for weather updates. For real-time weather updates and forecasting this one comes in handy. The app is free to download.  

With Weather Live, you can have access to worldwide weather updates and forecasts. The app comes with premium plans to select exclusive features. To know more about the prices of Weather Live, click here.  

Key Features  

  • It is one of the most accurate weather forecasting apps with real-time details about weather, alerts etc.  
  • The weather details are updated every minute to offer you a 25-day weather forecast in future in a 24-hour format.  
  • The weather reports are available for sunset time, humidity, UV index, wind report, temperature etc.  
  • It offers notification bar alerts with customisation available for different styles of information needed.  
  • Widgets are available with the Weather Live app with location management settings to look at your favourite locations.  
  • For severe weather conditions like floods, storms, rainfall, and snowfall is made available to the users from time to time to be safe and sound always.  
  • It is one of the great apps to look for global weather overall for detailed reports and updates about upcoming seasonal changes.  

Compatibility of Weather Live

  • IOS Devices  
  • Android 

Conclusion: Apps like Dark Sky 

Here, in conclusion, we can see the best weather apps like the dark sky to download and enjoy the ultimate weather forecasting experience with Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, the Dark Sky app has been shut down and so this article will solve your problem of choosing the best weather app.  

You will find paid as well as free applications for weather information and forecasts in this article and look for their key features and similarity with dark sky to match your requirements for an ideal weather app like Dark Sky.  

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FAQs: Apps like Dark Sky  

Is the Dark Sky app shutting down? 

Yes. Apple has shut down Dark Sky App from January 1, 2024, and the app is now removed from their official App Store. But do not worry, in this article, you will find the 6 Best Weather Apps Like Dark Sky.

Is AccuWeather or Dark Sky better? 

Compared to Dark Sky, AccuWeather is trusted as the most accurate provider of weather forecasts and information. Hence it is better than Dark Sky which makes it one of the apps like dark sky. 

What is replacing Dark Sky? 

Dark Sky is being replaced by Apple’s inbuilt Weather app, but you can select the best apps like the dark sky from this article to experience the best weather forecasting apps.