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UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Which One Is Best For Your Ride? [2024]

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Which One Is Best For Your Ride? [2024]

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Although there are several options available online to choose a car ride home or any other destination, it is quite hard to manage your budget, timing, and other services. Through recent Google searches we have come to know that people are confused and comparing two Uber services called UberXL and Uber Comfort.

So, to help you get rid of this confusion and choose the best car service provider for yourself and answer all the questions regarding the UberXL vs Uber Comfort comaprison, in the article below we have mentioned a thorough comparison between UberXL vs Uber Comfort. 

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Overview

It is clear that both UberXL and Uber Comfort are subsidiary services working under Uber car rides but to be more exact with their work, we are going to give you a clear overview of them.

What is UberXL?

Just like the name suggests, UberXL is a budget-friendly choice offering vehicles which can take minimum 6 people in. Under UberXL you can get an SUV or a van at an entirely affordable rate. So, in case you have a trip in mind for an entire family or a ride to the airport with friends, then hiring a vehicle from UberXL can help.

Unlike other Uber subsidiary services, it is at the most basic level where you might not receive many features and options including customization but the fact that it offers the cheapest exclusive rides with good quality cars and offers to save more makes it one of the best options out there.

UberXL vs Uber Comfort

What is Uber Comfort?

Uber Comfort may not be one of the most popular services under Uber but here, you can enjoy extra features, be productive and connect with newly launched and spacious cars for a better experience.

In general, Uber Comfort has temperature and conversation preferences along with more exclusive benefits if you order from its app. And it allows you to take control of your convenience seriously while offering better customization management.

All the drivers working in this sector are experienced, and you will get a vehicle according to your liking, but the only thing you should note down is that compared to Uber ride on UberXL, Uber Comfort is not available each time.

Uber Comfort vs UberXL

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Main Differences

  1. Features

At UberXL, you won’t get many features of customization and chances to be more productive. And it is not guaranteed that the SUV or Van you are receiving is new or old.

Whereas for Uber Comfort, you are ensured to receive new cars, you’ll meet with experienced drivers, and get many more customization features for your ride.

  1. Fleet

Since UberXL specializes in offering big vehicles for family trips, its fleet list certainly includes cars like vans and SUVs which can take more than half a dozen people.

On the contrary, there is no such fleet limitation upon Uber Comfort. It has a big collection of fleet similar to any other car ride services. You can either opt for a four-wheeler or a six-wheeler based on your priorities.

  1. Customer’s Control

With UberXL, you will be satisfied with the comfort in the big vehicles but you won’t be having control over your comfort, the temperature of the vehicle, conversation level, driver's experience, and other points.

But when we talk about Uber Comfort, you’ll be able to customize the order and car according to your likings. To be more exact, you’ll have control of the temperature of the vehicle, conversation level, the driver’s experience, the condition of the car, and other similar points.

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Vehicles Types and other Data

Among the several features and points to remember before hiring a ride, first comes what type of cars you’ll get to ride and what type of fleet collection the company has. 


Under UberXL, you’ll get the following types of cars to hire:

  • Van restrictions 
  • Vehicle have little to no cosmetic damage
  • Four-door trucks and sedans
  • Vehicles manufactured in the last 10 to 15 years

The list of standard UberXL vehicles include the following:

  • Toyota Camry
  • Hybrids 
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Ford Fusion 

Drivers under UberXL are not required to follow any specific protocol to rider requests.

Uber Comfort

Unlike UberXL, Uber Comfort vehicles follow strict model standards since they have to serve the preferences of customers. The Uber Comfort car types list includes:

  • Cars manufactured in the last 5 years
  • Cars meeting the least legroom requirements
  • Reputable drivers who have completed more than 500 drives with an average rating of 4.85

The list of most common Uber Comfort vehicle list includes the following:

  • BenZ
  • Honda Odyssey
  • BMW
  • Dodge Durango
  • Kia soul
  • Toyota Rav4
  • Jeep
  • Chevy Tahoe 

Along with following strict model standards and conditions, the presentation of vehicles is also a must for cars under Uber Comfort. 

In simple words, the car you will receive under this service provider will have no smell, have enough room for legs and moving, the AC, heater, etc will be working perfectly fine, and the handle, the storage, and radio will also be available in good shape and condition.

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Pricing

The fact that makes Uber one of the leading rights service providers is that it is affordable compared to other services and for the same reason, below we’re going to look at the pricing under both UberXL and Uber Comfort.

Uber XL

It precisely depends on your location and destination but the UberXL service will approximately cost you $10-$20 per ride accordingly. The best part about UberXL is that unlike Uber Comfort, its vehicles are less restricted and easily available at the last minute.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort offers a similar distance trip but with an increase of 20% to 30% of fare accordingly. And with every extra dollar, you will get more room to move around, for your legs and luggage, comfort service at its stop and more premium benefits.

So, if you are tight on budget and have more people to travel then hiring from UberXL is a better choice. But if you want to focus on your comfort along with the premium benefits and are ready to spend a few dollars extra, then Uber Comfort can be your best companion.

Winner: Both

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Ride Experience 

In this section, we will look at the reality you have to face as a customer under both companies.

Uber XL

All the common ride benefits are included under UberX but there is no guarantee you’ll receive them on time and perfectly. For instance, you can of course decide the time of your pick up and drop off but it does not guarantee you that you will be standing on your destination on point.

Moreover, UberXL drivers don’t offer preference changes which means you’ll have to agree with whatever condition the car is in, the conversation level of the driver, the temperature of the AC and heater. It is more like you will have to agree with the specific requirements of UberXL but with fewer regulations, which is a plus point.

Uber Comfort

Unlike UberXL, Uber Comfort will give you the freedom of your preferences and you can make changes to your customer preferences whenever you want.

  • Conversation Preferences 

If you want to have a silent ride with your driver, then you will have that luxury under Uber Comfort with its conversation preference control. Either way, if you want to have a small chit chat with your driver, you can opt for that control and have a good talk with your driver until you reach your destination.

  • Temperature Control

Customers can take control of the temperature with four different temperature presets of the vehicle's climate before they enter the car. So, whether you want the temperature to be cool, warm, etc, you can make changes beforehand accordingly.

  • Professional Drivers

As already mentioned, all the drivers working under Uber Comfort have received good ratings with reviews and have completed hundreds of rides to become your driver. This certainly means you’ll not be left with someone with low rating and bad reviews at all.

UberXL vs Uber Comfort: Which one is Better?

Starting the comparison from the customization and features, Uber Comfort seems to offer much more features and customization options compared to UberXL. Secondly, as a customer, you can decide the conversation level, whether you would like to chat with the driver or want a mute ride.

Moreover, you can customize other general things in the car like the AC level, temperature, if you want music, etc. You can also choose from a huge fleet list and determine whether you want a brand-new car and so on. The best part about hiring from Uber Comfort is that you are assured to receive the car that is in a perfect state and has been manufactured recently.

Nonetheless, the highlight of using UberXL is that if your family has more than 4 to 5 members, UberXL has comfortable SUVs and big vehicles for a good experience. On top of that, unlike Uber Comfort, UberXL gives you the guarantee of good quality services, options along with affordable prices.

Furthermore, UberXL seems to be cheaper than Uber Comfort since it is one of its specialties to help you have a wonderful trip without spending a lot.

Lastly, we would like to say that UberXL sounds like a perfect option if you are not interested in a car with perfect condition and instead want a big and affordable ride. On the other hand, if you want to pay attention to the condition of the car, want a luxury drive with a big fleet collection then using Uber Comfort is a must.

Both UberXL and Uber Comfort provide quality services but in different situations and conditions. So, we hope by reading our UberXL vs Uber Comfort comparison article, you now have decided which among the two will be most suitable for your trip.

Frequently asked Questions 

What's the difference between Uber Comfort and UberXL?

The main difference between Uber Comfort and UberXL is that UberXL specializes in offering big vehicles at highly affordable prices for family trips whereas Uber Comfort focuses on premium services like customization, customer control, and more which has its rates going a little bit higher than UberXL.

Why is Uber Comfort cheaper than UberXL?

In reality, UberXL year is cheaper than Uber Comfort since it mostly focuses on offering big vehicles like SUVs and trucks at highly reasonable prices whereas Uber Comfort focuses on customers’ comfort and control over the ride with rates a bit more expensive than UberXL.

Is Uber Comfort or XL better?

Both Uber Comfort and UberXL are good choices based on your situation and condition. For instance, if you have a strict budget to follow and have a big family to ride, then hiring a vehicle from UberXL is a better choice but if you want to focus on your comfort and want to have a silent and good ride then opting for Uber Comfort is best.

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