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6 Best Apps like Lyft To Book Ride At Cheapest Fare! [2024]

6 Best Apps like Lyft To Book Ride At Cheapest Fare! [2024]

Apps like Lyft: Are you looking for the top taxi booking apps? If so, then this post highlights the top 6 taxi booking apps like Lyft which let you choose the one that best suits your requirements and provides the greatest daily experience for you. If you're looking for an app with fantastic prices or some of the most cutting-edge features, we have it here.

With technology reaches in every sector and innovative mobile app development, taxi booking apps simplify users' lives. Users can easily book a cab from a mobile phone by downloading taxi booking apps and finding their destinations using GPS.

Lyft is such taxi booking app that has recently grown significantly. More individuals than ever are using them to schedule their taxi rides because they provide excellent benefits to both the customer and the service provider. It offers transportation services in over 600 cities in the US.

However, Lyft is available in fewer places than other apps. Additionally, there are several additional issues with this ridesharing app such as the absence of proper training and certification, which some other apps truly have. 

Additionally, it raises its prices at peak hours, when there is heavy traffic, or during inclement weather. So ,here we will discuss some of the other best apps which provide the best features. Continue reading this article to find which apps made our list!


Apps like Lyft

Uber is your second choice if you're looking for another great or one of the best taxi-booking apps like Lyft. 640 cities in the United States and 9 cities in Canada are served by this ride-hailing app, which is based in the United States.

It is free and available in the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android respectively, and it allows users to book cabs. Every day, millions of individuals utilize Uber.

The cost of an Uber ride is determined by a number of variables, including the type of car selected for the trip, the distance, the waiting fee, the amount of traffic, and more. After the ride is over, you have a variety of easy ways to pay the price.

Key Features

  • You can schedule a taxi at any moment.
  • Choose the type of vehicle bike, sedan, mini, or micro.
  • With the aid of GPS, locate the motorist.
  • Multiple payment methods and selections are available
  • Review and Ratings, provide truthful comments.
  • Planning trips in advance
  • The option to pay with cash in locations where credit cards are less widespread.
  • Friends who are riding together can split the cost of the fare. There are also multiple drop-off locations for groups of riders.
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Curb App

One of the most popular and widely used taxi booking applications in the US, Curb is accessible in over 150 locations. It provides a quick and easy way to get a taxi and is one of the best taxi booking apps like Lyft.

Two ride-hailing options are available on the Curb cab app. One option is “Ride Now,” which enables customers to reserve an immediate ride by selecting their pick-up and drop-off locations. Riders also have access to the “Ride Later” function, which lets customers book rides up to 24 hours in advance.

Key Features

  • The app collaborates with authorized cab drivers directly.
  • It offers a variety of payment alternatives, including within the app, with cash, or with any other device in the particular car (e.g., if the Taxi accepts credit cards).
  • It exempts you from having to reserve a ride in advance. When you need a cab, you can just call one from the app.
  • Using the app, you can monitor the location and even reserve a space.
  • Features that are Secure, Fast, and Safe Individual Referral Code.


Gett App

The “Gett Taxi” booking app was created in November 2010 by Shahar Waiser and Roi More. The taxi booking service is available in over 100 cities in Europe that are worth more than $1.4 billion.

They have reduced significantly their pricing in New York by 25% in order to acquire an advantage over competitors and win over passengers' trust. It is one of the top apps like Lyft since they routinely give promotional deals to users.

It has many features, such as fare estimates, GPS tracking, and others. In the beginning, GettTaxi let commuters bring goods and services with them. One of the cab services in the US with the quickest growth is this one.

Key Features

  • Estimated arrival time and driver information.
  • TLC drivers that have passed inspection.
  • Paying online.
  • Forbes lists Gett as one of the “top 15 explosively growing app development startups.”
  • The ability to reserve a taxi two weeks in advance.
  • Do not pay surge prices.
  • Riders receive 24/7 support.
  • Analyze specific demands for business.
  • High level quality assurance.
  • Option for selecting a vehicle.
  • Charge Detail.


Cabify App

Cabify is a remarkable taxi booking app from Spain that was created specifically to provide numerous consumers with user-friendly taxi booking solutions. With the help of a private vehicle and driver, users, or visitors may explore Spain in comfort with this taxi app solution, which is a popular mode of transportation.

For daily ride-sharing management, Cabify has employed its own staff. All of their staff members are committed to giving their customers the greatest ride-sharing experience possible.

One of the best features of this app is that it evaluates all possible routes and proposes the shortest one, rather than only providing the typical path.

You can book a mode of transportation with just two clicks using the Android and iOS apps from Cabify. Moreover, planning business and official outings is made simpler with the help of Cabify for Business and Events.

Key Features

  • Get pre-booking options for things like music, AC, and chat.
  • Before you ride, be aware of the fee.
  • Feel safer when travelling with others.
  • Using GPS Live Monitoring.
  • You may look up the reviews and ratings of the drivers.
  • Simple Sign-In Procedure.
  • The emergency button is accessible.
  • Experience the top-rated and best drivers.


Wingz App

Wingz is another taxi booking app like Lyft that takes pleasure in matching you with dependable drivers. It advises users to identify drivers they like and book trips with them frequently.

Users can make reservations far in advance of their departure date, ensuring that all the necessary arrangements are made without them having to worry about unexpected charges arising from heavy traffic. Moreover, you can be aware of what to pay because the service is flat rate.

Furthermore, you can move the red destination pin to any location on the map to indicate where you need to be dropped off. And you can easily keep track of what is scheduled because you have complete access to both past and upcoming appointments.

Key Features

  • It is a terrific alternative for all user types, from high professionals to regular people with families.
  • The Wingz app connects to 21 airports and more than 16 metro areas.
  • Price does not fluctuate wildly is its best feature. The drivers for the forthcoming rides can be chosen by the passengers.
  • You can reserve airport transportation up to two months in advance.
  • You won't be subject to any surge pricing or hidden surcharges because you'll only be charged a set amount.
  • Your Wingz driver will be waiting for you when you land.
  • Wingz drivers have undergone background checks, training, and DMV record checks. All vehicles are examined, and Wingz offers drivers a $1M per incident liability insurance policy.
  • Create a customized list of your favorite drivers


Via App

Via, a taxi booking app, is the best choice for you if you don't want to arrange a ride alone and don't mind riding with others.

It operates on pre-established static routes rather than a customized static route and drops passengers at designated dropping spots. One of the first applications to consider while sharing rides with others is Via.

Daniel Ramot, a neuroscientist asserts that Via's proprietary “logistics engine” enables it to fill seats as quickly as feasible.

Key Features

  • It operates on static routes that have been predetermined and drop passengers off at appropriate locations.
  • Its services are accessible around-the-clock and cover nearly all major American cities, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Utah, Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Washington, D.C., and more.
  • The app makes it simple to locate a car that fits you and the other passengers in your group when you usually ride with someone.

Final Words

Hopefully, this post about the top 6 best taxi booking apps like Lyft should have been very beneficial for you.

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How does the app Lyft work?

Ridesharing matches you with a nearby driver who will pick you up and take you where you want to go. Lyft is the app you use to get a ride in minutes. Just tap request and a driver's there. By taking Lyft, you can help your community reduce traffic and take cars off the road.

Is Lyft a safe app?

Lyft is safe to use because it provides support for customers who may experience danger or discomfort while using the service. Background checks, 24/7 customer support, and a rating system ensures the safety of users. So long as you take reasonable precautions while using Lyft, maintaining your safety should be easy.

Which is better to use Uber or Lyft?

While Lyft is slowly expanding, Uber has a higher coverage area than Lyft. Lyft is a great choice in times of high demand or when there is a driver nearby and you need a low cost ride fast. If you need a ride that looks good, Uber has a better selection of vehicles.