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6 Top Apps like Temu To Shop Anything at Affordable Price [2024]

6 Top Apps like Temu To Shop Anything at Affordable Price [2024]

Are you looking for Apps like Temu? Here, we'll provide you with the best apps like Temu that pay real money, and give some amazing referral bonus.

Temu is a shopping app run by China's largest e-commerce company Pinduoduo and has recently become prominent. The marketplace took the top spot among all free U.S. iPhone apps on November 12 after overtaking other shopping apps and surpassed all other American retail apps in downloads. 

New things are available, from fashion to home décor, handmade crafts, cosmetic products, stylish clothing, shoes, and more.

You can save 30% on your first purchase, and shipping and returns are free. And the app currently provides Christmas discounts of up to 90%.

Though it is similar to other apps, it is a bit slower than Amazon. So, keep on reading if you're looking for comparable Temu alternatives with the best features and deals.


Apps like Temu

AliExpress is one of the best online shopping apps like Temu made up of small businesses in China and some other locations such as Singapore, Taiwan, etc. 

The app allows you to shop from various categories, including apparel, accessories, computer gadgets, tools, stationery, toys, home decor, kitchen appliances, and more. And the best part about AliExpress is that you can find high-quality things at meager prices, starting at $0.01.

You'll be able to keep up with the latest recent global trends in fashion and style. Additionally, you can acquire recently released goods of excellent quality at lower prices, and numerous bargains are provided with each order.

Key Features

  • Affordable prices on over 100 million high-quality goods.
  • Before negotiating with a vendor or manufacturer, you can view its star rating.
  • All products are up to 90% discount during the 11.11 sale.
  • For a limited number of items, it provides an international 7-day shipping option.
  • Provides free shipping on most products.
  • A simple 15-day returns policy that offers a 100% money-back guarantee for any defective goods.
  • It has a good customer care team available to answer your questions 24*7 hours.
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Five Below

Five Below App

Five Below is a well-liked and reputable chain of unique discount shopping apps that specializing in items for under $5 and a small selection of items priced from $6 to $25. It provides you with high-quality goods at incredibly affordable pricing.

It regularly updates its inventory with new items added under all categories, such as toys, games, bluetooth earbuds and other gadgets, wellness gear, fitness, graphic tees, art supplies, candy, craft supplies, room decor, kitchen appliances, books, makeup, and so much more.

It is one of the best apps like Temu because both provide inexpensive goods. Moreover, for all of the things they offer, they have some defined prices.

Key Features

  • With over 1000 local shops, it offers a broad selection of goods.
  • Several clearance deals and discount promotions enable you to save more on purchases.
  • The products are of the highest quality despite being the cheapest.
  • The delivery fee will only be $5 regardless of your location or the amount of your order.
  • The app comes with an inbuilt store locator.
  • Use PayPal or a credit/debit card to complete your purchase safely.
  • New content is continually being added!

Dollar General

Dollar General App

Dollar General is another shopping app that features over 18,000 locations across the U.S. The app makes purchasing necessities from reputable and well-known brands at discount prices simpler.

The most significant feature of shopping at Dollar General is that it provides a digital coupon section where you can view all of the discounts, incentives, and offers on the products featured online and in-store.

You can find categories like gifts, Christmas, pets, health, cleaning, personal care, beverage, food, electronics, beauty, household, office, school supplies, auto, hardware, toys, baby, party, and occasions here.

Key Features

  • Available options for store pickup when delivering products through its app.
  • The special offers and promotions are regularly updated.
  • Receive special savings, deals, and coupons.
  • On any page, directly beneath the cart icon, you can see how many products are currently in your cart.
  • A store locator is incorporated within the app.
  • It provides a weekly ad feature for hot discounts and promotions.
  • The majority of the items at Dollar General are under $7, and some are available for less than $1.
  • If you spend over $40, you can get free delivery.

Family Dollar

Family Dollar App

Family Dollar is one type of shopping app that makes it simple to find fantastic discounts and coupons for name-brand groceries, snacks, cleaners, health items, clothing, toys, seasonal, party items, bed, body, and beauty products, home goods and more.

It is listed among the apps like Temu since it ensures that all goods are affordable. And while the quality is excellent, several discounts available allow you to save more on your purchases.

For immediate savings, clip Smart coupons from the app, then scan items as you buy to see if any more coupons are available. In addition, you can also shop from the all department category, which will have a list of every item the app has accessible.

With the app, you can clip digital smart coupons and redeem them at the cashier using your app's barcode or phone number, eliminating the need for paper coupons. So, it makes it simple to use, clip, and save on your preferred brands.

Key Features

  • Offers a variety of promotional offers that are often updated on its app, including smart coupons, weekly coupons, and many others.
  • It offers products from a wide range of brands and a sea of choice services.
  • Family Dollar is believed to provide first-rate customer service.
  • Look through the product catalog for information, costs, and discounts.
  • To locate deals, scan product barcodes in stores.
  • You can find the nearest Family Dollar store.
  • Your savings will show up in the app after you scan your barcode at the store.


Wish App

Wish is similar to an internet-based e-commerce app where you can find all kinds of categories and fashion to select from, numerous discounts and promotions to save on nearly every purchase, and top brands with just-released catalog.

Here, you may purchase items in categories such as fashion, baby care, pet accessories, gadgets, tools, drinks, tobacco, home goods, home improvement, art supplies, craft supplies, toys, hobbies, sports, outdoor equipment, and vehicle accessories.

If you are wondering why it gained so much popularity, it's because of its straightforward user interface which making it simple to find nearly anything you could buy online.

Key Features

  • You may learn about all the products presently trending and famous on the app by visiting the “Popular” and “Trending” sections.
  • The ‘Recently Watched' category will contain all of the items you have recently viewed, which you can access whenever you choose.
  • Every first-time user is given the first-order discount code.
  • You can find out how many individuals have purchased a particular item.
  • It has 30-day simple return and refund procedures for nearly all listed items.
  • You may read reviews of the products, check their star ratings to see how many people have given them a rating, and see reviews listed directly beneath the product.
  • Use the Blitz Buy wheel to find special offers on up to 100 items for a limited time.
  • For each day you use the Wish app, you can earn a daily login stamp which let you save up to 50% after seven visits.
  • It is present around 60 nations where it ships.
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Amazon App
PHOTO CREDITAPP STORE is another app like Temu  which offers products on Amazon and its VIP subscription program, Amazon Prime.

With a vast assortment of books, electronics, music, Android apps, software, home appliances, furniture, toys, apparel, and much more, Amazon is a popular online shopping app.

The majority of the things cost less than $100. And if you subscribe, it does not take an additional charge for delivery or returns.

Key Features

  • You can rapidly compare costs and check availability by using your voice, a barcode, a camera, or typing in your search.
  • Before making a purchase, get in-depth product information and customer reviews.
  • Once your order is complete, you can track it and receive notifications when it is shipped.
  • Receive alerts when a fresh bargain becomes available.
  • To access the features of your Prime membership, manage your 1-click preferences and wish lists, and keep track of your orders, it is no need to register a new account.
  • To access your shopping, payment, and shipping options, log in with your already-existing Amazon account.
  • It's safe servers handle all transactions.

Final Words: Apps like Temu

In this post, we mentioned numerous e-commerce shopping apps, some of which can be superior to Temu and some delivering the same services as Temu.

Although there are many other possibilities for online shopping, we advise trying the top Temu alternatives listed above before trying any other platform because the platforms in this post are all well-liked by millions of users around the world.

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How trustworthy is Temu?

Temu is a legit marketplace to shop in, where users can find great deals on high-quality goods listed on its site. The shopping platform is part of the Nasdaq-listed PDD e-commerce ecosystem, a supply chain that includes some of the top global manufacturers, and suppliers producing various consumer goods.

Does Temu charge for shipping?

By tapping into PDD's extensive supply network, Temu is able to offer its customers free shipping on the first three orders of all new customer accounts, with no minimum spending requirements.