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7 Best Stores like Verge Girl – Women’s Clothing Online [2024]

7 Best Stores like Verge Girl – Women’s Clothing Online [2024]

Are you looking for Stores like Verge Girl? Do you want to shop at internet stores that offer unique styles and clothing? If you've always been looking for stores that specialize in women's clothing and fashion, then you may have discovered such stores like Verge Girl.

So, what is Verge Girl? Verge Girl is a fashion brand that uses social media marketing and online marketplaces to display women's clothes worldwide.

It carries a wide range of women's clothing, including lingerie, long dresses, bags, jewellery, beauty hats, belts, and shoes and socks. And it currently sends its whole line of apparel and accessories to over 100 nations on six continents.

However, the majority of its clothing only comes in four sizes, from XS to L, making its sizing not exactly all-inclusive. So here, we've put up a list of the top online stores like verge Girl which has the best features that you must visit.

Princess Polly

Stores like Verge Girl

In the US, Princess Polly is a well-known brand. It is the greatest destination for global fashion and trendsetters and women's clothes. This one is best brands like Verge Girl.

Princess Polly may be of great assistance to you in this situation if you want the most recent TikTok-approved, celeb-worthy, and insta-ready clothing and the art look to stand out more than others.

Dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, sets, swimwear, shoes, and accessories are just a few of the categories Princess Polly deals in. These categories are further broken into others to make it easier for you to focus your search.

Additionally, it provides quality at reasonable costs. And in contrast to other luxury labels, you get high-end apparel at costs that are completely within your reach.

Key Features

  • Offers a personalized shopping experience.
  • The user interface is user-friendly.
  • It offers Afterpay and Klarna buy now, pay later services.
  • Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping within 3 to 4 business days.
  • For the majority of the things, it offers alternatives for sizes and colors.
  • You can read the item's details individually and quickly add it to your cart without having to press on it.
  • It provides a size chart to assist you in choosing the right size for yourself.
  • It consistently offers discounts and promotions.
  • That online shop also offers the option of adding items to your wish list.


PrettyLittleThing Store

According to your shape, size, and seasonal collections, garments can be sorted. It sells practically everything from every category, including blouses, jumpers, jeans, skirts, and much more because it focuses mostly on women's clothing.

Its goal is to debunk fashion myths and deliver high-quality goods to your home at reasonable prices. It also provides sizes ranging from 6 to 28 to cater to larger-size models. Furthermore, you may shop for the newest fashion trends here, update your wardrobes, and discover countless numbers of new outfits and trends for the current season.

And all throughout the year, it offers a variety of discounts where you can save a lot of money and shop more because sales are given every time you visit.

Key Features

  • A one-stop internet store for fashionable apparel goods
  • The prices are reasonable for the material and quality.
  • For almost all things, it provides a good selection of colour possibilities.
  • Accessories can be purchased for as little as €2, straight from the catwalk and fashionable fashion stars.
  • It offers options to purchase now and pay later.
  • Within 14 days of receiving your returned order and using your original payment method, you’ll get a refund for any valid returns.


ASOS Store

ASOS is the newest clothing and fashion store like Verge Girl for men and women, including plus size clothing. You may shop from a huge selection of high-end collections from over 850 international brands here and ASOS is Best shops like Verge Girl.

In addition to offering variety, the cost and quality are reasonable and good. And there are numerous seasonal special offers available in this store under categories including apparel, dresses, shoes, accessories, face, body, and sportswear.

Here, you may find various brands, including Nike, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and many more. And you can upload or take a picture with its “Style Match” tool to immediately identify like products for you.

Key Features

  • Has distinct pages for things that are now on sale and recently debuted, and you also get to shop by brands.
  • Offers separate sections for exclusive collaborative collections and seasonal collections like Christmas, winter, Halloween, etc.
  • It provides a gift card option, allowing you to select a voucher amount between $25 and $250 and even add a custom amount.
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Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Store

Nasty Gal is a clothing brand and online store that focuses on fashion, particularly for young women. It was founded in the United States and was started in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso.

It is one of the greatest starting stores like Verge Girl since it spreads passion, has ideal product quality, and charges fair pricing.

Additionally, it regularly refreshes its stores to include new products and improve your experience. And provides a variety of specials and bargains to help you shop more and save more.

Additionally, you can shop by category, including clothing, shoes, tops, accessories, dresses, occasion attire, tops for festivals, and summer clothing. It is further divided into categories for sales, recently released products, and current offers.

Key Features

  • Offers specific collections for seasonal and sporadic events, such as Christmas and winter attire.
  • Has simple shipping and return procedures.
  • It contains a dedicated section with all the current specials and offers.
  • Provides the WishList option to let you follow updates on the product without putting it right away to your cart.
  • It has released its own app to make your purchasing experience with them better.


Missguided stores

Nitin Passi established the women's fashion company – Missguided in the UK in 2009. It is well renowned as a market multi-seller store.

It regularly introduces over 150 new items to its collections if you prefer to renew your wardrobe. Also, it occasionally collaborates with other brands, including Stylicy, Nykaa, and Fashiola.

Furthermore, it sells and delivers its goods all around the world and it's pricing ranges are reasonable.

So, you'd better go over to its store right away if you're seeking for the ideal dress to wear this summer because it currently has a gigantic 70% off everything sale! 

Key Features

  • In the store, there are frequent sales and discounts.
  • Items that were out of stock may reappear if there is increased demand for them.
  • The return policy offers you adequate time to return the cloth if it is not up to the mark.
  • You can follow it and keep up with its most recent releases and specials.
  • It focuses primarily on females between the ages of 16 and 35.
  • Everything you need, including blouses, jackets, jeans, and dresses, is available.
  • It frequently publishes updates with fresh fashions.


Lulus Store

Lulus is another international store like Verge Girl that is partnered with several brands around the globe. One of the best places for fashion-conscious American ladies to shop for must-have dresses, adorable shirts, shoes, and the newest accessories is Lulus.

A variety of women's clothing items are available here with a flat 70% discount. And for orders totaling $150 or more, it additionally provides free shipping.

It often introduces new products and limited-edition collections. So, you can find everything at Lulu's with ideally suited accessories from top to bottom, whether you want to purchase a Christmas nightgown or a fall work outside outfit. Not only that, but it includes a section specifically for weddings where you can find bridal shoes, accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and more.

Key Features

  • You may view the star rating and the number of ratings for each item.
  • Some items have different color and pattern combinations.
  • Provides free international shipping on purchases above $150.
  • The key to Lulu's success is its “Affordable Prices” policy. It sells reasonably priced clothes that exude luxury.
  • Its customer service staff is kind and supportive.


Boohoo Store

Lastly, we have BooHoo, which is a British-owned online clothing store and was established in 2006 as a clothes and accessories startup store. It mostly produces its clothing in the UK, more especially in London, Manchester, and Leicester.

It carries everything from small and pregnancy clothing to plus size clothing, whether it is lovely gowns or must-have beauty. Additionally, due to its regular great reductions in prices, it is generally less expensive than other stores.

Here, you may find hundreds of things that are released every day along with daily offers like black friday, fall, and Christmas that can save you up to 80% on each item. Regarding the quality, it is unquestionably of the best quality when compared to other stores.

And with more than a hundred things produced each day, the store regularly designs and introduces new apparel. As a result, new items are constantly being released that you are unlikely to locate in any nearby stores.

Key Features

  • Provides extended return policies and paperless returns.
  • It gives discounts and bargains.
  • It has over 36,000 products and focuses on selling own-brand designer clothing.
  • It was primarily introduced as a women's apparel brand that concentrated on the newest trends for women between the ages of 16 and 30.

Final Words: Stores like Verge Girl

All of the above stores like Verge Girl will provide you a wide range of options and variety to choose from so that you can satisfy your desires for stylish clothing. When looking for Verge Girl alternatives, all of these are obvious choices because of its similarities.

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Does verge Girl have a store?

Verge Girl has gone from having a physical store in Brisbane, to selling its mix of vintage and local Australian brands entirely online, and that pivot has really paid off.

What is verge girl worth?

Natalia and Daniella were teenagers when they asked their parents for a loan to open a fashion store – now it's a multimillion-dollar global success.

How long is shipping for verge Girl?

All stocked items will be dispatched within 24-48 hours from the date the order was placed. Some specialty or pre-order items may take longer to ship; customers will be notified if so.