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Try These Trending Sites like Pretty Little Thing in 2024!

Try These Trending Sites like Pretty Little Thing in 2024!

Finding the best sites like Pretty Little Thing? If you wonder whether there are any alternative forward fashion retailers like Pretty Little Thing that offer the solution for your problem, look no further!

We've mentioned a list of the 9 best online retailers like Pretty Little Thing in this article. But, before that, let's look at the things that you'll need to consider before purchasing any product.

What is Pretty Little Thing?
Pretty Little Thing is the go-to online fashion destination for stylish ladies who know how to party. The fast-fashion label exudes a sense of leisure, nightlife, and self-assurance. It is easy to see how they have managed to develop such a strong brand following among fashionistas.

In terms of choice, Pretty Little Thing has a lot to come. Every week, they release hundreds of new products, ensuring that there are still new designs to choose from that represent the latest trends.

However, PLL is not a brand that can be contained. Many of their pieces are transitional from one occasion to the next, so you can easily mix cute leggings or one of their sultry slip dresses with a long blazer for a more business casual look.

Although Pretty Little Thing has a lot to offer, there are plenty of other brands that can meet your shopping needs. As a result, we have curated a list of sites like Pretty little thing, where you can get the new fashion trends.

Now, keep on reading to know more about these 9 similar sites like Pretty Little Thing.

Fashion Nova

fashion nova

Fashion Nova is widely known to use Instagram to enhance popularity for its clothing by interacting with users and producing advertising via a mix of celebrities, models, and several other users.

It has become one of the top increasing collections of women’s clothing on the internet since the apparels are of good quality and low-priced.

Primarily, it used to sell women’s clothing; later in 2018, it has expanded its clothing base to menswear by launching its Fashion Nova Men’s line.

Hundreds of new styles are added regularly to ensure you never miss out on the trend!

Forever 21

forever 21

Forever 21 is widely known for its fashionable and cult offering with meager prices, while it is an essence of the rapidly-growing fast trendy industry. 

It sells beauty products, clothing for women, men, and children, accessories, as well as home goods. Outside the US, most Forever 21 stores are franchised or, in some markets, function in joint ventures with a local partner. 

Forever 21 is one of the most affordable online stores where you can find great steals, including faux fur jackets, bathing suits, bodysuits, shoes, and everything. So, from casual and cool to street style, you’ll probably find everything you want!

Search by size, category, price, color, or simply browse its trend edits and save your favorites to Wishlist with just a single tap. 

Also, use the ‘Barcode Scan’ feature to scan an item’s barcode and get details, read reviews and share your finds with your finds. 


asos topshop

Without Topshop, no list of stores similar to Pretty Little Thing will be full. Topshop has the most up-to-date, inexpensive models that seem to be high-end.

They have managed to create a wide range of items without losing elegance, including branching out with their own high-end ready-to-wear boutique, Topshop.

Topshop is a favorite of Pretty Little Thing fans for their adorable leather jackets, midi skirts, and some of the finest curvy women's pants.

It has around 510 shops across the world, out of which 300 are in the United Kingdom. It has operated across 37 counties and through online operations in many markets.

Initially, it was a part of the Arcadia Group but went into administration in 2020, and later, in 2021, ASOS purchased it. 

Topshop is available in areas like North America, South America, South and Central Africa, Middle East America, Europe, Africa, and Central and Southeast Asia. 

You can be able to shop in categories, including shoes, accessories, dresses, jewelry, and much more.



Express is a casual clothing brand that is often overlooked. They have a large selection of denim that suits big, petite, and curvy women as well as work-appropriate models.

Fashion girls enjoy Pretty Little Thing with its sparkly rompers, blazers, cocktail skirts, and jumpsuits, and Express is a style destination for them. If you want a more understated sexy look, you can check out Express.

Not only women's clothing, but it also offers men's clothing as well. Express operates over 607 stores in Mexico, Panama, the United States, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala.



ASOS is the latest shop to complete our circle of favorites. Pretty Little Thing is a prominent British fast-fashion store that offers everything from clothes to accessories in one place.

If you like bodycon, minimal-chic, grunge, or athleisure, their vast collection will cater to you.

Similarly, ASOS is also a British-only fashion and cosmetic seller that sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

ASOS's amor brands comprise Nike, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and many more.

Its ‘Style Match' feature lets you take a picture or upload one, and then, it'll instantly find similar products for you. Also, stay updated with sale alerts and promotional nudges!

ASOS uses Instagram to increase its user base by using ‘#AsSeenOnMe” hashtag, and any use of the hashtag adds the photos to an ASOS online database.



Missguided completes our roster of luxury brands that nail-making fast-fashion items that can be dressed up or down, like Pretty Little Thing.

Missguided's clothing, like Pretty Little Thing's, is every fashionista's hidden weapon. Their outfits are both Instagram-worthy and straightforward to put together.

For a finished look, couple either of their sultry slip dresses with a pair of western ankle boots or peep-toe booties.

It is the United Kingdom-based multi-channel vendor selling clothes that mainly concentrates on 16-35-year-old women. 

Also, they have launched a menswear brand – “Mennace”, which delivers through their website. 

Ever since the launch of Missguided, it has seen immense growth in the UK and further expanded into Germany, the USA, Australia, and France.

You can find anything you want, from tops and jackets to pants and dresses. It regularly releases updates featuring new styles. 

Not only that, but it also has immense beauty and makeup range available to purchase. SO, browse your favourite brand and choose a bottle of fake tan or a set of eyelashes to finish your look!

Misguided is dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility by connecting with trustworthy creators to make their own clothing line.



Pretty Little Thing's nearest rival is probably Boohoo. Both fast-fashion brands are adept at capitalizing on the most recent fashion trends.

Boohoo is an online fashion store that specializes in own-brand fashion clothing with over 36,000 products. Since Boohoo is an online seller, it uses social media platforms as a crucial part of its marketing strategy. 

It was primarily launched as a women's clothing brand that mainly focused on the latest fashion trends for 16–24-year-old women. Later, it has developed brands dedicated to men's clothing. 

Whatever you are looking for, whether dreamy dresses or must-have beauty, it has everything from petite and maternity clothing to plus size clothes.

Get notified whenever there are exclusive offers and the latest collaborations! 

Boho releases an astounding 100 new pieces every day, ensuring that browsing their web is never a chore. Boohoo is also less costly than Pretty Little Thing on average, thanks to their frequent deep discounts.

Enjoy shopping for cheap chunky shoes, party pants, bomber jackets, cute tops, and more at Boohoo.

Nasty Gal


Nasty Gal is another edgy fast-fashion brand to add to our list of shops like Pretty Little Thing. 

Nasty Gal provides a combination of rocker-chic, grunge, erotic, and bohemian accessories, while Pretty Little Thing focuses on bodycon pieces that make for the cutest baddie costumes.

Nasty Gal's costs have been halved since Boohoo purchased it in 2017, and the edgy luxury brand is now, on average, even more expensive.

Nasty specializes in fashion for young women. From dresses to socks, every bit of clothing from Nasty Gal successes stylish assurance, which resonates with the young and stylish female market. 

Similarly, it leans towards a flashy taste in fashion that creates resemblances with the other fashion trend. They love the 90s, hipster classics, and anything vintage! 

Although ASOS offers Nasty Gal’s products in their collection, you can find more variety from Nasty Gal. 

They regularly announce sales on their online store, which offers many exciting clothing at a discounted price. 

American Apparel

American Apparel

American Apparel's affordable line of high-energy and colorful leggings, skirts, and jeans is a hit with Pretty Little Thing shoppers. Not only do American Apparel's garments look cute, but they are also manufactured ethically.

You should definitely shop American Apparel if you are searching for brands that are not only dedicated to beauty but also to sustainability.

American Apparel is an online-only retailer ranked as one of the largest apparel producers and marketers in North America.

Its marketing images usually display subjects with their imperfections, blemishes asymmetrical ad features especially highlighted with short personal descriptions.

Final words x Sites like Pretty Little Thing

These are some of the most established and chosen sites concerning the standards of Pretty little thing and work as the best swap with affordable product range and diversity in fashion.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is similar to pretty little thing?

Explore a variety of websites similar to PrettyLittleThing and buy before you break.
1. ASOS.
2. boohoo.
3. Misspap.
4. New Look.
5. Nasty Gal.

Is pretty little thing like Shein?

They carry on-trend clothes influenced by catwalks and celebrities as an online shop like SHEIN does. Their affordable apparel collection includes everything from casual fashion essentials to the perfect party dress.

Is pretty little thing affordable?

With the rise of stores like ASOS and Pretty Little Thing, fast-fashion has taken over. They are ideal for those on a tight budget and fashionable clothing can be found at affordable prices.