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Netflix Basic vs Standard vs Premium: Comparison [2022]

netflix basic vs standard vs premium

Netflix Basic vs Standard vs Premium: Netflix has various subscription options for its video streaming services. Netflix offers three exclusive subscription billing options to its customers: Netflix Basic, Standard and Premium with prices ranging from $8 to $18 a month. 

More specifically, it is a brilliant idea to look at what Netflix subscribers get for their money.

Netflix Basic vs Standard vs Premium: Compared

Netflix’s business model, which involves offering a subscription fee for various streaming services, is a blend of old and current dynamics, but it is a great idea to press the pause button to see what Netflix is charging its subscribers for video streaming offerings through different distribution channels.

Netflix Basic Plan

The most basic streaming plan, which costs $8.99 per month, has the fewest features. It can only be seen on one screen at a time (which is good if you are the account’s only user), and the resolution is reduced to standard definition (SD), which is the same as old, pre-HD tv.

The Netflix Basic Plan ($8.99/-) is a great way to start with Netflix.

  • There is not any HD.
  • There is no Ultra HD available.
  • You can only look at one screen at a time.
  • On your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can watch programming.
  • You already have access to an infinite number of movies.
  • You have the option to cancel at any point.
  • As part of the trial period discount, you get the first month free.

Netflix Standard Plan

The Standard Viewing Package is $13.99 a month, which lets you watch on two screens simultaneously.

The Netflix Standard Plan ($13.99/-) is also a great way to get started with Netflix.

  • There are no Ultra HD options available.
  • Two displays can be seen at the same time.
  • On your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can watch programming.
  • You have access to an infinite number of movies.
  • You have the option to cancel at any point.
  • As part of the trial period discount, you get the first month free.

Netflix Premium Plan

The monthly fee for the Premium Streaming package is $17.99. You can watch on four screens at once (ideal for a big family), and video programming is available in HD or 4K Ultra HD, if available.

The Netflix Premium Plan ($17.99) is a subscription service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows with a premium experience.

  • HD & Ultra HD are both available.
  • You can watch four different screens at once.
  • You have access to an infinite number of movies.
  • You have the option to cancel at any point.
  • You can access Netflix on your mobile, TV, laptop, and tablet at the same time.

The plan you choose will determine the video quality and the number of screens you can watch Netflix on at the same time. However, with all their plans, you can watch unlimited TV shows and movies, and even play mobile games.

Features Basic Standard Premium
Monthly cost (US $) $9.99 $15.49 $19.99
Number of screens you can watch on at the same time 1 2 4
Unlimited movies, TV shows and mobile games Yes Yes Yes
Number of phones or tablets you can have downloads on 1 2 4
Watch on your laptop, TV, phone, and tablet Yes Yes Yes
HD available No Yes Yes
Ultra HD available No No Yes

Remember that as a Netflix user, you are automatically charged once a month on the date you have signed up. Besides, you also have the freedom to change your plan or cancel it any time.

Features: Netflix Basic vs Standard vs Premium

Although the two product options are being tested in a few locations, there is no indication that the firm can proceed with the pricing plans anytime soon.

Netflix’s main online “feature” offerings are an essential aspect of the Netflix experience. Let us take a look at two of Netflix’s most exciting and common feature viewing options: Simultaneous viewing is when two or more people are seeing something at the same time.

At the three separate pricing models mentioned above, the Netflix simultaneous streaming alternative allows families and friends to share their Netflix account.

The basic streaming plan only allows users to stream one screen at a time. When you switch to the regular package, though, your account allows you to watch Netflix on two separate screens simultaneously.

If you upgrade to the premium subscription package, you will be able to view Netflix on four different platforms at once.

Viewing in HD and Ultra HD

As the old adage goes, you will never want to see regular content again after you have witnessed HD footage – and this is doubly true for Ultra HD streaming. 

You can switch to Netflix HD and Ultra HD streaming for an additional $3 or $6 a month, which is around the equivalent of two fast-food burgers or a single Starbucks latte.

The disparity in viewing efficiency between standard viewing and HD and Ultra HD viewing is comparable to the difference in driving a four-cylinder sedan and a turbocharged Maserati.

For videophiles who own a 4K television or a device with a 4K camera, Ultra HD is especially mind-blowing. This system allows fans to watch shows at four times the original resolution.

Just a limited amount of Netflix content is available in Ultra HD, so search ahead of time to see if your favorite show qualifies.

Getting Started with Netflix

Getting up, riding, and downloading videos is simple when you visit Netflix.

  • Sign up for Netflix via the company’s website or mobile app.
  • When you sign up for Netflix, you will be given three video streaming services to choose from, Netflix Basic, Standard, and Premium.
  • If you decide to cancel your Netflix subscription at some point during the trial period, you can do so right away. If you have signed into Netflix, click the “Your Account & Support” button in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  • To delete your registration, go to “Cancel Membership” and follow the instructions. You will still stream Netflix shows even though you cancel your account during the grace period.

Netflix Pricing Rising

Although a year from now, it is difficult to predict what Netflix pricing models would look like. The business is notorious for tinkering with its video distribution services, and the Ultra trial shows that new pricing platforms might be on the way at any moment.

Expect Netflix prices to escalate earlier rather than later, as creator Hastings has admitted that improved quality of content contributes to higher customer rates. For now, enjoy the Netflix experience at the comparatively cheaper prices you see right now.

DVD Plans: Netflix Standard vs Premier

Netflix has several different subscription content plans to choose from (and still offers the ability to order DVD and Blu-ray discs in the mail) in the US. And that was the end of it.

netflix basic vs premier

Netflix Standard Plan

  1. Monthly fee: $7.99
  2. At a time, one disk.
  3. Per month, you get an unlimited number of discs.
  4. There are no late penalties.
  5. Returns and delivery are also free.

Netflix Premier Plan

  1. Monthly cost: $11.99
  2. Every month, two new discs are released.
  3. There are no late payments if you rent an unlimited number of disks every month.
  4. Returns and delivery are also free.

Netflix now has a selection of Blu-ray DVD rental services.

Netflix Basic vs Standard vs Premium Comparison: Which One is The Best for You?

Netflix Basic: Even with the cheapest plan, you can access to the complete catalog of TV shows and movies, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. However, the main limit is the resolutions you can stream as well as the number of simultaneous streams.  

Through a basic subscription, you can only stream in 480p, which is a standard definition (SD). And even though Netflix only allows you to make up to five profiles, with the basic plan, you can only stream once at a time.

Moreover, there is something that you’ll have to keep in mind, which is you can only download content on a tablet or phone.

Netflix Standard: Netflix Standard is one of the most popular plans of Netflix. It includes two simultaneous streams, two devices to register for downloads, and a better boost when it comes to the resolution.

That means, you can stream in High Definition, which is up to 1080p. And with the two simultaneous streams ability, this can be the best choice for those who are looking for a balance of cost and perks.

Netflix Premium: If budget is none of your concern, then Netflix Premium is the best to consider as it is quite more costly than the other two and you can share your account with a big group.

You can access shows in 4K. As mentioned earlier, big groups and large families can share this account because it includes four simultaneous streams and allows downloads on four devices.

What you need to remember is that if all these streams are occurring in one place, you’ll require a fast broadband connection to prevent any buffering issues.

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