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AliExpress Not Working? [Fix App/Website Issues 2024]

AliExpress Not Working? [Fix App/Website Issues 2024]

AliExpress Not Working? Are you having trouble with AliExpress app? Is your AliExpress app not working? If so, you don’t need to worry anymore as we mentioned some easy steps to fix the AliExpress not working issue in the article below. But before that let’s understand what is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online shopping app to find everything you need. You may find over 100 million high-quality deals on AliExpress in a wide range of categories, including clothing, accessories, computer gadgets, tools, toys, stationery, home decor, kitchen appliances, and more.

And the best part about AliExpress is that you can find high-quality things for an incredibly low price that actually starts at $0.01. However, just like any other app, it is causing issues.

Why Is My AliExpress Not Working?

If the AliExpress app isn't working, it can happen due to several reasons, including:

  • AliExpress has a poor internet connection
  • There may be a glitch or a bug in the AliExpress or its server is down
  • You haven’t updated the AliExpress app in a long while
  • You haven’t cleared the AliExpress app cache
  • You may have activated your ad blocker

AliExpress app not working

To solve the AliExpress app not working issue, you can try the below mentioned steps.

Is AliExpress app down?

As mentioned earlier, the AliExpress app may be down due to temporary service outages. To find out if the AliExpress app is down, search “Is AliExpress down” on Google and visit platforms like Downdetector, Updownradar, Isitownrightnow or Downstatus and check for outages in the last 24 hours.

If you see that the app is working correctly, but you are still unable to access it, then try one of the following troubleshooting steps to see if it can help you get rid of the app not loading issue.

You can also visit the other social media platforms where AliExpress has an official page or account and see if anyone is talking about the AliExpress app issues or if it has updated any issue-related information.

Check your internet connectivity

It is one of the most common reasons behind the AliExpress app not working. So, check if your internet connection is stable or try switching networks.

For instance, if you are currently connected to Wi-Fi, try the AliExpress app using your mobile data and see if this fixes the issue.

Additionally, you can try to restart your router or modem by turning it off, waiting a few minutes, and then turning it back on.

Clear AliExpress app’s cache

Clearing the app’s cache can often solve the problem with the AliExpress app because the cache can become corrupted which prevent the app from working properly. Therefore, you’ll need to clear your cache to fix the app not loading issues.

To clear cache and cookies of the app, follow these steps;

For Android:

  • Open Settings, and select the Apps Menu
  • Choose Installed Applications and then search to find the AliExpress app
  • Tap Clear Cache from the menu at the bottom of your screen.

For iOS:

  • Open the Settings app, then select General from the side menu.
  • Tap on iPhone Storage and then select the AliExpress app.
  • Tap on Offload App and then Reinstall it from the App Store.

Close and Reopen AliExpress app

Many times, due to some minor glitch or bug, the app may stop from working properly. To solve this issue, one of the easiest solutions is to close the app and reopen it after some time.

Log out and Log in into AliExpress app

If you are facing any issues while using the AliExpress app, first log out from the app and then login again and see if this fixes the issue. If not, then try other fixes. 

Update the AliExpress app

Even after clearing the cache, if you are getting the AliExpress loading issues, your app might be outdated.

If the AliExpress app is not up-to-date, a few of the features might stop working properly or the app will completely slow down.

So, to get rid of this issue, all you need to do is to update the AliExpress app on your device and see if this fixes the issue.

Follow the steps mentioned below to know how you can update the AliExpress app on your device.

For Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store then tap the Profile icon in the top right corner
  • Then click Manage Apps & Device
  • Find the AliExpress app now, then select Update

For iOS:

  • Open the App Store and select your Profile icon at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down and search for the AliExpress app
  • To upgrade the AliExpress app to the most recent version, tap Update now
  • If you don't want to update the app manually, you can select the ‘automatic update’ option.

Uninstall and Reinstall AliExpress app

You can uninstall the AliExpress app and reinstall it again after some time. By doing so, it automatically installs the latest version of the app, which may fix any bugs or glitches the app had.

Moreover, this will also clear all the cache along with packed user data and the AliExpress app will work just like any newly installed app.

Switch off VPN

If you have enabled a VPN on your device, it can prevent the AliExpress app or any other app from working correctly. Therefore, disable it and re-access the AliExpress app.

For Android:

  • Open Settings on your phone and tap Network & Internet
  • Next, choose VPN under Advanced or use the search bar to search VPN
  • Next to the VPN, select Disconnect to turn off the VPN or tap Forget to forget the network.

For iOS:

  • Go to Settings and choose General
  • Tap VPN & Device Management and then tap VPN to proceed
  • To switch off the VPN, disable the VPN option

Check Compatibility of your Device

Your device might not be compatible with the AliExpress app, which is why it is causing issues. Therefore, use another device which is compatible with AliExpress app.

Wait a While

If AliExpress is not loading, there is a chance of some glitches or bugs in the app, or the service might be down. So, if the above solutions didn’t help, wait until the issue is fixed on AliExpress’s side.

Contact AliExpress Customer Service

If the issue persists and none of the above solutions helps, all you can do is get in touch with AliExpress’s customer care team and mention the issue you are currently facing.

You can call them at 408-785-5580 or email and chat with them. And they’ll answer all of your queries.

AliExpress Website not working?

Is the AliExpress website down?

A lot of people have complained that their AliExpress website is not working due to several bugs and glitches.

If you wish to check if the AliExpress website is down or not, you should visit the platform like Downdetector and check for any AliExpress outage reports.

Clear Cache & Cookies

Sometimes, the cache or the stored data of AliExpress website gets corrupted, which reduces the website performance. So, clearing the cache and unwanted files can help you fix the issue.

Follow the steps to know how you can clear the cache.


  • Open Chrome and select the Main Menu option on the top right.
  • Choose the More Tools Option, then go for the option to clear browsing history.
  • Clear your cache and cookies forever by selecting the All Time section.
  • In addition to the Cache Images and Files, Cookies and Other Data options, tick the boxes mentioned.


  • Open Safari and select the Settings tab
  • Tap the Safari option from the menu after that
  • Choose the Clear history and website data option
  • Return to the Settings menu and select the Safari option once more
  • Selecting both the Remove all website data and Advanced website data options.

Disable Ad-blocker

There is a possibility that you have enabled the ad-blocker option which prevents you from accessing the AliExpress website. Therefore, disable it and see if this fixes the AliExpress not working issue.

Try different browser

If you think that the browser you are currently using AliExpress is causing the issues, then you can try using another browser like Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Chrome.

For instance, if you are currently using AliExpress on Chrome, try using Edge, Safari, or vice versa and see if this helps.

AliExpress Cart not working

Clear cache and cookies

The problem in the AliExpress cart is due to some bug fixes in the AliExpress cart and its server. Thus, delete the cookies and cache from your browser to fix this. And make sure you empty your cart after you've cleared the cache and tried again.

AliExpress Search not working

Clear cookies and cache

When you enter a search term in the AliExpress search box and click the search button, no results are displayed. This issue could arise due to the browser cookies and cache.

Therefore, clear your browser's cache and cookies and then use the search tab on the Aliexpress site to see if it works fine.

Disable Ad-blocker

Due to an Ad-blocker, some bugs and glitches may prevent AliExpress search tab from working properly for you. Therefore disable Ad-blocker in your browser. For more information regarding the search not working, you can visit here

Final Words

We hope by reading our article, you have received the perfect solution, or enough solutions to solve your AliExpress not working issue.


Why is AliExpress not working?

If AliExpress is not working for you that may be because the app is either outdated or has gathered a lot of cache and big files. To solve the problem, check for updates and clean the cache of the app and the device too, if you can.

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