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Chirp vs Audible: Which Is Better? [2024]

Chirp vs Audible: Which Is Better? [2024]

Chirp vs Audible: Chirp and Audible are audiobook platforms that aim to help you find deals on quality audiobooks. Chirp is a well-known audiobook service known for cheap audiobooks without requiring a subscription. And Audible has all of the latest and greatest releases for a manageable monthly fee.

Both are excellent audiobook services with a massive database of audiobooks. If you want to use one of these but need to know which is better, continue reading here.

In this post, we’ll compare Chirp vs Audible, their overview, pros and cons, how much they cost, and which platform is best.



Chirp is a retail audiobook service that lets you stream audiobooks directly from the website. With Chip, you may buy the offers you want when you want them, and the audiobooks are yours to have forever, unlike many other audiobook services that require you to subscribe.

The Chirp audiobook app for iOS and Android is reliable and has a clean, user-friendly design. It has basic features like a sleep timer and narration speed. You can’t buy audiobooks through the app, though. For that, you will always need to use a browser.

Chirp vs Audible


The Audible app allows you to access and listen to a sizable database of audiobooks as part of a monthly membership service. You have quick access to more than 200,000 titles with the app.

Today's bestselling books, podcasts, and guided wellness are all available on Audible. Also, there are unique Audible Originals to ensure that you always have access to new material.

You receive an Audible credit (or credits) each month against new book purchases. When you select a title, Audible allows you to keep it forever.

Audible vs Chirp



Chirp has no subscription fee, and you can save up to 95% on audiobooks daily. Only the audiobooks you select to buy will be charged to your account. You can also get 30% off your first purchase with its promo code.


Audible is available for free for 30 days. Then, you can renew the subscription monthly, depending on your chosen plan.

Membership cost:

Audible plus ($7.95 a month): You can subscribe to Audible Plus, which gives you unlimited access to plus catalog's thousands of Audible Originals, podcasts, sleep tracks, and meditation programs.

Audible premium plus ($14.95 a month): This includes access to the plus catalog plus one title of your choice each month that you can keep in your library forever, even if you cancel.

Audible premium plus (2 credits – $22.95 a month): You may subscribe to Audible premium plus, which includes two audiobooks every month that you can keep in your collection indefinitely.

Audible premium plus annual (12 credits – $149.50 a year): This option is identical to premium plus but less expensive because you pay for an entire year at once. Under this plan, each credit works out to roughly $12.50.

Audible premium plus annual (24 credits – $229.50 a year): Similar to the previously mentioned yearly plan, except you receive 24 credits annually instead of just 12. With this plan, each audiobook costs about $9.56, making it even more affordable.

You can visit this page to learn more about Audible pricing.




No monthly subscription

One of the best benefits of Chirp is that you have price control. Unlike competing services like Audible and Scribd, the Chirp app is entirely free, which demands a $15 monthly fee. The costs are quite low, and you pay when you want to purchase a book.

While having fewer titles than Audible, Chirp still has a sizable variety of books, with prices low for a book that usually costs one credit on Audible.

Quality app

The Chirp app works exceptionally well. You can stream the books on a desktop or the app or download them to listen online when the time suits you.

Also, the app allows you to store the books in your library and speed up the narration if it is too slow or if you want to finish the book faster.

You own the books

You don't own the books you read through services like Scribd, Kindle Unlimited, or Audible Escape, so if you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you won't even have a record of the novels you did listen to. But you can buy a book with Chirp and save it to yours.

New deals are added every day

It adds more and more content, giving you more and more choices of Audiobooks to choose from.

You can browse through the site and find new books every day. Chirp will even email you daily with the latest offers that have been added, and if something catches your eye, you can buy it for a couple of books.

Money back guarantee

Chirp offers a full refund if you buy a book there and aren't happy with it; thus, using the service is risk-free.

Ease of use

The app's interface is extremely user-friendly, making it simple to understand how to submit a book.


Only available In U.S. and Canada

If you live in the USA and Canada, you can use Chirp without issue, but the service is unavailable if you are outside that.

Only listen in the app

Due to digital rights management, you can only listen to the audiobooks you purchase from Chirp in the Chirp app.

Moreover, the app only allows for book purchases after some time. The audiobooks only appear in your in-app library once you purchase on their website.

Limited pricing options

You have two choices when purchasing audiobooks through Chirp: you can wait for books to be featured and receive a concession or buy them whenever you want at the total price.

Chirp's full-priced audiobooks may cost the same as what you would pay with Audible, another platform, or even more. Therefore, it could be better if you're looking for a particular book to listen to.



Quality browsing

Audible's browsing options are unmatched, just like those of the rest of Amazon, and superior to Chirp. On the home page, they will show books you might like with laser-like accuracy and present you with book titles based on recent purchases.

As you browse, you can add books to your want list, and the site will then make recommendations based on those.

Unlimited refunds

You can return a book for up to a year if you don't like it without asking any questions. You can return it without contacting support using the dashboard's built-in system.

You own the book

Audible allows you to get a book and own the book. Also, you get to log all the books you've read and how much time you've spent listening, get achievement badges, and have the option to share your stats.

The selection is unbeatable.

Audible offers more options than any other service on the market, with over 400k titles and rapid expansion. Many books are exclusive to Audible, so you can only get them there. Yet, Audible also does a great job at acquiring new titles.

Offers discount

For as long as you maintain your subscription, you receive a 30% discount off the total price of any audiobook.



Audible is more expensive when compared to many other Audio book apps. You have two options after the trial period: either decide not to join and pay the total price for the audiobooks or choose a subscription plan.

Is Chirp better than Audible?

When comparing the two services, it depends on the type of listener you are when deciding if Chirp is superior to Audible.

First, unlike Audible, Chirp does not charge a monthly subscription fee. Second, although Audible sells one audiobook for $14.95 per month, Chirp offers extreme discounts on many low-priced audiobooks.

Other than that, both will provide you with audiobooks of similar quality because they both have access to many of the same titles and narrators.

When comparing Audible's monthly subscription prices to Chirp's everyday audiobook prices, you could find that sometimes Audible is less expensive—a month of Audible costs $14.95. But Chirp offers up to 95% off deals.

If you listen to several audiobooks during some time but no other time, Chirp could be an excellent service for you. But if you want to listen to several audiobooks every month and find that you often want a particular book, Audible is the best choice over Chirp.

Final Words

Here, we have successfully ended our comparison between Chirp and Audible, and we hope you now know which among them is a better service to try out!


Is Chirp better than Audible?

It depends on your listener type if you're comparing Chirp vs Audible and only want to choose one audiobook service. Chirp may be your best option since they provide programs with no monthly commitment if you only intend to sometimes listen to a few titles.

Is Chirp audiobooks free?

With the help of the free audiobook service Chirp, you may get fantastic, time-limited discounts on well-liked titles, including New York Times bestsellers. Spend less, listen more.

Is Audible available for free?

Your Audible membership is free for 30 days. If you enjoy your Audible trial, keep doing nothing, and your membership will renew. It'll send you an email reminder before your trial ends. 

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