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Hiya vs Truecaller: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

Hiya vs Truecaller: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

Hiya vs Truecaller: Want to know what is the best choice? Or wondering which will provide you better options? Many people ask should they select Hiya or Truecaller. Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll give you a significant comparison that will help you choose between Hiya and Truecaller. 

No one like to receive unwanted phone calls while they are doing some important work and in these growing online businesses, it is pretty impossible to keep your contact information private. In this case, both Hiya and Truecaller are the best apps that helps users to identify fraud calls and block them. Check out the guide below for further detailed information on Hiya vs Truecaller comparison.

Hiya vs Truecaller: What are they?


Hiya is a platform that provides caller profile information to recognize incoming calls and block recommended unwanted calls. It is completely secure, its automatically alerts warn you about incoming spam phone calls which you can report it to the Hiya community. Whether it is a robocaller or a friend or a telemarketer, it gives you real-time information on who’s calling.

You can be able to add names and addresses from Hiya to your phone book contacts to keep them precise, up-to-date and complete. With its reverse search feature, you can lookup the phone number of a call from an unsaved contact to find out the true caller’s name and whether it is truly a robocaller.

Caller blocker automatically block fraud and scam calls and prevent the “neighbor spoofing” calls from numbers that look similar to your number. Hiya Premium is a subscription service that matches the free service without taking away the basic features. Users can sign up for a 7-day free trial and after that they can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan.

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Truecaller is a mobile phone application that offers several features such as caller identification, flash-messaging, call blocking, call recording and much more. It is a reverse phone lookup tool that assists you in recognizing unknowing callers. This application maintains a list of incoming and missed calls. To use this platform, you are supposed to verify your cellular phone number.

Truecaller will either verify your number by sending a six-digit verification code to your phone or by directly calling your phone number. If you want to get detailers of a particular number, you have to turn on the data connection and then open the app. Once you did that, it’ll run its number scanner module. After the scanning is completed, the application will display the caller’s number along with his name.

Furthermore, it allows users to see the profile of other users and with Truecaller Premium, you can know who has viewed or visited your profile. It also allows users to chat with their friends and organize SMS.

Hiya vs Truecaller: Features


  • Automatically identify fraud, spam and robocalls even before you pick up the call.
  • Lookup the phone number of an unsaved contact to find out the original caller.
  • Facility to identify numbers that belong to individual people.
  • Spoof and blocking protection setting in the block list.
  • Its mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users.


  • You can make the profile public or private and download profile pictures of other users.
  • Users can turn on the speed dial feature or change the app’s default language.
  • Switch from default blue theme to black theme.
  • Automatically identify fraud, spam and robocalls even before you pick up the call.
  • Make calls directly from the pp, send messages, videos and photos to anyone.

Hiya vs Truecaller: Comparison

User Interface

Hiya has a tabbed interface that flaunts a search function and other five options including block list, premium, calls, settings and keypad.

On the other hand, when you click on ‘I’ icon on Truecaller, you can find the clean UI that shows Location, search option, call history, Network operator, Display picture, settings, keypad, option to block the phone number and the option to add new number to the contact list.


On Hiya, to check the location of the person who has called or to report or to block a phone number, you have to click the number. After that, Hiya will display the caller’s history and city of the caller in a new interface and also options to block, share and report the number.

Whereas, Truecaller doesn’t make you know the full location of the caller. It’ll instead show the callers city or state.


Both has a call log interface which is similar to that of other dialer apps. Hiya lets you see the list of dialed numbers, missed calls and also incoming calls. Outgoing calls are showed by a red phone icon and incoming calls are signified by a grey icon.

Truecaller has its own user-friendly phone dialer module. The dialer module has a quick link to open favorite or bookmarked numbers, and it displays contacts in alphabetical order. Both outgoing and incoming calls are represented by grey icon.

Caller ID

When you receive a call, Hiya check in the number in their database to see if it is required to flagged or not. If it finds that the number is distrustful, it’ll alert you with a warning message so that you can be able to reject the call.

With Truecaller, user can organize caller ID to show unknown callers and automatically update the list of top spammers and even allow the usage of the extended spammers list. It also has spam blocking functionality.


Hiya’s interface allows users to manage the blocked phone numbers. It even lets you block all calls from numbers starting with some certain digits. Users can also block numbers from the phonebook and the call logs.

In addition to automatically blocking the known spammers, Truecaller allow users to manually block a number. So, to find a number that you want to block, you don’t have to go through YellowPages book, you can simply go to the search section and enter the name or number of the person.


Both Hiya and Truecaller has an in-built phone dialer tool which you can use to dial a number or make inverse phone number lookup actions.

The Bottom Line

What wins? What did you choose? Well, it really depends on your requirements and preferences. I hope the above article on Hiya vs Truecaller comparison has helped you get all the details that you want to know

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