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Mr. Number vs Hiya: Which is Better Caller ID App? [2024]

Mr. Number vs Hiya: Which is Better Caller ID App? [2024]

Mr. Number vs Hiya: You are completely concentrated on something, something important and suddenly your focus is interrupted by a call. You do not mind it until you pick up the call, only to know it is spam which has successfully wasted your precious time.

We know the feeling of frustration, irritation and anger as these calls interrupt your focus and concentration. But, with the help of apps like Mr. Number and Hiya, you do not have to worry about dealing with them anymore.

On the contrary, do you know which among the two apps is a better option for blocking unwanted calls? If not then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains an accurate comparison between Mr. Number vs Hiya app.

Mr. Number vs Hiya: Overview

Mr. Number

Mr. Number vs Hiya

Mr. Number is a popular caller ID and spam app available on both the Google Play Store and App Store, which makes it easy for you to block the unwanted calls along with identifying who the caller is. So, you can stop spam, fraud and scam calls with Mr.Number.

Moreover, it is one of the most powerful call blocker currently in the market because you can not only identify and block calls from people or businesses but also from hidden numbers.


Hiya vs Mr. Number

Hiya caller ID and block app, formerly known as Whitepages caller ID, help you identify the types of callers and block numbers based on your adjustments. It will block all the numbers and texts you want to ignore.

And you can blacklist unwanted numbers and SMS text messages, reverse phone search incoming call information along with receiving nonsense call alerts. It is powered by an influential database including hundreds of millions of phone numbers to give users accuracy with its work.

What’s the difference between Mr. Number and Hiya?

It is quite hard to identify the difference between Mr. Number and Hiya app as the features they offer, the working prices they have and the outlook overall, everything is almost the same. But, due to some new features added in both apps, they can be finally differentiated.

To start with, Hiya app has lesser glitches and bugs arising on its platform compared to Mr. Number. It has a new feature of Blocks spoofing calls which you cannot find in the Mr. Number app. Also, Hiya app gets updated frequently with issues solved, more than the Mr. Number app.

Mr. Number vs Hiya: Key Features

Mr. Number

  • Block calls from individual, area codes along with from an entire country.
  • Put a stop to the calls from debt collectors and telemarketers before they waste your time.
  • Ability to intercept calls from unknown or private numbers.
  • It provides an automatic calling lookup for the recent calls in your cell phone history so you will know who you are supposed to block.
  • You can report spam calls which will help other users know the number they are receiving a call from is already reported and might do the same.
  • When you are dialling a new number, the app will put registered names to it.


  • Ability to take calls from people whose numbers are available on your caller ID.
  • You are allowed to blacklist unwanted and fraudulent calls.
  • Automatic alerts will inform you if an unwanted call is approaching.
  • It will help you identify unknown SMS text messages, even when they are not from someone from your contacts.
  • Hiya permits you to identify unknown callers in real time.
  • The reverse phone lookup feature allows you to search on the phone number to find out if it was a scammer, fraud or a legitimate caller.

Mr. Number vs Hiya: Pricing and Plans

Mr. Number

Mr. Number App can be downloaded for free on both the Google Play Store and App Store but comes with certain in-app purchases. It offers three subscription plans, which are as follows,

  • $3.99 per month.
  • $24.99 per year.
  • $74.99 for one-time payment.


Hiya app is free to install on both the App Store and Google Play Store but comes with in-app purchases. If you wish to use their services, you will have to opt for anyone among the two subscription plans they offer. The subscription plans are as follows,

  • $2.99 per month.
  • $14.99 per year.

Mr. Number vs Hiya: Which one should you choose?

Starting with the app performance, since Hiya app is a newer app compared to Mr. Number, it has fewer glitches and bugs and this point was proved by users in the reviews. 

In return, while Mr. Number can help you block calls from individuals as well as companies (if they called you from different numbers, the app will block them too). On the other hand, Hiya will only block numbers you have blocked by yourself, it does not have an automatic blocking system like Mr. Number.

Unlike Hiya, Mr. Number contains ads even when you have purchased a subscription plan. 

Lastly, comparing the pricing and plans,Hiya offers you a one-month subscription for only $2.99 whereas Mr. Number offers the same for $3.99, with features being almost the same.

It is certain that the Hiya app is a better option for you because of its cheap pricing, add-free platform and it gets updated more often than Mr.Number with amazing features.

So, we hope by reading our comparison article between Mr. Number vs Hiya, you have enough information to decide which of the two call block apps is a better choice.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Hiya and Mr. Number the same?

Hiya and Mr. Number are two different apps working in the same field. It is hard to differentiate both the apps as they have the same goals, similar pricing and features. 

Is Mr. Number a good app ?

Yes, although Mr. Number is a popular app, it just has an average response on the Google play store and a good response on the App Store.

Does Mr. Number block test messages?

Yes. Mr. Number is a trusted mobile app that can help you block unwanted calls along with messages. It also provides the reverse lookup and call ID identification services.

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