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6 Similar Apps like HQ Trivia To Play And Win Money [2024]

6 Similar Apps like HQ Trivia To Play And Win Money [2024]

Apps like HQ Trivia: Have you always been interested in playing trivia games or trying similar things to earn money from home? If it is a Yes, then trying some apps like HQ Trivia might be helpful.

About HQ Trivia

HQ is a popular trivia Game. The app allows users to take part in daily live trivia games through which they can win and split the prize money. Along with trivia questions, users can also solve word puzzles ranging from different levels like easy to hard and savage.

HQ Trivia sounds like a good deal but there are many reasons why users are searching for other similar apps like HQ Trivia. If you are one among them then the list of apps like HQ Trivia mentioned below will definitely be of your help.

Swagbucks Live

Apps like HQ Trivia

Swagbucks LIVE is a popular trivia game show that will test your knowledge regularly and help you win huge cash prices for completely free. 

No money or commitment is required when you opt for games of your choice. Just install the game from the Google Play Store or App Store, create an account and start playing right away.

You can dedicate as many hours or minutes of the day to Swagbucks LIVE. And, the more accurate and swift you are with your games, the more money you will receive every month. Hence, this interactive live stream game app can help you win a good bunch of dollars per week.

Additionally, the SB points which you collect from games can be redeemed in place of popular gift cards or direct PayPal cash. The gift cards are to shop from renowned brands like Amazon, etc.

Key Features

  • In Swagbuck LIVE's grand contests, even if players are unable to answer all the questions correctly, Swagbuck LIVE will still reward them with its digital currency for all the questions they answered correctly instead of returning them empty-handed.
  • The currency you win in the grand prize can get you a second chance to try your luck with the grand prize or you can choose to redeem it for gift cards or cash.
  • You can transfer your points in PayPal cash with a few easy steps.


Givling App

Givling is the only patented crowdfunding in the world whose main goal is to help youngsters, especially students to help pay their student loans. How does Givling make this possible? By giving you points as you play on its app. The more and harder games you play the more points will arrive your way.

But, to get your student loan paid off you will have to work hard and reach the top of the leaderboard. 

If you do not like trivia, then Givling offers more types of winning ways like a free $5000 award or a 50,000 Queue opportunity. If not cash or cash check, you can receive exclusive discounts on hundreds of your favourite brands. 

Key Features

  • Signing up for their mail will help you receive game tips, exclusive sponsor offers and more benefits will come along.
  • Joining the #ForceForGood Community will help you to take part in funding while earning money and without actually donating from your pocket. 
  • Givling offers two opportunities like trivia, etc (different each day) to win per day.


Dabbl App

Dabbl helps users in kicking away their boredom and receiving gifting cards from popular brands like Target, Starbucks, Disney, Walmart and many more. The list of different category gift cards include shopping, outdoor adventures, family fun and entertainment.

You can also choose the way you want to earn points. For instance, you can watch videos, complete the offer wall tasks, take short surveys or opt for fun quizzes to earn points which will turn into different rewards in the future.

Dabbl is open 24/7 to serve you. So, watch videos and complete tasks anytime of the day and try to complete the same task until you win over it.

Key Features

  • If you check in regularly, the streaks feature will get you 15% bonus points on all the activities.
  • The link retailer feature will allow you to link any brand account with the app and you can start shopping from Dabbl app right away.
  • Although it majorly focuses on gift cards, in addition to that they can also get some excellent discount codes or vouchers.

Jeopardy! World Tour

Jeopardy! World Tour App

Jeopardy! World Tour is a trivia game show where you can have a whole new experience of America’s favourite quiz show. It is another promising app like HQ trivia where you can boost your IQ, train your brain and play the classic game show trivia quizzes.

Jeopardy! Will take you on a ride across the globe to test your game shows skills on different platforms and trivia quizzes. You can also ask your family members, friends or colleagues to join the community and challenge them. 

Climbing at the top of the leaderboard will only give you the utmost satisfaction and how will you reach the top? While playing the normal trivia, you will come across exciting tournaments and events that will boost your score on the leaderboard.

Key Features

  • Jeopardy! App comes with an offline mode which allows users to play the game show trivia anytime and anywhere.
  • Double your score with iconic game shows like Final Jeopardy! and Daily Double.
  • Unlock different types of power-ups which will help you whenever you need them in a trivia.
  • Track your performance along with boosting your score with user profiles.
  • You can unlock new cities and countries to compete with their citizens and get better prizes.

Millionaire Trivia: TV Games

Millionaire Trivia: TV Games

Millionaire Trivia is another decent games provider with variety and real rewards. If you have always wanted to make use of your sharp knowledge, playing professional trivia games and getting money for free from Millionaire Trivia can be extremely helpful to you.

The highlight of Millionaire Trivia is that it not only allows you to play trivia quizzes with other trivia players but you can also play against your friends, colleagues and family members. Show everyone who is the king or queen of trivia by answering different questions from cinema, science, music and more categories.

Key Features

  • Offers an offline mode where you can play and win different types of trivia.
  • The Millionaire Trivia app gets updated with new content frequently.
  • Whenever you are stuck at a question, you can make use of trivia boosts like ‘Ask the audience’, ‘Ask an Expert’ and ‘50:50’.



Mistplay is one among the many famous games where you can earn gift cards after playing different types of games. 

You can decide the game you want to play based on the number of points it has. It offers different genres of games for you to choose from. As you play, you will earn units which will be further redeemed for gift cards for popular brands like Google Play Store, Amazon and many more.

The highlights of Mistplay is that the more you will play the more you will earn. And there are no limits as to how many times you can play in a day. Additionally, you can keep a track of your progress and the main part is – the process is easy and fast.

Key Features

  • Since Mistplay has different levels and types of games, if you do not like shooting or racing games, you can earn points by playing normal puzzles and mystery games.
  • Whenever you complete a badge, you will earn extra units according to the worth of the badge.
  • If your daily streaks of checking in on the app are good, you will receive additional weekly unit bonuses.
  • You can earn additional points by introducing your friends to Mistplay.

Final Words 

HQ Trivia is a good destination for trivia and real money but since you can get bored of using the same app all the time, the list of apps like HQ Trivia we have mentioned in this article can be extremely useful.

All of the platforms are trustworthy and legitimate. They are not involved in any scam or fraud. All the platforms will help you have fun, boost your knowledge and win prizes from your home with ease.  

That is all and we hope by reading our list of apps like HQ Trivia, you now have enough options to look forward to after HQ Trivia.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which is the best trivia game app?

Givling, Swagbucks LIVE, Millionaire Trivia, Mistplay and Jeopardy! World Tour is a few of the best trivia game apps currently. Althouhg there are lot available, the aforementioned list contains apps that guarantee you real-time prizes, including gift cards, promotional codes, cash prizes, etc.

Which Quiz app gives money?

Swagbucks LIVE, Mistplay, Givling, Jeopardy! World Tour and Dabbl are a few of the popular and legit Quiz apps that give real prizes. They all do not give direct cash prizes but few offer discount vouchers or codes, Gift cards and some other prizes instead.

Can you win money on HQ Trivia?

Yes, HQ Trivia is a popular platform for those who wish to earn money for free sitting in their comfort zones by answering a few easy questions. Unlike other trivia apps, HQ Trivia offers real cash prizes to winners and offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Is HQ Trivia still a thing?

Yes, HQ Trivia is still present and offering similar services. After the app failed in 2020, it did not make a big comeback but it is still around offering lesser opportunities to help users earn.

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