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Pusher Carnival App Review: Scam or Legit? [2024]

Pusher Carnival App Review: Scam or Legit? [2024]

Pusher Carnival App Review: when you are sitting alone at home and aren’t interested in games, entertainment, going out, exploring, etc, you end up getting involved in some interesting app in hope to get paid doing nothing.

Indeed, we have quite some apps like the Pusher Carnival app – the coin master, an app strictly for adults where you can gamble for real and have a fun gambling experience.

Pusher Carnival seems like an interesting app, yet, people have stated that it’s a fraudulent app where you just waste your time without getting real money as a prize. 

Is that true? Is the pusher Carnival app really a scammer? Does it actually promise you real money? To know the answers to these questions, you must have a look at our fair Pusher Carnival app mentioned below.


Pusher Carnival is a classic coin pusher game and is combined with the carnival theme to give you different experiences. It has simple gameplay with one game where all you have to do is push the bar and let your luck decide if you win the game or lose the gold coins. 

Pusher Carnival can be played whenever you want and hundred times a day. As soon as you complete your gambling game, the next will be lined up within a couple of seconds. There’s also an interesting part called the ‘bonus time’ where you’ll be playing some other interesting gambling games. 

Pusher Carnival App Review

How does it work?

The Pusher Carnival game has easy gameplay where after you enter the app, all you have to do is start the game, push the bar, and see if the number on the screen matches with the winning number. If you are lucky, you'll win prizes through gold coins.

Key Highlights 

  • Classic gameplay – Pusher Carnival has classic gameplay where, although it is simple and all you have to do is push the bar, the environment – especially the UI and graphics of the app gives you the total mood of gambling in real life. 
  • Thrilling sound effects — along with the interesting graphics, we also have thrilling sound effects in the background, giving you a complete setting of gambling. 
  • Gamble anytime and anywhere – Pusher Carnival doesn’t have limitations on how many games you can play in one day and when you can play. You can gamble and have fun anytime and anywhere you want. 

Is it Legit?

Now, we have multiple users stating that the Pusher Carnival app is a total scam. It doesn’t offer you real money and all you do is waste your time gambling. 

However, the Pusher Carnival app has clearly mentioned in its app description that the prizes you win on its app are not real and the gambling game is just for fun and entertainment.

In conclusion, since the Pusher Carnival app has clearly mentioned the reason why you should play the game, it’s clear that it is not a scam and a legitimate gambling game – only for fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pusher Carnival a legit app?

Yes, the Pusher Carnival app is a legit gambling app where you can have a gambling experience for fun and entertainment. But, you don’t win real money – and it’s clearly mentioned in the app description. 

Does the Coin Pusher app pay real money?

No, the Coin Pusher doesn't pay real money, it only offers a gambling experience for entertainment and fun – clearly mentioned in its app description.

How do you play Pusher Carnival?

To play Pusher Carnival, all you have to do is push a bar in the Lucky Draw in the game, and if the number matches the screen, you’ll get gold coins as the prize. 

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