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Stylevana vs YesStyle: Which Is Better? [2024]

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Which Is Better? [2024]

Stylevana vs YesStyle: have you heard about the recent trends in Korean and Japanese skincare and makeup? I mean, who isn’t? Korean fashion is at its peak, even in April 2024, and we have some famous online stores like Stylevana and YesStyle selling some of the best deals at reasonable prices.

Both Stylevana and YesStyle are trusted brands, but while Stylevana focuses on makeup on skin care products – we have YesStyle here offering skin care as well as fashion products.

Both are good, but which is better? Which among them ships faster and what kind of products do they have? Which one has more to offer? 

If you are here to know everything about the two and which is better for you, then we highly recommend you continue reading this comparison article between Stylevana vs YesStyle.

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Introduction


Stylevana claims to be a dedicated online store to offer you K-beauty and J-beauty makeup and skin care products. As expected, it has affiliations with popular Asian beauty and fashion titles to get you branded products at everyday prices.

Stylevana has skincare and makeup for all seasons and festivals. It offers a wide variety of unique products for all types of skins. Also, it has a well-curated list of top-rated J-beauty and K-beauty items – the same products used by your favorite K-pop and J-pop idols. 

Stylevana vs YesStyle


YesStyle acts like your go-to shop whenever you want to buy inexpensive cosmetics from a wide range of departments. It’s originally a lifestyle brand, but its good taste in makeup and skincare sections have made it an ultimate destination for millions globally.

Whether it’s your skin type in question or the rare product you are searching for – YesStyle, with its affiliations from some well-known makeup titles, will get you everything you need. Also, let’s not forget about its additional options for wellness and health products.

YesStyle vs Stylevana

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Prices


Stylevana charges reasonable prices, but you can also opt for expensive brands if you like. For instance, the moisturizers and cream at Stylevana only start from $2. 

Likewise, in the hair treatment section, we found products starting from only $0.99.


YesStyle is also famous for its reasonable pricing, but compared to Stylevana, YesStyle charges a couple of dollars more for most of its products. For instance, the moisturizers at YesStyle start from $10 and so.  

Similarly, from the hair treatment category, we found coating creams starting from around $7.

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Categories 


When it comes to the variety of categories, Stylevana is not behind. Even though it focuses only on makeup and skincare, it still has a good set of categories to offer, including skin, care, hair, body, and makeup. These main categories are further subdivided into more categories for accurate search.


As already mentioned, YesStyle is more than just a beauty retailer since its main category list includes women’s fashion, men’s fashion, lifestyle, health, and beauty.

Under the beauty headline, you can find a big list of categories, including body care, hair care, hand care, makeup, oral care, skin care, sun care, etc.

It also has a featured list of more categories like Japanese beauty, US beauty, Chinese Cosmetics, US beauty, Korean skincare, Korean makeup, and many such interesting departments to offer.

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Shipping and Delivery


If you’re going to opt for standard delivery, you'll get the order delivered within 6 to 14 business days. Also, the items that are in stock and the ones in limited stock are usually dispatched within 24 hours. 

Moreover, you get express shipping free of charge if your order value goes above $48.


For YesStyle, it will take 7 to 21 working days if you have opted for standard delivery, and 3 to 5 working days if you went for Express shipping.

Additionally, you get free express shipping if your order value goes above $59. 

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Returns 


In case you are not 100% satisfied with your parcel, or any product in the entire order, then Stylevana accepts authorized returns within 14 days for the majority of the items – but they have to be in an unworn and new condition.

Also, all the return parcels have to be dispatched from your place within 7 days of the return authorization date. 


If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, then YesStyle offers an easy 14 days return policy available on almost all the products on its website.

Also, you’ll have to pay for the return shipping cost, but since YesStyle returns are all free, you’ll get the shipping cost refunded in your YesStyle credit/wallet within 7 days after they received your returned parcel.

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Discounts and Offers


Stylevana is certainly not a bad choice when it comes to discount offers and deals. It always has a good bunch of deals available on its website, and when it’s the popular season or festival – you’ll only see the number of promotional offers increasing.

With Stylevana’s offers and deals, you can easily save on almost all your purchases, whether big or small. For instance, at the start of April 2024, we found a pre-Easter sale at Stylevana and found over 60% off on Stylevana points and you get 10% off by spending $50 with the code.


When it comes to discounts and offers, YesStyle is also not behind, but compared to Stylevana, it offers deals and promotions on higher-value orders. 

For example, with famous festivals and occasions arriving, you can see an increase in promotional offers, but you will have to spend over $75 to get about 8% off on your entire order with the code.

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Pros and Cons



  • It ships a bit earlier than most of the online stores, including YesStyle.
  • You get free standard and Express shipping worldwide on small orders.
  • The prices are reasonable and cheaper for a middle-class person.
  • It has promotions and deals available regularly on its site.
  • It offers good customer service support.


  • It has a limited collection of brands to offer compared to other similar beauty and skincare retainers.



  • It offers more categories and options compared to other similar online stores, including Stylevana.
  • The quality of its products is fair, whether the product is coming from China or Korea.
  • The prices are reasonable for middle-class people.
  • It offers different types of themes — from cute and girly stuff to modern and elegant.


  • The website can have glitches and bugs at times – when you can see listings being repeated multiple times with different pricing.
  • According to some users, some products are overpriced.

Stylevana vs YesStyle: Which is Better?

Let’s start with the basics – prices. As you can clearly see in our price comparison between hair treatment and moisturizer categories – Stylevana has cheaper products than YesStyle. 

Of course, there’s a difference in quality, but if you’re not ready to spend a lot, then Stylevana is better. 

Moving ahead with the list of categories, even if you are only interested in skincare and makeup, YesStyle still has more to offer. Like — although Stylevana has good options and alternatives – YesStyle is still better than it because it has more to offer.

Secondly, Stylevana is better than YesStyle when it comes to delivering its parcels earlier than YesStyle and also offering express shipping for lesser-value orders compared to YesStyle.

Now, talking about the promotional offers and deals, you get plenty of them, a minimum of 3 or 4 each time you visit their website, even when there’s no festival or special season coming up.

However, when we compare the offers and deals, then you’ll have to spend more on YesStyle if you want to unlock promotional offers and deals compared to Stylevana. 

In short — Stylevana offers deals on small value, as well as big-valued orders, while you’ll have to spend a good bunch of dollars more at YesStyle for the same.

With all the headlines and evidence found in the article, Stylevana seems to be a better option than YesStyle, if you’re interested in keeping your shopping under budget, want your parcel earlier, and want to use offers and deals on the smaller purchases too.

On the contrary, if you wish to go for an overall satisfying service and shopping experience at a more professional website with reasonable prices and the best quality — with the main highlight being a huge variety of options in premium collections, then YesStyle is best for you.

Apart from everything, when customers who have used both the labels were which is better – the majority of them chose YesStyle, not particularly because of its huge variety of products, but simply because it comes out to be more reliable and overall better at servicing than Stylevana.

With this, we have come to the conclusion of our comparison article between Stylevana vs YesStyle, and hope you now know which among them is better for you when it comes to makeup and skincare

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Stylevana sell fake products?

No, Stylevana doesn’t sell fake products. In fact, it also has a big variety of categories to choose from, its products are highly reasonable, and of good quality.

Is YesStyle safe to use?

Yes, YesStyle is one of the best brands if you are interested in the latest trends like Korean beauty, Taiwanese beauty, Japanese beauty, etc. 

Is Stylevana or YesStyle better?

Yes, Stylevana is better than YesStyle only if you wish to go for cheaper items with a bit less in categories and options, with quality being reasonable.

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