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How to Update So Player on Firestick [Guide]

How to Update So Player on Firestick [Guide]

Are you looking for an easy way on how to update So Player on Firestick? In this article, I’ll show you a simple and effective way to update So Player on Firestick. To make sure that you get advanced and latest features, your apps should be updated from time to time.

Amazon Firestick is a line of digital media player that is developed by Amazon. These devices are small network appliances that offer digital video and audio content streaming through the internet to an associated high-definition television. They also let users play video games with the available remote control or another game controller.

How to Update So Player on Firestick [Complete Guide]

So Player is merely a media player application that offers content from a wide range of categories to its end users. Firestick usually updates the apps automatically, but for some apps you have to update manually.

Follow the steps mentioned below on how to update So Player on Firestick:

  1. Open your Firestick and go to Home Screen.
  2. Click on the menu on top of your screen by click “Up” on your Firestick remote.
  3. Scroll down to apps and use the arrow buttons to move through the available apps.
  4. You can simply type So Player in the search bar and press enter.
  5. Open the app and check if there is any update available.
  6. Click on Update with the remote controller and wait till the download is finished.

Once it is updated successfully, you’ll get to see Open button. If you don’t want to manually update, you can simply go to settings and click on the automatic updates button.

Follow the steps below on how to update So Player on Firestick automatically.

  1. From the Home screen and Navigate to Settings.
  2. Go to Applications and go to App Store.
  3. Click on Automatic Updates and make sure it is turned ON.

Conclusion: I hope the above article on how to update So Player on Firestick has helped you to update So Player on your device.


How do I update So Player?

Open home screen -> go to settings -> click on Apps -> uninstall so Player -> open downloader -> in the URL type So Player and press enter. This will download the new version in your device.

How do I download So Player on Firestick?

First turn on the “apps from unknown sources” button and then open downloader and type So Player in the search bar. This will download So Player on your Firestick.

Is Soplayer illegal?

IPTV is legal all over the world as long as the service provider buy appropriate licenses to stream the content.

How much does So Player cost?

Its subscription cost is $25 per month for four screens.