5 Best Apps like 8tracks To Listen High Quality Music [2023]

Apps like 8tracks

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Apps like 8tracks: When you are attached to listening to music, different types of tracks and genres, somewhere within you, it is set to spark an urge to create playlists mixed with your favorites. But, if the platform you are using to listen to music is not offering such features then how about you have a look at some apps like 8tracks which let you do the same or at least something similar? 

About 8tracks

8tracks.com or aka infinitetracks.com was a popular internet-based radio and social networking site revolving around the idea of streaming user-curated playlists comprising minimum 8tracks. Here, you can create a free account and then can browse through the website to listen to other users’ created playlist mixes while creating your own mashups. 

8tracks was like a perfect platform to create your favorite playlist and mixes but since it is no longer in business, we have brought you a list of 5 amazing apps like 8tracks that can help you create your favorite playlist and something even more interesting. 


Apps like 8tracks

Spotify is a globally leading proprietary audio streaming and media service provider. It is one of the biggest music streaming service providers having over 400 million monthly active users which includes over 150 million paying subscribers based on the stats of September 2022 by Spotify. 

Spotify can definitely be called one of the promising apps like 8tracks because not only does it offer a massive library of tracks, podcasts, and related stuff but it also lets you create a playlist of your choices and unlike 8tracks, you can add unlimited favorites to your ultimate playlist.

And the best part of using Spotify is that, unlike other similar service providers, it not only offer monthly, yearly, or quarterly subscription plans but being considerate, you can also find small and extremely affordable subscription plans for one day, one week, etc.

Key Features 

  • You get to download a good set of tracks based on your subscription plan.
  • After you subscribe, it’ll automatically download all the downloaded songs from your previous subscription.
  • You can create multiple playlists, even if you are a free account holder.


Pandora Music player

Pandora is another popular subscription-based music streaming service provider focusing on recommending users the tracks they might like based on the music genome project, a concept classifying individual songs by musical traits.

At Pandora you can listen to music, podcasts while creating albums, playlist, either free or on-demand. It is a trusted personalized internet radio service and one of the amazing apps like 8tracks because you can find a big library of tracks and artists to choose your favorites from.

Moreover, the highlight of using Pandora is that it is updated regularly with trending and recently released singles, albums, and other releases. And it also offers a good variety of genres like pop, country, rock, rap, etc including your favorite artists from different countries.

Key Features

  • You get to hear songs from the station artist.
  • With the help of the deep cuts feature you can hear less familiar sounds from station artists.
  • Under the crowd faves section, you can find the most liked and loved songs by other users.


Deezer music player

Deezer is where the power of music is out. You can choose from over 90 million songs, podcasts, personalized recommendations, and playlists from globally famous artists. Not only that, but you can also discover new favorites while listening to the podcasts and tracks you love.

Furthermore, you can add your favorite tracks to create a playlist, identify tracks with the song catcher feature, sing with lyrics while discovering lyrics translation, choose your mood filter and get personalized recommendations ‌make collaborative playlists with other users and do a good bunch of more exciting things.

Key Features

  • Play music based on your mood and genre.
  • You get to choose a time to stop the music with the help of the sleep timer feature.
  • The app has no ads to interrupt your swift flow.
  • It has millions of FLAC music available.
  • Offers high-end sound system compatibility.
  • Users can download and listen without needing Wi-Fi at all.

Apple Music

Apple Music App

Apple Music is an exclusive app made for iOS device users offering audios, music and video streaming services. On this platform, you can select music to stream on-demand or from the existing playlist by other users. You can also download your favorite artist or album songs and play them offline whenever you are in a mood. 

And it is available in over 160 countries worldwide, mainly in the parts of Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Additionally, it also let you create your own podcast, mixes and playlist according to moods and genres.

Key Features

  • You get personalized picks under the listen now section.
  • Browse exclusive picks and playlists from Apple Music editors.
  • Get exclusive music with live performances and interviews.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music App

Amazon Music is again one of the promising apps like 8tracks and a globally famous music streaming service with an online music store handled by Amazon. 

Here, Prime Music users get to browse and stream their favorite music and podcasts through a web browser, cell phone, etc. You can listen to your favorite playlist from over 90 million songs and get to choose from a good bunch of genres including pop, rap, indie pop, and more. 

The highlight of Amazon Music is that if you are an Amazon Prime user, you will get Amazon Music already included in the package.

Key Features

  • The app offers offline listening,
  • You get hands-free listening on your favorite devices.
  • You can opt for unlimited skips.
  • Offers ad-free listening.

Final Words 

In the list of promising apps like 8tracks mentioned above, we have presented all the good 8tracks alternatives we found on the internet but definitely you can find more options in the market. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to waste your time in researching more, then we highly suggest you to first try the apps mentioned in this article before opting for others.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which are apps like 8tracks but free?

Not entirely free but we have some good apps like 8tracks that offer free versions with amazing features and the list includes Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, and Spotify.

Is 8tracks still a thing?

No, 8tracks has been officially shut down due to a poorly developed app and site and is not in action today, in 2022.

Why did 8tracks shut down?

Based on their announcement, it seems they were not able to generate enough revenue with their current performance to cover all the royalties which were continuing to increase.

Which are good Android apps like 8tracks?

Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora are a few of the good android apps like 8tracks.

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