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7 Similar Apps like Aptoide | App Store Android & iOS [2024]

7 Similar Apps like Aptoide | App Store Android & iOS [2024]

Aptoide alternative: Play Store is a good option for installing apps, games, and related software but what will you do if the software you are searching for is not available on Play Store? 

If you don’t know which platform to use in case Play Store did not work for you, then how about you have a look at our list of apps like Aptoide which will help you download not only the free but also the paid apps.

About Aptoide

Aptoide is an online-based market offering mobile applications that run on android operating systems like ARM and Android-x86. The highlight of using this system software is that unlike Play Store, which is a unique and centralized store, on Aptoide every user gets to manage his or her own store.

However, it's not the only app you have, there are several other apps like Aptoide that you can use. So, checkout the article below to know about Aptoide alternatives.


Apps like Aptoide

F-Droid acts as a good software repository and App Store for Android devices, offering similar functions to the Google Play Store. Its main repository hosted by the project, an installable catalog of FOSS offers only free and open-source apps and it is extremely easy to install your favorite app from F-Droid.

To use this software, you have to first install it from the web browser by reaching out to its website and downloading it from its homepage. When you have successfully installed the apk application, you will be able to use it for free there on.

Along with the apps, you can also have a look at some other interesting stuff like forums to find multiple related blogs, docs, news headlines for related topics, issues interrupting the community, and more data on its website.

Key Highlights 

  • If you want to use it only once then instead of downloading its apk file on your device, you can simply search for the app on its website and download it accordingly.
  • It offers apps that are unavailable in your country.

Compatibility: Android for client, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD for server and Windows 10.


APKMirror App Store

APKMirror is another one of the good Aptoide alternatives offering multiple software, apps, and sites for free installation which you simply can’t find on the Google Play Store. 

Similar to Aptoide, the working of this platform is extremely simple. You can install its APK on your device to keep on using its free services, but if you wish to only use it once or twice then you don’t need to download it as you can just search for the software you are looking for on its website and download the file from there.

And to download any application from its website or app, simply search for the software and when it shows up in the results, tap on the download icon on the right corner of its block and its APK file will be installed within a few minutes.

Key Highlights 

  • Half of the time you can see more than one variant available for one software to give you more options for downloads.
  • If there is more than one variant for one software, then you will get the complete details about its version, dpi, released date, arch, etc before installation.
  • You can download app bundle files such as apkm, xapk, and apks.

Compatibility: General Android devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and more.


APKPure App Store

APKPure is a platform where you can instantly download unavailable, also known as locked games in your country, install other types of software, and pre-register games, all for free. It is a fast, easy to use and safe platform to look for unavailable apps and games.

Along with installing software, the platform can also be used to check for different software reviews before installing its app file on your Android device. It can be called one of the best apps like Aptoide because it acts like a good alternative to the Google Play Store and has similar functions.

Key Highlights 

  • Along with the latest updated version of the software, the platform can also offer variants, also called expired versions of the apps and games at times.
  • If you want to use the platform only once or twice then you don’t need to install its app because you can simply search for the app on its website and install it directly from there.

Compatibility: Android devices 


Uptodown  App Store

Uptodown is an online-based platform offering a large collection of APK files for different android devices while guaranteeing that all the files on its website and app are without any viruses and harmful content. On top of that, all services are free of charge and it is also best known for offering the recently released or updated apps, and alternatives to popular social media sites. 

Uptodown can be called one of the promising apps like Aptoide because not only is it easy to install the APK files from its website or app, but it also offers a huge collection of video editing apps, photo editing apps, social media apps, form apps, gaming software, and more.

So, f your Google Play Store is not active or showing issues and you urgently want to install software, then hopping onto this platform can be extremely helpful as it has almost all types of games and software you can find on the Google Play Store.

Key Highlights 

  • Offers almost all the unavailable apps and softwares in your country.
  • It suggests headlines on its homepage like top downloads from the platform, best communication apps, trending games, amazing multimedia video and photo editing applications, apps to get productive, apps to manage your daily chorus, etc. 

Compatibility: Android devices, Windows and Mac.


MoboMarket App Store

MoboMarket is a third-party market offering a huge collection of free as well as paid applications, software, and games for your Android device. It is basically a smartphone management tool that allows you to manage your smart phone directly from the windows computer while possessing a lot of features similar to the Google Play Store.

The best part about MoboMarket is that it not only offers software and applications but also wallpapers for your smartphone. And another good news is that all the APK files you install from this platform have to pass the antivirus scans before being downloaded, installed, and updated on your device.

Key Highlights 

  • All the apps and games at MoboMarket come with a user-friendly user interface. 
  • The verified review feature allows you to check beforehand if the app you are going to install is a scam or not.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11, Android smartphones and tablets.


Zeusmos App Store

Zeusmos is another free to install and use app like Aptoide offering a huge variety of collections including free as well as premium applications for lifetime. 

The working of Zeusmos is super easy – after you install it on your iPad or iPhone, you can search for the app or game you are looking for, and once found, you can install it on your device and that is it. 

The main part of this process is that you don’t have to worry if the file contains any viruses or not because all the files at Zeusmos have passed the antivirus check before being listed on the site. 

Key Highlights 

  • You can enjoy all the features of the app on non-jailbroken iOS devices.
  • You get to download all the unavailable apps on the App Store in your country. 

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad


Hipstore App Store

Hipstore is a third-party application offering a huge selection of applications free to install and use. It allows users to upload their own applications for free, making itself one of the promising apps like Aptoide.

At Hipstore, you can not only find applications and softwares but it also offers a huge variety of games and other content. The best part about using this platform is that you can also install the premium apps for free and that too without any harmful content since all the apps and software installed from Hipstore are downloaded after they pass the antivirus scan.

Key Highlights 

  • Offers applications that are unavailable in your country.
  • Has a user-friendly platform.

Compatibility: Android, iOS and PC devices.

Final Words 

The Internet has many more options and platforms through which you can download APK files but not all of them will guarantee that the software you are installing is virus-free and real. 

However, all the apps like Aptoide mentioned in this article are safe and secured, so if you try our listed Aptoide alternatives, then you don’t have to worry about your device’s safety. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best apps like Aptoide?

Uptodown, APKPure, Zeusmos, APKMirror, F-Droid, MoboMarket, and Hipstore are the best apps like Aptoide currently available for free download on their websites.

Are there apps like Aptoide For Android?

Yes, there are plenty of apps like Aptoide for Android available on the internet but if you want a guarantee that the apps are free from viruses then you must check out APKPure, APKMirror, Hipstore, F-Droid, Uptodown, and Zeusmos, some best alternatives for both Android and iOS devices.

Are there apps like Aptoide for iOS?

Yes, among the many apps like Aptoide for iOS on the Internet, Hipstore, Zeusmos, Uptodown, and F-Droid are the best ones offering a guarantee for virus-free apps and software. 

Is Aptoide still safe?

Yes, the Aptoide app is 100% safe and guaranteed for all its offered apps, games, and software that of them are virus-free and free to install and use.