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5 Best Stores like Sezane To Buy Parisian Clothing [2024]

5 Best Stores like Sezane To Buy Parisian Clothing [2024]

Stores like Sezane: Shopping from well-known brands like Zara and Amazon is a regular thing but when you have a very special occasion or day coming up, it is time for you to search for a special brand or some stores like Sezane to find yourself the ideal outfit for the evening, afternoon or the entire day. 

So what is Sezane?

Sezane is a Paris-based brand putting creativity along with trends as its top priorities. It is an aesthetic fashion brand delivering high-quality pieces to both men and women and where you can look forward to buy coats, accessories, essentials, dresses, tops, knitwear, and many more productive items that are set to touch your heart.

Clearly, Sezane is a promising label to shop from and it also offers multiple promotional opportunities to save on big amounts. On the contrary, it is obvious that you are not going to stick to one brand and need more options to choose from and that is why we are delighted to inform you that the article mentioned below has a set of 6 amazing stores like Sezane to help you get the flawless outfit for yourself on your special day. 


Stores like Sezane

Reformation is a promising women’s new clothing label offering a good set of collections consisting of sustainably made women’s clothing and accessories. It is one of the trusted stores like Sezane because it also puts the comfort and good quality of products as a topmost priority.

At Reformation, you can shop for a good variety of categories such as dresses, jeans, wedding essentials, shoes, sweaters, tops, clothing, and collections. Also,if you wish to view all the recently launched items, then there is a specific category named ‘New’ for it. 

And the highlight of shopping from this store is that it guides you to get a perfect outfit from top to bottom. For instance, if you are viewing a skirt, it will recommend you the best top to go with that skirt. On top of all, they launch new styles with every new occasion, trend and festival. 

Key Highlights 

  • Its website comes with a list of stores and their accurate detailed locations.
  • You get free returns and express shipping on eligible items. 
  • Offers a detailed and accurate size guide.
  • It offers the details of the item worn by the model in the listed picture to give you a better idea of the item's fitting.


Maje Store

Maje is a ready-to-wear brand specializing in collections and accessories for women in over 600 stores worldwide. It is a clothing destination where women can discover a new concept of fashion and style. 

At Maje, you can shop under categories like clothing, dresses, accessories, and bags with all these categories subdivided into coats, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, skirts, pants, shorts, etc to save your precious time and efforts. 

Not only this, but you can also find special collections for different weather like autumn-winter clothing, autumn-winter shoes, autumn-winter bags, and more. And there is a separate section for all the items that are recently launched.

Key Highlights

  • With every new season, occasion, and trend, it has huge sales and promotional offers going up to as far as 50% off on almost all the items listed. 
  • There is a special section for all the items that are currently under sale.
  • Offers free delivery and returns on eligible items.
  • Its website comes with an in-site store locator.


Abercrombie Store

Abercrombie, better known as Abercrombie & Fitch is another store like Sezane that specializes in casual wear and delivering products to both men and women. Under the main Abercrombie brand lies three sub-brands including Abercrombie Kids, Hollister Co and Gilly Hicks spreading worldwide with over 800 stores.

With quality being top-notch, all the products are inclusive of comfort and soft fabrics to keep you at ease while you shine brighter than others in a perfect outfit. 

And you can buy under categories like men’s, women’s, and kids with these categories being subdivided into matching sets, bottoms, active, underwear, swimwear, shoes, body care, accessories, dresses, jumpsuits, sleep where fragrance and many more sections. 

Also, the label has different collections for different weather and occasions. For instance, currently it is focusing on its warmest collection of coats which will guide you from the slopes to sidewalks filled with snow.

Key Highlights

  • The site comes with an in-site local store locator.
  • Offers free shipping on orders above $150.
  • Almost all the items come in a variety of colors.
  • Offers a detailed size guide under every item along with details of the item worn by the model in the picture. 

Amour Vert

Amour Vert Store

Amour Vert is an original sustainable fashion label led by women with zero-waste. It is another good Sezane alternative that prioritizes the comfort and peace of women while focusing on their bold femininity. 

Since Amour Vert works with a goal to help women buy outfits which will spark the inner beauty in them, they launch different collections with every new season and occasion. Besides, you can also shop through multiple promotional offers and huge sales to save on big and medium-sized orders.

And you can shop under categories such as clothing, collections, shoes, accessories, and signature fabrics where you will find items made with premium quality clothes. Additionally, all the main categories are further subdivided into more sections like T-shirts, sweaters, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, jewelry, handbags, and more.. 

Key Highlights

  • Under the ‘Sale’ section, you’ll find all the items currently under sale and likewise, its website has a specific section for all the items which are recently launched.
  • The website acts like a marketplace where you can buy as well as sell good quality pre-loved stylish outfits at perfect prices.
  • Has the buy now and pay later service through which you can pay for one item or the entire order in 4 interest-free installments. 


Aritzia Store

Aritzia LP is a women’s fashion label selling a good variety of lifestyle apparel through different upscale retail stores across the United States and Canada online. Here, you can shop for women's boutique pieces and accessories to go well with your outfit.

Talking about the categories to shop by, you can shop under coats, jackets, pants, sweaters, shirt jackets, dresses, T-shirts, tops, skirts, blouses, blazers, sweatsuits, rompers, jumpsuits, denim, accessories, shorts, swim, and shoes. 

In addition to the aforementioned, since the label launches collaborations and special collections according to new occasions and festivals, you can always see a bunch of exclusive collections available on its website to shop from.

Furthermore, you can also try gifting your close ones the Aritzia gift cards through mail or email. Through email, gift cards with your chosen amount are delivered instantly to their mailbox or if you choose to give them a physical gift card, then it will be shipped for free and starts from $25. 

Key Highlights

  • Its website has a special section for newly launched items.
  • Almost all the items are made of sustainable materials.
  • Most of the items listed come in a good variety of colors.
  • There is a special section available on its website where you can find all the items that were sold out and are back in stock.
  • Its website has a quick view feature. 
  • Signing in to your account will instantly get your free shipping and returns forever.
  • Its website comes with an on-site store locator.

Final Words 

All the brands listed in our list of stores like Sezane are trusted and have received a positive response from customers. These brands may not be worldwide famous but are capable of filling your wardrobe with trendy yet comfy clothes for different seasons and occasions.

In conclusion, although you might find many other Sezane alternatives, we will highly suggest you first go through our list of stores like Sezane, try at least half of them before trying other stores. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are there brands similar to Sezane?

Yes, you can find plenty of brands similar to Sezane but our list of best Sezane alternatives include Reformation, Aritzia, Amour Vert, Abercrombie and Maje. 

Are their brands like Sezane but cheaper?

If you are looking for brands like Sezane but cheaper then we have a list of some good brands like Sezane including Aritzia, Amour Vert, Abercrombie and Maje.

Is Sezane a luxury brand?

Not exactly, but since it manufactures products with premium quality, the prices of items available and its website are comparatively higher than other similar brands in the market. In short – Sezane is not a luxury brand but it sells items at a bit higher price. 

Is Sezane brand made in China?

No, The Sezane brand is not made in China but was launched and is headquartered at Paris.