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Qobuz vs Spotify: Which Is Better? [2024]

Qobuz vs Spotify: Which Is Better? [2024]

Qobuz vs Spotify: Live without music is the life wasted. Music is magic, it has the power to heal humans as well as enhance their sensitivity. Music also helps to put out feelings in words that normally can't be explained.

Music has a direct heart and soul connection that keeps the mind at ease and at peace.

Qobuz and Spotify both offer music streaming services to their users. Spotify is known by all, but Qobuz has stayed under-rated for a while now.

Hence in this article, we will look in detail at both music streaming services namely Qobuz and Spotify.

By the end of the article, we will look at different categories of Qobuz and Spotify namely free plans, comparison table, music library, sound quality, cloud storage, playback, content library and playlists, social media allowance, design, paid packs, and much more.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Free Plans

Qobuz currently offers a free plan for a month and then it costs you around $17.99/per month. Spotify allows offers free streaming of music without paid subscriptions but has ads that cant be removed.

Hence, if you want to stream music in high quality and without the interference of advertisements in between, then they preferably offer you value packs/premiums for the ultimate experience.

Qobuz vs Spotify: At One Glance

Free Pack/TrialQobuz doesn’t have the free pack, but a free trial for a month.Spotify has a free pack with ads to stream music and premium offers ad-free music streaming.
Cloud StorageQobuz supports Amazon storage.Spotify supports Google clouding.
Value PacksQobuz offers 2 plans with a free trial.Spotify offers 3 plans with the free plan.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Music Library

Qobuz and Spotify both offer a wide library in the music category. Qobuz currently offers 70 million songs to choose from. Music Library of Qobuz and Spotify are different in offerings.

Since Qobuz is underrated. Spotify offers 10,000+ songs and is more popular among people. Spotify has a limit to the library collection for their users to be at a limit of 10,000. Spotify currently occupies more than 248 million active users every month.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Music and Sound Quality

Qobuz on average offers music streaming quality to be 24 bit/up i.e. up to 192 kHz whereas Spotify on average offers music streaming quality to be 320kbps.

But overall Qobuz quality in music and sound is a bit higher than what Spotify has to offers.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is something users look forward to for music collection. Spotify currently uses cloud storage of Google's cloud storage and Qobuz is using the cloud storage offered by Amazon.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Browser Playback

Qobuz offers browser playback and supports Chromecast to do so. Spotify supports browser playback namely Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, and much more. Comparatively, Spotify supports more different categories of browser playback than Qobuz.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Availability of Devices

Spotify is available on the devices under the title of iOS 12 and above, Android OS 5.0 and above, Apple Mac OS x 10.11 and above, Windows 7, and more.  Qobuz whereas is compatible with devices which is compatible with Google Cast.

Device compatibility is moreover provided by Spotify on a wide range of devices and Qobuz as a minimal number of availability when it comes to device compatibility area.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Playlists and Content Library

Qobuz in today’s date has more than 240k albums and playlists to stream music from. All these playlists offered by Qobuz are in High Resolution sounding.

Qobuz constantly adds newly released singles, albums, and music for the best collection chosen for its users.

Spotify has a separate category for saving all your liked songs, podcasts, and also has a feature of customizing the library of your favorites.

Spotify allows you to make a custom library and share it publically or via the link between friends. Spotify also allows users to download their favorites for offline music streaming with zero issues with data connectivity.

Spotify also has a mood playlist that offers you to listen to the songs as per your current mood and corrects your mood with light and beautiful songs to relax your mind and soul.

qobuz vs spotify

Qobuz vs Spotify: Social Media

Nowadays, only one app is not enough, people constantly need more app connectivity to share and connect to friends via different apps for different content sharing.

Currently, Spotify allows its users to share music links as a post on different social media handles namely Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and much more. It allows users to share what there is listening to with their family and friends.

Qobuz does not have any social media connection to share and so but offers Bluetooth sharing, airplay, and Chromecast to do so. Qobuz is simpler to use with devices that support Chrome Cast.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Design

Qobuz offers CD-quality files which are available to its users in the format of FLAC, which supports the less compressed size of a music file without reducing the quality of music files.

Qobuz's design is kept minimal for an easy and seamless user interface without complexing any feature to confuse its users.

Whereas, Spotify has a vast design interface that attracts users making it popular among the others. Spotify supports dark mode as well as a light mode and has the lyrics option to sing along.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Value Packs

Currently, Qobuz offers two value packs which are paid subscriptions for premium quality music content. The two plans of Qobuz namely are Studio Premier plan and Studio Sublime pack. 

The Studio Premier Plan costs you around $12.99/per month which gives you a music quality of 192kHz. The Studio Sublime Plan costs you around $15/per month which offers exclusive discounts on music and download purchase.

Spotify offers many value packs except for a free unpaid plan for its users. The paid plans offered by Spotify namely are Spotify Premium, Spotify Family, and Spotify Duo.

Spotify Premium plan costs you around $10/per month and offers ad-free music streaming. Spotify Premium offers one account with zero ads and allows songs to be downloaded for offline streaming.

Spotify Family plan costs you around $16/per month which offers up to six accounts to be used for, as the name says, family.

This plan offers no ad music streaming, unlimited songs to be skipped, offline listening and downloading, and presents a customized family mix playlist to be heard when together. For kids, Spotify also had a similar plan known as Spotify Kids.

Spotify Duo plan costs you around $13/per month. This plan is specially customized for couples and roommates to use.

This plan offers features like no ads interruption, an on-demand list that plays offline downloads and listening, and unlimited song skipping. Similar to the Family mix playlist, Spotify Duo presents a Duo mix playlist to be heard when together.

Qobuz vs Spotify: Which is the better among them? – Final Verdict

If we look at both of them individually, they both have some great features to outshine each other.

Qobuz is known for its music quality which outshines Spotify in all possible ways. And, Spotify offers more plans for its users and free access to non-paid subscriptions which outshine Qobuz in all the possible ways.

Hence, Spotify may take a lead in comparison due to the popularity and features like more plans, social media connections, and much more but Qobuz wins for the music streaming quality.

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Is there a better streaming service than Spotify?

There are many streaming services like Spotify namely SoundCloud, Qobuz, Apple Music, Youtube Music, and much more.

Is Qobuz worth money?

If you are paying for a higher quality of music, then Quobuz is worth money since it offers the highest streaming quality which is better than Spotify and much more.

What music streaming service is best?

If we check the scoreboard of every single feature regarding online music streaming then Spotify wins with a huge checklist compared to Qobuz, Apple Music, iTunes, and much more.


Friday 24th of June 2022

"But overall Qobuz quality in music and sound is a bit higher than what Spotify has to offers."

Qobuz is superior to Spotify because os MUCH HIGHER sound QUALITY than what Spotify has to offer. Qobuz's music is usually Hi-Res (read. Studio Quality) and their golden standard is CD Quality which is awesome.

Spotify's Ogg Vorbis is in fact better than mp3 file because of multichannel codec but c'mon. It is still a stone age.

People need to move on with their DAC's and premium headphones. Not to stuck with primitive sound quality.

Don't get me wrong. Spotify sounds just good. And probably enough for most of people but once you try Qobuz you will not come back to Spotify never again.