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Deezer vs Pandora: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Deezer vs Pandora: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Deezer vs Pandora: Music streaming is one sentence that is playing audio directly from your devices such as laptop, tablet, mobile phones without even downloading it in original memory storage such as RAM.

In a recap from the 20s, we used to download the songs we want to listen to in format and sizes like mp3, aac, and much more.

These files used to take up a lot of space in memory and sometimes it was a hard task to download the original song with lesser size.

Hence, now we are in the world of technology which gives us the liberty to play music from cloud storage which allows you to play as many music files you want without downloading them in your phone just via one app or one click.

The service of allowing these music files to be played is known as music streaming.

In this article, we are going to talk about two out of many kinds of music streaming services that are available in today’s date.

We have selected two namely Deezer and Pandora as music streaming services to look deep into their details and compare their services, plans, music quality, music library collection, prices, and much more.

Insides of Deezer

Deezer started breathing music in the year 2016 initially in the US market. Deezer is a music streaming online platform which offers millions of songs to be played on your devices, with a collection of podcasts, live radio, and an exclusive collection of videos which is the unique specialty of Deezer.

deezer vs pandora

Insides of Pandora

Pandora is popular among the hi-fi successful and hit streaming services in the field of the music industry. If you are in the initial stage of developing a taste of music then Pandora will help you customize it as best.

Pandora offers huge genres of music and allows you to choose from and presents you the similar kind of songs and music to develop your good taste in music.

Deezer vs Pandora: Does Deezer is better than Pandora in sound quality?

Pandora offers a huge collection of music which makes the quality lookout a strong point to choose Pandora. Pandora allows you the average sound quality of music streaming at 64kbps for the free users and 192 kbps for the paid membership.

Hence the sound quality is supreme in paid membership and average for the free users.

Deezer gives the best music quality compared to Pandora since it offers on an average of seamless music streaming at 411kbps which is comparatively more crystal clear than what Pandora offers for its paid users.

Deezer vs Pandora: Does Deezer have paid plans like Pandora?

Before we compare Deezer with Pandora, let us get in detail with the plans Pandora has in the box to offer.

Currently, Pandora has plans namely Pandora Free, Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium Individual, Pandora Premium, Pandora Premium for Students, Pandora Premium for Retired Citizens.

Pandora Plus costs you around $4.99/per month gives you access to podcast and music content with an ad-free feature on podcast playing. The ads will still be in between the on-demand play. It allows you unlimited skipping and offline listening to the songs.

Pandora Premium individual Plan costs you around $9.99/per month which gives you access to all the exclusive podcast content with the ad-free feature. Allows you to unlimited skipping, unlimited offline listening and allows you to create and share playlists with your family and friends.

Pandora Premium costs you around $14.99/per month which allows you to use features the same as pandora Premium Individual but for six accounts.

Pandora Premium Student cots students to use Pandora Premium at $4.99/per month and Pandora premium for retired citizens costs you around $7.99/per month.

Deezer currently offers plans namely Deezer Free, Deezer Student, Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, and Deezer Hi-Fi. Deezer Student allows a free trial of a total of 30 days and then costs students around $4.99/per month.

This Student plan of Deezer offers ad-free music streaming with personalized suggestions with unlimited offline listening. This plan also offers 320 kbps audio streaming with unlimited access to the new as well as classic tracks of all time.

Deezer Premium offers the same as Deezer Student but costs you around $9.99/monthly or 3 months together but not at student discounts.

Deezer Family is free for 30 days and then costs around $14.99/per month and offers everything the same as Deezer Premium but an additional 6 accounts setup with content specially curated for the kiddos.

Deezer HiFi also offers a 30-day free trial and then costs its users $14.99/per month. This plan also offers ad-free interaction and everything the same as the Deezer Student pack with 360 Reality Audio and 16-bit to 44.1kHz FLAC files to listen to.

pandora vs deezer

Deezer vs Pandora: Does Deezer/Pandora Premium is necessary for Fitbit?

Yes, the Currently Deezer Free Plan does not allow playing Deezer on the Fitbit devices. Hence, only the Deezer Premium members which are paid members will get access to the Fitbit compatibility.

The same goes for Pandora. To play Pandora on FitBit you need membership of Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium active subscription.

Design and Interfaces—Is Deezer more seamless in user interface than Pandora?

Deezer’s user Interface is kept minimal and simpler for the users to use it smoothly. Deezer offers high-resolution music streaming according to the wifi signal and membership plan to hear music.

Pandora’s user interface is smooth unless you run into advertisements in between music streaming. Pandora has many features like sharing to social media, waking up with the favorite tunes, and much more to discover.

Deezer vs Pandora: Are Deezer and Pandora free?

Yes, Deezer and Pandora both offer free plans to their pocket-friendly users. Deezer Free plan is an ad-supporting plan when users get limited access to the music with interrupting ads.

The music streaming quality of Deezer Free is kept at 128 kbps mp3 audio and allows shuffle play with personalized suggestions.

Pandora also has a free package for its users namely Pandora Free. This plan gives access to the all music library and collection of the podcast.

This plan allows streaming with ad-supporting stations and playbacks. This plan doesn’t allow track replays and only allows 2 skips in between.

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Deezer vs Pandora: Are Deezer and Pandora streaming services available everywhere?

Deezer is available and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Xbox, Google Home, Apple Watch, Android TV, and much more.

Whereas Pandora is available ad compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Alexa devices, Google Home, Roku devices, Xbox One, Samsung and LG devices, Android TV, Vizio devices, and much more.

Which is Best – Deezer or Pandora?

Deezer and Pandora are not the same that we get best out of two. Both- Deezer and Pandora offers different kind of plans with different features to explore. Hence one can get an idea if they use both of the streaming services according to their requirements.

But if we notice the list of compatible devices Pandora wins since Pandora has a lot of options on which it is available and compatible compare to Deezer.