Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Which Is Better? [2023]

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music

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Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Whether you’re looking for a new music streaming site, or you already have some big titles like Amazon Music and YouTube Music in mind, in any case, this article is going to help you decide which among these is a better choice for you.

Why? Because Amazon Music and YouTube Music are two of the leading streaming service providers currently on the Internet. They both offer multiple benefits to users to stay hooked on their platforms and enjoy good quality music. 

But, you simply can’t use both of them. For this reason, we have curated all the significant headings and points from both, and have presented a comparison battle between Amazon Music vs YouTube Music in the article below. 

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Overview

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a well-known music streaming site and online music shop by Amazon. It has songs, stations, and playlists in more than 20 languages and is offering an ad-free experience through Amazon prime subscription.

Amazon Music has a variety of collections for you to discover. You can play music on different devices like echo, web, fire TV, etc with a big list of genres including romantic, classical, devotional, Bollywood, rock, hip-hop, etc.

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is another big name, a popular music streaming provider established by YouTube. It has official singles, albums, and remixes along with exclusive live performances and more such content for iOS, Android, and desktop.

YouTube Music is famous for delivering an altered interface for its service, targeted towards music streaming which allows you to explore songs and music videos on YouTube through filters like genres, recommendations, and playlists.

YouTube Music vs Amazon Music

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: User Experience 

Amazon Music

Starting with the Amazon Music app, according to the majority of the Amazon customers with Amazon Music subscriptions, the UI of the Amazon Music app is simple and user-friendly – absolutely good for beginners.

On the other hand, its desktop app version hasn’t received a similar good rating because the user interface somewhat lacks attractiveness. 

YouTube Music

YouTube Music desktop app, on the other hand, is quite helpful since it not only gives you the trending songs and recommendations about albums and singers you are interested in, but also recommends popular music videos, remixes, and such content based on your search and activity.

Similarly, its mobile app is also user-friendly and gives a satisfactory user experience for the majority of the users, whether it’s playing on an actual mobile or a tablet.

Winner: YouTube Music

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Music and Sound Quality

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is covered with music quality, especially since its Amazon HD version is CD-quality lossless at 1411 kbps FLAC. 

However, even when it offers such good services, users have stated they’ll still prefer YouTube Music over Amazon, probably because you will not always go for Amazon HD.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has received straightforwardly good reviews compared to Amazon Music, even in their comparison by the users. 

YouTube’s premium highest quality will get you streams at 256 kbps AAC, clearly less than Amazon HD but still better for the majority of the users.

Winner: YouTube Music

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Pricing and Plans

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is beneficial for Amazon prime members where you’ll get the unlimited individual plan at $10.99 per month. As for the Amazon Music Unlimited student subscription plan, it’ll be charged $5.99 per month.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music premium has 3 subscription plans to offer and they’re as mentioned below:

  • Individual subscription plan – charged monthly for $10.99 or annually at $99.99.
  • Family subscription plan – charged monthly at $14.99 with a 1-month free trial.
  • Student subscription plan – charged monthly at $4.99 per month

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Key Highlights 

Amazon Music

Amazon Music’s main highlight is its easy compatibility with smart home devices such as Alexa and Echo. Along with that, it also has a feature of x-ray lyrics which comes in real handy for hard-to-understand songs, where you’ll get the lyrics scrolling down karaoke-style while the song plays on the screen.

YouTube Music

While YouTube Music gives you access to a huge variety of songs, live performances, and music videos, it also has this unique feature where you’ll get to play music according to your location and mood. 

This feature might not come in handy when you know what you want to hear, but when you are on the go and not exactly in the mood to change the song each time, then you’ll understand this feature’s importance. 

On the contrary, you might give the permission to track your location but how do you think it will track your mood? Simply based on your latest search and activity on the app! So relax, it’s not something creepy! 

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Differences

Both Amazon Music on YouTube Music has quite a lot of similar features in services, even similar song catalogs to offer. Therefore, we’ll be now presenting the significant differences between service providers below.


The unique tool of Amazon Music is its compatibility with Alexa. Both the Amazon tools go hand-in-hand easily and can be connected without many complications.

Compared to this, YouTube Music can also be integrated with Alexa, but the process might not be as easy as compared to Amazon Music for you.

Exclusive Music Content

Now talking about YouTube Music, it also has a powerful tool and that is its exclusive music content library including music videos, remixes, covers by popular artists, live performances, and such – something you simply can’t find at Amazon Music.

Now, not everyone is interested in listening to unofficial performances by unknown artists all the time, but if you like exploring, then YouTube Music’s this exclusive music content feature can be of help. 

Amazon Music vs YouTube Music: Which is Better?

Starting from the pricing, for almost the same collections in the genres and library, etc – YouTube Music charges about $1 less than Amazon Music, only when we are talking about prime members.

Moving ahead with the UI, YouTube Music offers an easier user experience, although Amazon Music does have a simple UI.

Moreover, both offer good services, but according to the majority of the users who have tried both platforms, they chose YouTube Music over Amazon Music for better sound quality.

However, let’s not forget that Amazon Music has some interesting features like smart compatibility with home devices like Alexa and Echo, through which you can easily control music playback and enjoy a hands-free experience, something you’ll really miss at YouTube Music.

But, to cover you for that, YouTube Music will get you a direct connection to live videos, music videos, etc, and almost all the content from the YouTube app, again something you will really miss if you went for Amazon Music.

In conclusion, all the points mentioned in the above comparison battle have clearly shown that YouTube Music is a better choice than Amazon Music. 

Although both the platforms come from huge brands and are doing just fine in the industry, if you are a picky one and want to have a good experience in listening to your favorite music, then choosing YouTube Music might be the best decision for you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is YouTube Music quality better than Amazon Music?

Yes, based on the customer reviews, it seems that YouTube Music quality is indeed better than Amazon Music.

How much is Amazon Music vs YouTube Music?

Amazon Music has changed its monthly individual plan rates from $9.99 to $10.99 per month. Compared to this, YouTube Music still charges $9.99 per month for its individual subscription plan.

Can I transfer my YouTube Music to Amazon Music?

Yes, you can transfer your music playlist from other music service providers including YouTube Music to Amazon Music.

Is Amazon Music or YouTube Music better?

According to our comparison between Amazon Music on YouTube Music, YouTube Music seems to be a better choice, although Amazon Music also has some exclusive benefits to it.

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