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Groupon vs LivingSocial: Who has Better Deals? [2024]

Groupon vs LivingSocial: Who has Better Deals? [2024]

Groupon vs LivingSocial: When you have some promising deal marketplaces like Groupon and LivingSocial where you can either promote or buy exclusive deals from your surroundings, life seems a bit easier than before. 

But, are you going to waste your time comparing rates and discounts from both each time you’re looking for a deal? Of course not!

Groupon is a popular global e-commerce marketplace that unites subscribers with local store owners by providing them with travel, goods, etc deals. LivingSocial is also an online marketplace allowing you to buy and share services in your city.

Both marketplaces seem good for beginners, but in reality, they have much more to show. If you’re also confused between the two and want to know which among them is a better choice for you, then our comparison battle between Groupon vs LivingSocial presented in this article is sure to solve your problem.

Groupon vs LivingSocial: Overview


Groupon is an American-based marketplace connecting you to potential buyers and things you’re interested in doing in your area. It offers daily deals where you can save up to 70% off on regular days on over 1000s of shopping centers, restaurants, events, etc.

At Groupon on, you get a good variety of categories to choose from. As a seller, the platform offers beneficial advantages, although it will take some time for your label to gain the recognition it deserves.

Groupon vs LivingSocial


LivingSocial is a favored marketplace where you are to register as a seller or a customer and share your label with deals or search for deals from a good mixture of categories to save regularly. It specializes in providing you with satisfactory experiences in the town area.

LivingSocial has thousands of great deals from nearby spas, events, trending products, restaurants, and more. Additionally, you get deals with saving up to 80% off on regular days.

LivingSocial vs Groupon

Groupon vs LivingSocial: Types of Deals offered


Groupon has 5 main categories to offer – beauty and spas, things to do, food and drink, health and fitness, and more. These categories offer the following subcategories:

  • Beauty and spas – salons, massage, nail salons, tanning, makeup, cosmetic procedures, hair removal, brows & lashes, etc.
  • Things to do – fun and leisure, tickets and events, nightlife, sports and outdoors, sightseeing and tours, and kids’ activities.
  • Food and drink – cafes and treats, groceries and markets, restaurants, breweries, wineries, and distilleries, and bars.
  • Health and fitness – weight loss, fitness classes, natural medicine, sports, dental, vision, gyms, and medical.
  • More – home services, meal prep and wine delivery, online learning, personal services, personalized items, retail, and automotive. 


LivingSocial has 3 main categories to offer and they are — local shops, hotels, and travel. These categories are further subdivided into the following:

  • Local – automotive, online learning, beauty and spas, personal services, food and drink, personalized items, health and fitness, retail, home services, things to do, and meal prep and wine delivery.
  • Shop – automotive, home improvement, health and beauty, toys, baby and kids, jewelry and watches, women’s fashion, electronics, men’s fashion, entertainment, personalized items, for the home, pet supplies, grocery and household, and sports and outdoors.
  • Hotels and travel – all travel deals, hotels and accommodations, cruises, tours, and air-inclusive packages.

Apart from these categories, there is also a section for all the deals available as clearance sale services and products on the sie.

Groupon vs LivingSocial: What’s the Difference?

To start with, the significant difference between Groupon and LivingSocial is the type of deals they offer regularly. Groupon here focuses on local deals like spa treatment offers, fitness classes deals, etc, whereas we have LivingSocial offering a bigger range of deals like merchandise, online courses, travel packages, etc. 

Secondly, although both the marketplaces seem to have almost the same rates and discount offers, there is still a difference between them at times where you can see Groupon offering lower prices than LivingSocial.

Now going a bit deeper, they can be easily categorized as smaller and bigger in sizes and reach of their brands. 

LivingSocial is a level up since it's larger than Groupon. It has its influence in more than 25 countries and has over 70 million active users as of March 2024. Compared to this, Groupon operates in roughly 15 nations and also has less customer/user count. 

On the contrary, Groupon has clearly focused on its UI to make it easier for beginners to explore its platforms and buy deals easily. Compared to that, LivingSocial does have a simple UI, but it’s all there is.

Groupon vs LivingSocial: Are they legit?

Are Groupon and LivingSocial legitimate? A big Yes to that! Groupon and LivingSocial are not only 100% legitimate, but they have also been in this field for over 10 years. They have over a decade of experience in offering you well-curated deals and discounts in your surroundings.

Groupon vs LivingSocial: Which is Better?

To start with, both sites offer competitive discounts and pricing, but compared to LivingSocial, Groupon seems to charge lower rates on average.  

Moreover, Groupon has a special feature named Groupon goods which is here to offer you deals on physical products too, something you will require in day-to-day life. On the other hand, LivingSocial is doing well focusing on experiences and a wider variety of categories, but that’s it.

Also, customers have voted Groupon for having a better and more robust mobile application and site, making it easier for customers to navigate across the store and purchase deals. As for LivingSocial, its website and app also have a good UI, but they’re still basic in comparison.

Although both marketplaces guarantee you sales, they are still quite particular about what they actually promote. Like, LivingSocial will certainly not promote each and every deal coming along, and Groupon does the same, unless your deals are worth giving a shot, of course. 

But, let’s not forget that while LivingSocial is seemingly losing the battle, it still has a wider range of categories to offer, clearly more than Groupon. Indeed, not everyone will be interested in travel packages and online courses daily, but when you need one, the deal is always up at LivingSocial. 

In addition to everything, since both the platforms have similarities in the categories, you’ll find the majority of the deals from Groupon available on LivingSocial too, with similar rates and discounts. 

In conclusion, although all the highlights and topics mentioned in this article have clearly stated that Groupon is worth a try, more than LivingSocial, we’ll still suggest you try both the platforms in the start before deciding which one is better for you. 

Why? Simply because at the end of the day, both the marketplaces are doing good and every individual has their own personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Groupon and LivingSocial the same?

No, Groupon and LivingSocial are two different marketplaces. They both offer you daily and seasonal deals and offers from local stores, but they are still different, like – LivingSocial covers a wider range of deals than Groupon. 

Did Groupon by LivingSocial?

Yes, Groupon has bought LivingSocial and is currently its parent organization. 

Is LivingSocial same as Groupon?

No, LivingSocial is not the same as Groupon. Indeed, they are both marketplaces offering you a good variety of deals and discount offers, but, there are still differences between them. For instance, Groupon focuses on services while LivingSocial concentrates on experiences. 

What is the best alternative to Groupon?

LivingSocial is the best alternative to Groupon. Both the marketplaces offer almost the same deals and discount offers, and while Groupon is in the No 1 position, LivingSocial has acquired the second rank successfully.

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