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6 Best Apps like Voisey To Make Your Own Music Album [2024]

6 Best Apps like Voisey To Make Your Own Music Album [2024]

Apps like Voisey: Are you interested in songwriting and producing music but are unaware of where to publish it and how to find collaborations? In that case, Voisey was a good choice for people, offering a good set of tools to help you sing in your favorite rhythms, produce the track systematically with expert producers from the app and publish it on the platform where you can gain credit easily. 

About Voisey 

Voisey app was helpful for connecting singers, artists, producers, and songwriters through a collaborative songwriting program. Here, you can record your track, publish it in the community and share it publicly or with your friends and family.

Though Voisey was  a good option, since it is a discontinued for unknown reasons, people are looking for its alternatives. In the article below, we have brought you a list of 6 amazing apps like Voisey to help you sing, produce, and share your voice globally. 


Apps like Voisey

The BARS app allows you to create high-quality rap in a fun and comfortable way without any formal rap experience required. You get to create something great with your own voice and a set of tools offered by the app. 

Moreover, the app will first ask you how many years of experience you have, like if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in the field to guide you perfectly through your learning or professional journey. 

Also, you can start from scratch and the app guarantees to offer you professionally made beats with tools to enhance and keep the quality of your rap high at the time of posting on social media platforms.

Key Features

  • You get to decide and alter the length of videos and they can be extended up to 60 seconds.
  • Videos can be saved to your camera roll or you can share them directly from the app on your other social media or other platforms.
  • You can change the tone of your voice to suit your taste accordingly. 


Voloco App

Voloco app is a mobile-based recording studio and audio editor helping users to sing or rap to their heart's content. It is a platform for musicians, singers, rappers, and content creators, boosting sounds and helping these creators create recordings like an expert with amazing tools and free beats.

Voloco is one of the best apps like Voicey because you cannot only record demos, voice-overs, video performances, and tracks but also alter your track and add or deduct beats according to your preference. Basically, get a professional studio with beats already offered by the app or you can always add your own to add your touch. 

Additionally, the app offers a variety of reasons for IQ, compression, reverb effects and auto voice tone to help you polish your recordings into perfection. With this app, you can try singing karaoke with a perfect pitch.

Key Features

  • Has a free beat Library offering thousands of beats made by famous producers to rap or sing over.
  • The app will automatically detect the key of the beat to help you adjust your tune.
  • You get to import your own beats from various devices.
  • You can process the existing video or audio editor with some other audio editor or from the same app.
  • You can extract tracks, music, and vocals from other existing songs saved on your device. 
  • Offers over 50 effects measured and grouped into 12 preset packs.


BandLab App

BandLab app is a music-making studio for music recording and a leading social music creation stadium globally. It is one of the promising apps like Voisey because it helps you learn and create from scratch without any prior skills required.

It app helps you make and share your music globally while recording, remixing, and editing your music to make it perfect. You can make beats, use loops, samples from royalty free sound packs available on the app, add creative effects from the app, and use content and source from genres like garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, EDM, and more.

At BandLab, you are also allowed to create music unlimitedly with unlimited cloud storage and accessibility across all your devices given. Since BandLab is a social networking community, you can find new creators, make new friends and connect with other singers and producers for collaborations.

Key Features

  • Offers a multi-track digital audio workstation, DAW which includes all the basic music reading tools such as an audio editor, beat maker, and audio recording.
  • The sampler feature is a newly added tool that will help you create custom instruments with the help of the sound you hear around you.
  • Offers over 150 guitar, vocal and bass effect research.
  • Offers an in-built mastering tool supporting MP3 and other related formats.
  • Offers a big library of loops.
  • Has over 300 virtual MIDI instruments.


Rapchat App

Rapchat is another good Voisey alternative, a music maker studio offering a group of tools to help record and make music according to your preference without asking for professional skills and prior experience and producing and singing.

Rapchat offers over 150,000 instrumentals and beats all for free and is a community of millions of music makers globally. It allows users to share music videos through all the social media platforms and is also associated with exclusive freestyle and contest rap challenges for song makers and singers to gain recognition. 

Key Features

  • Offers both vocal effects and auto-mastering tools. 
  • Has a notepad tool to help you write down your lyrics and ideas as soon as they enter your mind.
  • Offers auto tone and rapper voice changer.
  • You can add basic and advanced vocal effects like reverb, compressor, and vocal tune. 


Smule App

Smule is a general platform allowing you to sing your favorite songs with music and scrolling lyrics. You can have a fun recording, on or off through your camera and afterward add professional audio effects to sound like an expert in the video you have recorded.

The Smule app is included in this list of amazing apps like Voicey because after recording, you get to use its special tools to edit and add perfection to your recording. Additionally, the platform is a community where you can find friends and join other groups for collaborations and sing or rap together. 

On a more positive note, if you are feeling confident about a karaoke party, then you can host or join one and with the help of the app's live feature, you can have an audio-only performance 24/7 with your friends or other music lovers sharing similar interests as you.

Key Features

  • With the help of an on-screen pitch guide and original tutorials, you can learn how to sing and improve your singing with no guidance.
  • You can sing and record side-by-side in a duet with popular music artists.
  • You get to choose from a good variety of video FX to add after you are done recording audio and vocals.
  • You can join in Smule challenges per month to win prizes and gain recognition.
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StarMaker App

StarMaker app is a platform to find other singers who love to sing the same type of songs as you and go on with duets and challenges than whether you want to sing or rap on different genres like Hip Hop, Pop, Folk, etc.

StarMaker allows you to sing along in high-quality backing musing along with rolling lyrics in case you do not remember the lines. You can also edit your recordings with voice effects and video filters from a big selection and share your content with your friends and followers on different social media platforms.

One of the main highlights of using this app is that it allows you to do duets with your favorite artists and sing together with your group of friends and start your own music concerts. Furthermore, the new feature of the app called ‘GAMES’ offers an open stage which helps you play various games in game rooms with other users. 

Key Features

  • Offers a huge collection of the latest as well as old habits from millions of national, local, and international songs.
  • Provides a good selection of voice effects like party, fascinating, warm, distant, etc.
  • The pitch correction tool will help you sound like a pro singer.
  • You can edit your selfie music videos with filters like sunset, vintage, urban, spring, etc.

Final Words 

The internet will offer you more different types of Voisey alternatives but if you don’t want to waste your time trying out Voisey alternatives that are nowhere near the Voisey app ‌then you must try the apps mentioned in this list first.

With this, we have successfully presented a list of 6 promising apps like Voisey which will guide you to sing, record, produce, edit, and collaborate easily with other professionals or other interested artists like you. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are there more apps like Voisey for android?

Yes, there are plenty of apps like Voicey for android devices and our list of best apps like Voicey includes StarMaker, BandLab, Smule, Voloco, and Rapchat. 

Which are the best apps like Voisey for iPhone?

BARS, BandLab, Rapchat, StarMaker and Smule are the best apps like Voisey for iPhone. 

Are there any apps similar to Voisey?

Yes, there are many apps similar to Voisey which help you record singing, edit your audios and meet new people in similar fields and our list has Smule, Voloco, BARS, BandLab, StarMaker, and Rapchat on it.