iHeartRadio vs Pandora: Which Is Better And Why? [2022] 

iHeartRadio vs Pandora

iHeartRadio vs Pandora: iHeartRadio and Pandora are two of the leading podcast and music streaming services currently. While iHeartRadio is better known for best quality podcasts, Pandora is the best companion for simple music streaming.

Both the brands are well-known in the music industry and have millions and millions of users and listeners from across the world. However, as a newbie in this field, are you confused as to which is the better platform among the two?

Whose subscription plan is worth it? Which music and pause cast streaming service is better? Do you know all the answers to your questions and explanations for your doubts, we will suggest you to go through or iHeartRadio and Pandora comparison article mentioned below.

iHeartRadio vs Pandora: Overview 


iHeartRadio vs Pandora

iHeartRadio is a freemium broadcast, radio streaming and podcast platform by iHeartMedia. The brand was founded in 2008 in the United States. 

By the records of 2019, its holding company is acting like the national umbrella brand for its radio network, known as the biggest radio broadcaster in America.

With the help of iHeartRadio, users get to listen to radio stations and different styles of music online, everything for free. Live radio, podcast, artist radio along with contests, events and its related photos, you get everything on its official website.

You can manage your library according to your taste, filter the search to narrow it down and choose your favourite tracks from your favourite genres. Along with everything, it also presents the hottest news articles for music lovers.


Pandora vs iHeartRadio

Pandora is a popular music streaming service by Sirius XM holdings from the United States. It is a subscription-based brand founded in 2000.

The brand offers recommendations inspired by the Music Genome Project, a way of classifying single songs by musical traits.

You can play your favourite songs, playlist, podcasts and albums. The brand has its applications free to download on both the Google play store and App Store. The reviews it has gotten from both the app stories has made it clear that the app is worth the penny spent for subscription. 

Because – it received a good 4.2 overall rating with over 3.3 million votes on the Google play store and an excellent 4.8 overall rating with over 8.9 million reviews on the App Store.

Anywhere you see, Pandora is one of the leading music and podcast platforms. Due to its professional style of working, It has been recommended by different sources and has also received the editor’s choice Batch on the Google play store.

iHeartRadio vs Pandora: Key Features


  • Easy User Interface

User interface matters a lot, especially when you receive the services of the brand you have to necessarily be online on the platform. The user interface of iHeartRadio is simple. It is certain that users have a good experience in managing their account on iHeartRadio.

  • Customisation 

Users get to customize their playlist and share it with their friends. They can create unlimited playlists with premium plans and customize them accordingly.

  • Ad-free music

If users have opted for iHeartRadio Plus or iHeartRadio All Access then they can as well or four add free playlist and artist stations. You will not have to face annoying ads after every few minutes. 

  • Vast Sea of Options

The brand offers various types of topics and genres to choose from. Topics like comedy, climate, business, finance, fiction, games, hobbies, entertainment, food, history, kids, family, LGBT Cue, news, music, politics, relationships and so many more can be found at iHeartRadio.


  • Trailer

First things first, if you did not understand the working of Pandora from reading the descriptions, on the Google play store you can also find a trailer, a summary of what the app is about. You can view it before thinking about installing the app.

  • Voice Command

By its recent updates, voice command mode is one of the things updated in the app. With the help of your voice, you can do a good bunch of things like play, pause, skip the music or adjust the volume of music. We can also search anything you want with your voice.

  • Offline Use

Although this feature only comes with the Pandora premium and above subscriptions, you get to download your favourite albums, podcasts and tracks to listen to whenever you do not have internet or it is low.

iHeartRadio vs Pandora: Pricing and Plans


iHeartRadio is a free platform for all users who do not wish to spend anything for listening to any music or podcast. However, those who would like to upgrade their file, and account and experience better and premium features of the platform can opt for iHeartRadio’s two subscription plans.

The two subscription plans are as follows,

  1. iHeartRadio plus – this subscription plan comes with 6 additional features along with all the basic features on the platform. You can get it for $4.99 a month on the desktop or from the Google play store. It is charged for $5.99 per month on the iOS App Store because Apple charges a transaction fee for their mobile transaction services.
  2. iHeartRadio All Access -this subscription plan comes with 4 additional premium services along with additional features from iHeartRadio plus and basic features on the platform. It will cost you $9.99 per month on a desktop and Google play store. For iOS devices it will cost $12.99 per month. 


Unlike iHeartRadio, Pandora offers free subscription plans. They are as follows,

  1. Pandora plus – this subscription plan will cost you $4.99 each month. It will cost you $54.89 if you pay annually including taxes wherever applicable.
  2. Pandora premium – this subscription plan will cost you $9.99 every month or $109.89 if you pay annually along with taxes wherever applicable. Taxes will be cut off if you are qualified as a student or have any military discount.
  3. Pandora premium family – this subscription plan will cost you $14.99 per month. If you ask for paying annual leave it will cost one $64.89.

iHeartRadio All Access vs Pandora Premium

iHeartRadio All Access

iHeartRadio All Access provides the users with all the features from the iHeartRadio Plus subscription plan and 3 additional features as follows,

  1. You will be given access to all the albums, playlists and songs to add and play in your library on demand.
  2. The save and replay feature for any song will be added in your account on the Music app.
  3. You get to download all your favourite tracks on android, iPhone or tablet.


The users opting for Pandora premium will be offered all the basic features of the platform available for free of charge along with the Pandora Plus and 2 additional features for Pandora premium. The two additional features are as follows,

  1. Users will get unlimited offline downloads and listening for all their favourite tracks. You can download as many tracks as you want. Let it be 5, 10, 50 or even 100.
  2. Users get the ability to share their favourite playlists and create and customise them accordingly. You can create multiple playlists and share them with your family and friends or anyone.

iHeartRadio vs Pandora: Which is better?

To start with, the main difference between the two music streaming platforms is that, while iHeartRadio offers almost all its services free of charge, Pandora has a subscription for everything. To listen to any kind of Song, album or podcast, you have to be compulsory.

Although Pandora is well-known and trusted by millions of people from across the world, in front of iHeartRadio, its subscription feature has been lost. In simple words, iHeartRadio is better than Pandora in this case.

However, if we talk about other features like the options users get, offline use, sharing of playlist and favourite tracks with colleagues, family or relatives and other normal features, Pandora may have an upper hand over iHeartRadio.

To conclude with, if you wish to opt for something free then iHeartRadio is the best choice you have. However, if you can pay a few dollars for better quality music and experience then Pandora must be your choice.

Final Thoughts

iHeartRadio or iheart and Pandora are two of the well-trusted choices of people. They work in the same field but can be differentiated by many factors. But, it is up to you to decide which platform is best for you and which can give you an amazing music streaming experience.

We hope by reading our iHeartRadio and Pandora comparison article, now you have all the answers to your questions with doubt resolved.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is iHeartRadio All Access worth it?

As iHeartRadio is more about Podcasts than Music and albums, if you are interested in Podcasts then iHeartRadio all actions will be hundred percent waiting for you. However, if you are going for iHeartRadio for listening to good quality music then it is also a good choice but there are plenty of other better platforms for that.

Is it worth getting Pandora premium?

Yes, According to the reviews of the platform users, Pandora premium is worth every penny spent. The main reason why people opt for premium plans is because of ad free music. Along with the same, Pandora premium comes with additional premium features like unlimited off-line listening and ability to create and share your favourite playlist.

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