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Facing Ticketmaster Error Code 5005? Try These Steps to Fix! [2024]

Facing Ticketmaster Error Code 5005? Try These Steps to Fix!  [2024]

Ticketmaster Error Code 5005: Technology has benefits and defects too. But to detect the defects and solve them at home without any help is not possible every time. But small or technical glitches can be solved. 

The glitches or error codes, in general, are seen everywhere, be it a website, an application, entertainment sites, etc. Even google chrome and google have faced error codes from time to time. 

Currently, many people are facing technical glitches with the ticket booking platform called Ticketmaster. In this article, we are going to talk about Ticketmaster error 5005 and how to fix it with a few tips to prevent the same. 

By the end of the article, we promise to help you out to fix Ticketmaster Error Code 5005 in a few easy and simple steps mentioned below. 

What is Ticketmaster Error Code 5005? 

Ticketmaster Error Code 5005 in general and the simpler term is the error code for the technical glitch in the settings genre or problem with payment options and details. 

It is found in the Ticketmaster App which provides pre-booking and order of the tickets for concerts, events, and shows at home delivery offline or via online mobile devices. 

The error code is faced while entering the payment details or while processing the payments for buying the tickets from the Ticketmaster platform. 

How To Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 5005?

To fix the Ticketmaster error code 5005, there few simple and easy tips and tricks that you should follow, and you are good to go for payment proceedings without the technical errors and glitches. 

The steps to fix Ticketmaster error code 5005 are listed below:

Change your Card 

The simplest the easiest solution to fix the Ticketmaster error code 5005 is to change your card.

In the payment details change your card details, or try any other card and then you are good to go. Many customers have tried changing their payment options and the issue is solved. 

Wait for a while 

Sometimes due to heavy usage of your devices, or Ticketmaster app can lend you technical error codes like 5005 and more. For that simply refresh your window or restart your mobile devices and wait for a while to try again with the Ticketmaster. 

Check your internet connection 

Due to poor network connection, you may notice technical glitches and error codes while using applications and websites which need a strong internet connection.

 And if your internet connection is poor then you may notice Ticketmaster Error Code 5005 while doing payment or changing the settings of your account. Hence, check your internet connection well before retrying with Ticketmaster. 

Log out from all devices 

Using multiple devices to use one Ticketmaster account can lend you the error code 5005 trouble, hence to resolve the issue regarding Ticketmaster Error Code 5005, you need to log out from all your devices and then login into one device and check. 

Tips to avoid Errors in Ticketmaster 

Here, listed below are a few more tips to look after to prevent the Ticketmaster error code 5005 and many others in the same application: 

  • Do not login into different devices with the same account. 
  • Do not try to use public Wi-Fi networks which are easily available at coffee shops and many other places. 
  • Avoid connecting to poor internet connections or unknown networks. 
  • Do not share any links regarding your payment info or account with your friends or copy URLs from one device to other devices, this may interrupt the smooth working of the payment procedure. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, here we hope you followed the tips correctly, and find the solutions to fix Ticketmaster error code 5005 to be useful and to help you out with the same. 

If you are still facing the same issue, try to contact their customer care portal to resolve your issues and understand the problem with your application in depth. 


What is Ticketmaster Error Code 5005?

It is an error code that interrupts the purchasing procedure of tickets with Ticketmaster.

How to resolve Ticketmaster Error 5005?

Simply follow the tips and methods mentioned in this article, to do so. If the still problem persists, then call their customer service portal. 

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