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7 Furniture Sites like Article for Affordable, Modern Furniture [2024]

7 Furniture Sites like Article for Affordable, Modern Furniture [2024]

Sites like Article: Does shopping from casual brands seem risky, especially when you are a middle-class person and you have a tight budget to follow? In that case, sites like Article are the best shops with the best quality furniture at reasonable prices. 

About Article

Article is a famous furniture seller with stylish catalogs of different styles like mid-century, modern Scandinavian, and contemporary furniture. It sells furniture designs from the world’s leading designers, all at reasonable prices.

Article sounds like a good platform, but what if you can have more and maybe, better options than Article? So, if you wish to get a hold of the list of better option sites like Article, have a look at the article below. 

West Elm

West Elm Sites like Article

West Elm is the best furniture site like Article that sells the modern category. It sells lighting, home decor, Garden essentials, and every piece of furniture you would need to decorate your sweet home. 

With West Elm, you will get to style your space with fashionable home accessories and build a place of your liking. It offers inspiring designs and has beautiful colored items to give the perfect aesthetic look to your place.

Moreover, it offers variety and everything else at affordable prices for middle-class people. And you don't have to be rich to design your place completely with your preferences.

And the site is user-friendly and has an in-site store locator to help you choose their nearest physical store you would like to visit. Besides, you are given the feature of favourites where you can add the items you would like to buy in future and keep a track of them.

What’s inside?

It deals in categories like furniture, rugs, outdoor, Garden, bedding, window, pillows, decor, art, kitchen, dining, mirrors, storage, and more. They have a special category for kids where you will find every piece of furniture essential for a kid. 

One more section on the web page gives you the list of items which are in stock and are ready to ship immediately.

Shipping cost: The shipping cost varies according to your location. And the pricing rate can start from $15 and go up based on the distance between your house and their warehouse.

Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts

If you are a lover of modern and mid-century furniture styles, then you will get the best of essentials to decorate your house at Rove Concepts. The majority of their items are crafted for in-house decoration which gives the best look to your location irrespective of the background. 

The motive of this company is to create the decoration items to pull most of the attention towards their items so that you are not required to worry about your background.

Furthermore, it has essentials for both outdoor and indoor decoration. From Aesthetically pleasing furniture to decorate your living room to lightning items used outside your house to give it a beautiful outlook at night from outside, Rove Concepts here has everything you will possibly need. 

What’s inside?

The brand has categories like dining, side chairs, outdoor, indoor, living room, bedroom, and more. 

Shipping cost: they offer white glove delivery for $379. An additional amount of $150 will be added if you want a white glove delivery which includes assembling the furniture to placing them at the right place by their workers.

However, remember that if you cancel the order and return it, the shipping charges will not be refunded. On top of that, you will be charged 3% if you cancel the order in the middle. 


IKEA stores

IKEA stores are one of the most affordable furniture sites like Article when you want to shop for home furniture with unique ideas. They offer quantity along with quality. They have the best of sofas, beds, chairs, kitchen appliances and many more products of your interest.

Moreover, it has proven itself to be one of the best brands for middle-class people. So, if you want to renovate your house or buy one or two decorative furniture items, IKEA will have your back in every case.

It has a user-friendly website and offers great deals on all categories every time of year, including cash back, discount, and other promotion drop-offs frequently to help you save money or buy more products. They offer an easy 60-day written policy.

From small to big, IKEA has different sizes and colours to offer. They offer installation and assembly services on most of the required items.

What’s inside?

They offer categories like Rooms, Living rooms, offices, etc which are further subdivided accordingly.

Shipping cost: delivery starts from small orders charged add $5.99. The cost will go on increasing based on the size of the order and weight.

City Furnish

City Furnish store

City Furnish works and strives to give people a great number of options for home decor to choose from at affordable prices. 

However, what makes it stand out in the crowd is its way of working. It does not sell but gives furniture items for rent. You, as a customer, get to rent the office appliances and furniture at monthly plans and use it just like you do with the rental houses as tenants. 

The pricing starts with super adorable rates. They offer free shipping on almost all the items present on their website. The free update option is for most of the eligible items. The relocation feature is also free of charge. Along with all the items which are required to be assembled, they offer free installation.

What’s inside?

They offer categories like Combos, electronics, office furniture, appliances and home furniture.

Shipping cost: they are offering free shipping for most of the eligible items. 


Apt2B store online

Apt2B is one of the best affordable modern style furniture sellers that provides the best quality and stylish furniture items at lower prices. It is a renowned brand and one of the best sites like Article.

It has an easy-to-use interface which is easy to understand. They offer a user-friendly website in simple words. Along with the same, they offer a good bunch of essential services like easy return policies for up to a hundred days and free shipping on eligible orders.

What’s inside?

They offer items under categories like sofas, living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, apartment shop and decor. These categories are further sub-categorised into good sets of categories for swift searching.

Shipping cost: It offers white glove delivery which includes room of choice along with the installation of the required items, all at a flat $129. This is a non-refundable and onetime service fee.


Burrow furniture store

Burrow is a tailored furniture and sectional sofa dealer which is a renowned seller that offers a great variety of inspirational furniture items. It is one of the best brands like Article for an affordable shopping spree of furniture.

And it works to manufacture uncompromising and clever-looking furniture that fits best with your modern life. The comfort is never neglected and you get good options in sofas that can be customized according to your will.

The brand offers to ship all orders free of charge. Let it be small accessories or big furniture for storage or tables and bedrooms, Burrow will have the best ones for you in every essential category.

What’s inside?

Sitting, bedroom, accessories, table and storage are the main categories you will find on Burrow’s official website.

Shipping cost: The shipping is free for all orders.


Frontgate furniture store outdoor furniture

At Frontgate, you get oversized outdoor furniture like bar tools, bath towels, bedding, bath essentials and a good set of electronic items. It is one of the best online stores like Article for shopping for better quality items compared to other similar brands at reasonable prices.

They have a separate section for clearance and sale where you can find items from all the categories. One more separate section is provided which includes all the items which are in stock and are eligible for free shipping.

The price rise range starts from as low as $49 for big essentials like a pool float. So, at Frontgate explore more ideas and buy the best items at perfect prices.

What’s inside?

You can shop for items under categories like outdoor, pool, furniture, bath, rugs, decor, bed, entertaining, tabletop, pet, home solutions and holiday decor at Frontgate.

Shipping cost: you will be getting charged based on location. 

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We hope by having a look at our curated list of best sites like article mentioned in the above context, now you have an ideal brand in mind to shop the best quality furniture from. There are plenty of other brands which can do good work for you, but the best ones are mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the best websites like article?

IKEA, Frontgate, Burrow and CITY Furnish are a few of the best websites like Article for shopping furniture. 

Which are the best furniture sites like article?

Frontgate, Burrow, Rove Concepts, Apt2B and West Elm are a few of the best furniture sites like Article.