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6 Puzzle Games like Sudoku to Kill Your Boredom! [2024]

6 Puzzle Games like Sudoku to Kill Your Boredom! [2024]

Sudoku is said to be a game for smart people because, if ordinary people try, it may take a while. However, anyone can solve the challenges.

About Sudoku: Sudoku is a Combinatorial number-placement puzzle game that is logic-based. It has many types and one of the most common types is the classic Sudoku.

The main objective of the game is to fill a 9×9 grade with numbers in such a way that every column, row, and 3×3 sub-grid contains all the numbers starting from 1 to 9.

Sudoku is an interesting game that once started and reached midway, will make at least 50% of the players move ahead even if they are facing difficulties and requires hours to complete one game.

Similar to Sudoku, we have a good set of games like sudoku for those who would like to try something new and unique. So, to get the list of games like sudoku, have a look at the article below.


Nanro games like sudoku

Nanro is one of the best games like Sudoku. If you are interested in solving more puzzles but in different ways like how sudoku has unique gameplay, then you must try this game. It is not child’s play but we are sure you are not here for something easy.

Nanro has puzzle challenges brought to users by a few of the world‘s best authors. As a player, you are required to solve these puzzles and win the challenges of authors. At times, if it can be involved with the game, the author has the right to change the rules of the game according to the challenge.

How to Play?

  • You as a player have to label a few of the cells mentioned in the box with numbers. This is to form a single joint group of labeled cells.
  • You cannot label any 2×2 cells.
  • Make sure every bold region has at least one labeled cell.
  • Every number must be the total of the labeled cells present in the area.
  • Starting from the top, enter the length of each label segment in the cell from left to right. 
  • You are required to separate each row with a comma.

Total Players: it is a single-player game.


Nurikabe is a puzzle game inspired by the invisible wall of Japan. It is a binary determination puzzle like the Japanese folklore that does the work of delaying foot travel and blocking roads.

The game has alternative names like the Islands in the stream and cell structure. In the overview, it looks similar to sudoku and Nanro but has completely different gameplay and style of play. 

Besides, it is filled with complications and rules to make it harder for you. However, if you are smart enough, you will be able to solve the challenges.

How to Play?

  • You will be given a grid of square cells with some of them having numbers.
  • The black cells from the box must be orthogonally contagious.
  • The white cells from the game must have a number. It must be a piece of n-omino which has to be filled with white cells.
  • All the white cells should be in control of one island.
  • The game will move on when you shed the cells by deducting them to be a dot or black cells, deduced to become white.
  • You have to left-click on a cell to make it black.
  • If you want to mark the cell with a dot, do a right-click and if you want to mark more than one cell, click and drag.

Total Players: it is a single-player game.


Minesweeper game

Minesweeper is a puzzle game like Sudoko played by a single player. It mainly comes under the gaming category of puzzles. The motive of the user is to clear all the hidden mines and bombs without denoting a single one.

The player has to go on and clear the complete rectangular board with the help of the clues he or she will receive from the number present in the neighboring mines in every field.

The game is played on platforms like GameBoy, Android, TurboGrafx-16, and Microsoft Windows only. Along with popular gaming platforms, you can also play minesweeper online on your phone or on desktop computers. It consists of three difficulty levels export followed by intermediate and beginner. The beginner will have 10 mines, the intermediate will have 40 mines, and the one playing the expert version will have to denote 99 mines.

How to Play?

  • You will be given a rectangular board with mines hidden under the blocks.
  • The number of the mines mentioned in the rectangular box will be based on the difficulty level you are playing. For example, if you are playing the intermediate level, you'll have to face 40 mines without getting exploded.
  • You'll get clues of where the mine is located after you click on the block and based on the number present on it.
  • The number which will appear on the square will say how many blocks are safe in its area.

Total Players: it is a single-player game.


Masyu game

Masyu is an online logic puzzle game like Sudoku that has simple rules and solutions for completing challenges with ease. The only thing the user is required to do is draw lines between the doors in the square to form a single loop.

The motive of the creator of this puzzle game is to create a challenging puzzle with no numbers or letters included. Instead, they used simple terms like lines and dots to make this game and deduct the confusion players get while playing the puzzle games with numbers and letters.

How to Play?

  • You are required to draw lines between the dots in the square to form a loop but without any branches or crossings.
  • The loop must pass through all the mentioned white and black circles.
  • While the white circles are supposed to be passed through in a single straight line, the loop has to take a turn in the previous and the upcoming cell. 
  • As for the black circles, they should take a turn and the loop has to travel straight forward through the upcoming and last sale.

Total Players: it is a single-player game.


Tapa game

If you are a lover of Sudoku and Nanro games, then the Tapa puzzle game here has to take most of your interest. It was created for the internet puzzle solvers test, with the short form IPST and was updated with new challenges. 

While the gamers have to follow certain rules, it has a specific set of rules for the designers of the games. They were allowed to alter the rules by the challenge they are going to post, only if they are logical and required.

How to Play?

  • You are required to start shading some of the empty squares black for creating a connected wall.
  • The number mentioned inside the cell will tell you the length of shaded blocks in its neighboring cells.
  • If more than one number is present in a single cell, there has to be at least one unshaded cell placed between the black cells.
  • Cells that have numbers placed within them cannot be shaded and they are not allowed to form 2×2 squares anywhere across the grid.

Total Players: it is a single-player game.


Picross game

Picross DS, popularly known by its first name Picross is a video game under the puzzle category. It was specially launched for the Nintendo DS handler. Indeed, one of the best games like Sudoku in the market currently. 

You can play it online or buy to play offline from any store. While you play this game, you get to awaken 10 different characters in the game. 

You do not play this game merely to solve challenges, but also to move on with the other part of the game. The puzzles are differentiated based on what character, item, or monster you are given to solve the puzzle based on.

How to Play?

  • Every number tells you the group of black squares present in the same row or column.
  • If the number is more than one, it means multiple sets of black squares in the row or column. However, they will be separated by 1 or more than 1 white square. 
  • You are required to use your logic and figure out which cells are required to be filled in and which should be left unfilled.
  • As you move ahead in the game, the background of the grid will have a picture and it will start to get organized accordingly.

Total Players: it is both a single-player and multiplayer game.


Sudoku is the game of smarty-pants, but if you try nothing is impossible. If you always found the game interesting but due to low self-confidence, did not give it a try, you must go for it at least once, for you never know how smart you can be.

We hope by looking at our curated list of games like Sudoku mentioned in the above article, you now have the confidence to opt for sudoku and other games like sudoku. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best games similar to sudoku?

Tapa, Nanro, Picross and Masyu are some of the best games.

Which are the other games like sudoku?

Nurikabe and Minesweeper are a few of the best other games like sudoku.