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9 Top Games like Two Dots to Play RN! [2024]

9 Top Games like Two Dots to Play RN! [2024]

Games like Two Dots: Two Dots is a challenging and enjoyable game. Here, you must link the dots of the same color using just one line and one stroke. The game's simple rules are to create a line and eliminate the dots. The difficulty and pressure to complete the level rise as you proceed to the following.

Games like Two Dots also need mental processing to complete and advance to the next level. So, we offer you connect-the-dots games for iOS and Android.

We have a good set of games like Two Dots for those who want to try solving puzzles. So, to get the list of games similar to Two Dots, look at the article below.

List of Games like Two Dots

1. Dots & Co

Dots & Co Games like Two Dots

Dots & Co is one type of puzzle game. In this game, you aim to connect and clear all circles and triangles simultaneously. Eliminate them both randomly and under the necessary quantity of colors.

As you advance through the stages of Dot & Co, you'll encounter new characters. These characters will have various skills and powers, such as the ability to change the color of the dots or eliminate any color dots that could hinder you from completing the level.

Key Highlights

  • The game has 320 new and completely original levels.
  • It has simple, thoughtful gameplay where you connect one Dot to another and play at your pace.
  • You may meet various unique companion characters who aid in level completion.
  • You use your wits to solve ingenious puzzles with over 15 visual mechanics to determine the best action.

2. Nonogram

Nonogram Game

Nonograms are visual logic puzzles in which the goal is to expose a concealed image by coloring or leaving blank the cells in a grid under the numbers provided on the side of the grid. The numbers in this puzzle indicate how many uninterrupted rows or columns of filled-in squares exist.

These puzzles are often black and white but can also have some colors. If they are colored, the number clues will also be colored to show the color of the squares.

Key Highlights

  • The gameplay of the Nonogram puzzle is combined with a simple design and several elements to create a fun and exciting game.
  • You may access and play your favorite puzzle page from any location.
  • Crossword puzzles with pictures are a fantastic way to keep your mind sharp.
  • You'll receive a special monthly trophy if you finish all the Nonograms and gather all the crowns within a month.
  • If you run into trouble resolving an image crossword puzzle, use clues.

3. Best Fiends

Best Fiends Games

Best Fiends is a puzzle game in which you combine blocks of the same color to match them up. At least three blocks must match simultaneously, but the more you chain together, the better.

You can chain or match blocks together by moving your finger from one block of the same color to the next. You have a team of Fiends that you must support in their fight against the slugs. This adds another layer of fighting to the game.

Key Highlights

  • It is an enjoyable puzzle game with straightforward gameplay.
  • You can match objects, solve countless enjoyable puzzles, and defeat Slugs at every obstacle.
  • This endearing matching game has over 6,000 levels and is simple to play.
  • Even the most challenging obstacles are always opportunities to improve your character and succeed.

4. Monster Busters

Monster Busters Games

In the match-3 puzzle game Monster Busters, you can progress through increasingly challenging levels to free Gingerbreads from the clutches of cartoon monsters. Monsters vanish when three or more are matched, and more excellent matching combinations produce more substantial monster-busting effects.

For daily sign-ins and successful finishing stages, Monster Busters features an in-game coin-based reward system that gives small changes. You can buy lives and boost with the coins you earn in the game.

Key Highlights

  • A match-3 game with more than 3,000 stages is unique.
  • New varieties of creatures, blockages, assisting factors, tasks, etc., are added to the board with each new episode.
  • From all around the world, you can make new acquaintances.
  • Your avatar can be seen climbing and descending the monster tower.

5. Threes

Threes Games

In the puzzle video game Threes, you move numbered tiles across a grid to join addends and multiples of three. When no more moves are on the grid, the game ends, and the tiles are added to determine the winner.

To score highly is the goal of the game. When new varieties of number tiles are first unlocked, a screen full of confetti introduces them. Each form of number tile in the game has its personality.

Key Highlights

  • The color of the coming tile is shown on the screen.
  • You can review your scores and set Game Center challenges outside the game.
  • The game uses 12 types of number tiles with values ranging from 3 to 6,144.
  • A 13th character is also accessible after combining two of the 6,144 tiles.

6. Monument Valley

Monument Valley Games

Ustwo Games created and released the independent puzzle game Monument Valley. It is a fantasy investigation of impossible geometry and unbelievable construction.

In the game, you control the mute princess Ida as she explores perplexing monuments, finds secret passageways, reveals optical illusions, and outwits the mysterious Crow People.

Key Highlights

  • Every monument is a different, hand-crafted world to explore, inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions, palaces, and temples worldwide.
  • To change the world and aid Ida's exploration, twist and drag.
  • Audio responds to how you change the world, creating a fantastic and lovely atmosphere.

7. Water Sort

Water Sort Game

Water Sort is a captivating and fun puzzle game. It is a mentally taxing game that is also enjoyable. Each color of water in the game's glasses must be sorted to have its own glass.

As you stream water back and forth until all the layers are gone, try to fill each tube with only one color. The number of test tubes and the intricacy of the game gradually rise from the initial few colors. In-game advertisements in Water Sort can be disabled by purchasing the ad-free version of the game.

Key Highlights

  • The game is straightforward to play and completely free.
  • It is an easy game to play with just one finger.
  • You can play the game offline; no network connection is required.
  • It is a great game to kill time and train your brain.
  • The game includes multiple unique levels.

8. Dig This

Dig This Game

Dig This objective of this entertaining and mentally taxing puzzle game is to get the ball into the cup. Dig through the mud using the straightforward controls, then clear a path for the ball to fall into the cup at the level's conclusion.

Naturally, coming up with all the answers is the most enjoyable way to finish the game. The game is easy initially, but the more levels you complete, the more complex the following tasks become.

Key Highlights

  • It is inventive and unique gameplay.
  • The game includes 400 levels.
  • Solutions are available if you get stuck.
  • Encourages logical thinking and creativity.

9. Flow Free

Flow Free Game

In the logic puzzler Flow Free, you must build tubes of various colors starting from multiple points scattered throughout a grid to encircle the grid completely.

The objective is to connect the many colored points scattered throughout the grid at the start of each level to construct networks of pipes without letting them cross over the others. The primary goal is to complete each level with the fewest possible movements.

Key Highlights

  • It has over a thousand different levels; you can play however you want.
  • If you want the game to be more challenging, you can play against the clock.
  • It is straightforward and quite attractive, thanks to the different colored tubes.
  • You can earn coins to buy hints when you get stuck.

Final Words

All the games mentioned above are the best games like Two Dots. Thus, we hope by reading our article, you now have plenty of games to play if you are bored with Two Dots.


What games are similar to Two Dots?

Dots & Co, Best Fiends, Nonogram, Threes, Monster Busters, Water Sort, etc., are similar to the Two Dots game.

How do you play the game Two Dots?

You must connect at least two dots of the same color to make a move. They can be linked vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.
The connected dots are removed from the game area; dots directly above those will then drop down until they hit other dots or the floor beneath.

What is the objective of Two Dots?

The aim of Two Dots may seem to be about clearing the board, but it's not. It's about getting as many squares as possible. Technically, four dots connected in a square formation make the squares so powerful that they will clear all dots of the same color when connected.

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