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8 Top Games like to Play RN! [2024]

8 Top Games like to Play RN! [2024]

Games like is a 2D multiplayer survival game based on the well-liked battle royale game mode. When the game starts, you have nothing, and you advance by stealing tools and other items. You can kill other players to take their equipment as well.

It is one of the most famous battle royale browser games, but if you have tried it and want to play more exciting games like, you are in the right place.

In the below article, we have presented a list of the eight best games like, with their key highlights.

List of Games like

1. Games like

The American studio Endgame made a 2D battle royale video game called It is a multiplayer survival game set in a Battle Royale arena.

You enter the dangerous battlefield via parachute, as in many Battle Royale games, and then search the area for resources and other players to hang out with. There are numerous modes, with Solo, Duos, Squads, and LTMs being the main ones.

Key Highlights

  • It has various game modes.
  • 100 people are dropped onto an MMO battleground.
  • You can customize over 1000 unique character cosmetics unlocked via in-game coins.
  • You can play with your friends and squad up in-game.
  • The game includes tons of loot to find and try out.
  • It has cosmetic items to enhance your appearance.

2. Games is a multiplayer action game published by Miniclip, Crazy IO Games, and Matheus Valadares. As a player in the game, you get to command tanks that are comparable to one another and score points by eliminating your rivals and obliterating various shapes in the 2D arena.

It's a well-known shoot-and-survive game in which you must shoot other players while defending your tank. For desktop computers and mobile devices, the game offers various versions.

Key Highlights

  • You can play with dozens of other players at once.
  • You can destroy the blocks with other players and get XP with just one click.
  • You can choose from different tank classes.
  • If you get more XP and discover new weapons, classes, and skills, you can keep your tank alive longer.

3. Game

In the well-known first-person shooter game, you participate in dark work and compete against people from around the globe. It can be the best game to play during your vacant period.

This shooter game aims to earn points by removing other players, achieving objectives in various game modes, or finding strategies to win with the most points possible. It is an intriguing and alluring first-person shooter game with gorgeous graphics, different game modes, and high sensitivity when played on a personal computer.

Key Highlights

  • There are numerous maps, skins, and game types in the game.
  • The game includes a variety of classes, such as runner, hunter, agent, etc., and each character has its own set of abilities and personalities.
  • Assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, rocket launchers, and many other weapons are available in the game.
  • Numerous modifications have been made to the game, steadily upping the bar for excellence.

4. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers Game

In the innovative online shooter Shell Shockers, all the characters are entirely represented by eggs from the first-person perspective. You compete online against other gun-toting eggs in the game. This game, created by Blue Wizard Digital, fills a unique hole in the tactical shooter market that resembles an egg.

You can customize your character's name and appearance, select a game mode you are interested in and join the action at any time. The game aims to avoid enemy fire by hiding and trying your best to crack open other eggs on the server, effectively destroying them.

Key Highlights

  • Shell Shockers includes four game types and more than 40 unique maps.
  • You may now completely personalize your egg with colors, headgear, stamps, and load-outs.
  • You can also see your KDR.
  • Have a distinctive theme based on egg characters.

5. Game

Starblast is a fun, fast-paced online multiplayer arcade space shooter game. In the game, you navigate your spacecraft, mine asteroids, boost your stats, and upgrade to several spacecraft with better stats and weapons.

The game aims to fight against other players and rob their gems. These gems can either be used to upgrade your ship, buy secondary weapons, or upgrade to one of the two available ships of the next tier when the gem cargo is filled. It offers 31 unique ship models, thousands of maps, ten weapons, and special powers.

Key Highlights

  • You can play with your friends.
  • Four game modes are available: invasion, teams, deathmatch, and survivor.
  • You may design your spaceships, mods, and games.
  • There are several ship upgrades and incentives, making for entertaining gaming.

6. Game

A 2D tower defense MMO called emphasizes both building and survival. It is a monster game; you can take on the zombie role and try to compete with other players.

In the game, your task is to create your scary monster, dominate your opponents, and become the one with authority in the city and the last who takes control. You can destroy buildings, trees, and everything on your road in the game.

Key Highlights

  • Gather points by devouring zombies, players, buildings, cars, and other objects in combat.
  • Like in the most excellent free io games, you can meet other players and attack them.
  • You must find food and engage in zombie combat as the most extensive zombie in town.
  • You can join its battle simulator and beat other players.
  • Gather the items from zombie-killing battle royales.

7. Games

The game is about accumulating materials and constructing a village. The game's objective is to level up by acquiring resources, just like in the majority games. You can select from various upgrades when you level up in this game.

You hit trees and rocks to collect wood and stones in the game as a player. You can construct windmills and barriers using such materials. Your windmills and resources identified with a wall are protected by it. The windmills will eventually award you with points. Furthermore, striking fruit plants will produce food that will restore your HP.

Key Highlights

  • To deflect enemy arrows, use objects found in nature and artificial constructions.
  • A unique idea for resource collecting and construction.
  • It has an upgradeable character with better items.
  • Both desktop and mobile platforms are compatible.

8. Games

In the engaging game, you take on the role of a marine organism trying to survive in a brutal underwater environment. In the game, you eat food and other players, hide in underwater terrain, and evolve your animals to earn points and reach the top of the food chain.

Several biomes exist in the game, each with unique evolutions and XP sources. A Deeeep Ocean also exists beneath all of the biomes mentioned above. Various animals live in the game, from sharks to birds, whales, and turtles, and you can choose from them.

Key Highlights

  • Several biomes exist in the game.
  • A huge selection of creatures to play.
  • Huge different types of food to eat.
  • There is a variety of terrain to swim through and hide behind.
  • Once you've consumed enough food, you can change into new creatures.

Final Words is a good choice, but looking at its alternatives can only give you variety to choose from and experience different gameplays. Therefore, you can try at least a few games like


How does work?

Each game features a randomly generated map, with the locations of buildings and loot randomized each time. When a player dies, all of their possessions are lost, and the game is won by the remaining survivor. The game has a rotation of limited-time modes with unique gameplay modes that offer only weapons and items.

Can I play offline?

One example is the AFK grinding feature in, which allows your character to continuously create resources even when they are not online.

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