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9 Top Games like to Play Right Now! [2024]

9 Top Games like to Play Right Now! [2024]

Games like is a single-player role-playing offline game where you’ll be going on multiple adventures. As the main character, you’ll have to fight against dangerous zombies and save your city. You also have to defeat strong villains, unlock unlimited skill combos to gain new skills, and bring in the evolution.

Indeed, is a good game with millions of players. It’s not just a survival game where you have to save yourself or a bunch of your friends, but you’ll be having the responsibility of saving the entire city/village, all while attending to its exciting graphics and quests.

However, after you have successfully completed the game, what’s next? If you’re interested in playing more games like, then our list of the 9 best games like mentioned in this article is just for you! 

List of Games like

1. Magic Survival 

Magic Survival Games like

Magic Survival is a casual shooting video game by LEME. It’s a mobile action game set in a universe filled with magic where the lonely being – a Homunculus, is supposed to survive against ever-increasing mutant spirits.

Magic Survival talks about a wizard war where you’ll be meeting different types of wizards to fight against. Of course, strong wizards will be approaching you once you kill the lower-level ones, and that is why, you have to continue to complete quests and unlock skills.

Talking about its gameplay, it’s simple but gets complicated as you level up. You just have to run on the war ground and shoot all your enemies, but make sure you’re not too injured while all of them attack you at once with water, fire, fireballs, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Unique graphics – Magic Survival is more interesting because of its unseen graphics. The MC is not entirely seen, instead, you will only see a black silhouette as the MC.
  • Mana – mana is somewhat like strength in a magical creature, and in this game, you’ll be having mana which can be slowly redeemed as you level up in the game.
  • Unlock help – Every level victory will bring in different types of helping things like a fireball – which will be explosive missiles and arcana effuse – which will increase your magic size by 5%. 
  • Magic combination – while fighting in the war, you also have to learn magic to meet magic combination conditions starting from level 25 to make new and unseen magic. 



2. Soul Knight 

Soul Knight Game

Soul Knight is a fighting manic shooter video game including a rogue main character crawling into dungeons. Similar to, this game has some really exciting graphics and over 50 million users currently playing, as of March 2024. 

Soul Knight starts in a magical world where only guns and swords are given the whole attention until a high-tech group of aliens robs the magical stone, which causes an uproar in the world. Now, it’s your duty to fight against these aliens in the dungeons and regain the stone.

Soul Knight has easy gameplay where with the help of your gun and sword, and ever-evolving skills and weapons, you have to enter dungeons and fight these aliens with a smooth grip over controls. 

Key Highlights

  • Weapons – Soul Knight has over 400 weapons including a good variety of shovels, swords, guns, and many such to shoo away the irritating monsters from the world.
  • Random Dungeons – Although the game is about aliens, you’ll also be facing other creatures like zombies and goblins in dark forests and dungeons. 
  • Hero Variety – Soul Knight has more than 20 unique heroes to offer. This list includes an elf archer, a magician, a rogue hero, and many such to flawlessly go with your play style.
  • Multiplayer mode – Soul Knight is mostly about single-player, but if you want to invite your gang, then through the multiplayer mode — you can have a great time dealing with monsters with your favorite people. 


Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS

3. Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor Game

Lonely Survivor is an exciting adventure roguelike video game where you have to endlessly harvest enemies, defeat the full army, and continue to upgrade your skills to level up. Also, you should collect all the EXP and gold dropped by the enemies.

Lonely Survivor has a female main character with beautiful graphics. Also, the easiest way to enhance your combat skills is to collect everything after you have defeated a boss and its army. 

Furthermore, the game has an interesting gameplay in which you have to use both your combat skills and magic. You’ll probably face the army first and fight with magic whenever they attack in a group. After that, you have to fight with the main boss to win. 

Key Highlights

  • One-finger control – you can continue to fight the army even if your hands are busy because the game has a one-finger operation through which you can continue to fight with just one-finger smooth control. 
  • Random choices – Lonely Survivor will give you random skills and you can also equip a few, while the strategic ideas and choices to fight against the enemies are totally up to you. 
  • Skill combo – Why bother fighting with one skill when you can opt for a skill combination? Lonely Survivor has many skill combos to fight with the strongest bosses. 
  • Stage Maps – Lonely Survivor has over a dozen stage maps to refresh your skills in new areas. 


Android and iOS

4. Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Game

Vampire Survivors is a single-player roguelike video game by Luca Galante. It’s a survival RPG with minimalistic gameplay — a magical indie phenomenon that will give you a tour of bullet hell. 

Vampire Survivors says the hell is now empty and the Devils have arrived in your world. You are not to run or hide, but in order to survive, fight against these devils until death naturally comes to you.

Vampire Survivors involves you meeting and fighting against thousands of night creatures to survive until dawn arrives. This is a vampire gothic horror game where you will be collecting rogue-like elements and making life-and-death choices. 

Key Highlights

  • Weapons – Vampire Survivors has a good premium collection of great weapons including magic wands, guns, swords, and so many interesting things.
  • Upgrade yourself – the game has enemies 100x stronger than you and to become a warrior with endless potential, you have to upgrade your skills by fighting enemies, going on adventures, surviving till the last, and collecting gold is also on the list! 
  • Stage Collection – Vampire Survivors comes with a good variety of stage collections like The Bone Zone, Boss Rash, Green Acres, and Moonglow.


Xbox One, Xbox series X and S, Xbox cloud gaming, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems, Android, and iOS

5. 20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn Game

20 Minutes Till Dawn is another interesting roguelike video game where you have to shoot endless armies of monsters and survive the night. 

20 Minutes Till Dawn has a good collection of upgrades to create extraordinary and overpowered builds with every level. Basically, 20 Minutes Till Dawn works on three main principles — Upgrade, Build, and Survive. 

20 Minutes Till Dawn will start the action as soon as the night arrives. The army of enemies will attack you in groups and with the help of your distance weapons, you have to kill each and every one until you see the sunrise.

Key Highlights

  • Variety – 20 Minutes Till Dawn offer a diverse collection of characters, runes, maps, and vampire monsters, along with weapons that will also change your gameplay experiences throughout your survival adventure.
  • Upgrades – the game has more than 80 upgrades to choose from and every upgrade comes with a new unique experience. 
  • Play sessions – if you are a busy gamer, then worry not because this game has casual quick about 10–20 minute play sessions. 
  • More perks and ways to win – it has over 80 perks and infinite ways to win. Basically, strategy is your main weapon. 


Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems, macOS, and Android

6. Super Wizard 

Super Wizard  Game

Super Wizard is a roguelike action game. It includes a mixture of magic skills for different defeats and levels, a fair collection of combinations of magic abilities to create different battle tones, and with the help of so many artifacts, your battle will be endless. 

Super Wizard includes magic and the MC is a unique character, showing off only a petite figure with red eyes and weapons, and let’s not forget his wizard hat!

Super Wizard, like many other games mentioned in this article, has an army of enemies attacking you all together. You'll be testing your survival capacity, while majorly relying on distant combat skills with your magic and weapons. 

Key Highlights

  • Magic combination – the game has more than 20 magic skills and over 10 abilities, which can be used individually and also to make a unique combination. 
  • Strong bosses – you’ll have the enemy army waiting to be defeated along with the strongest monster bosses with destructive special abilities. 
  • Collection – You can collect weapons, rings, armor, and many such items to upgrade yourself along with heroes.
  • Hunt and upgrade – the game has hunting, something which doesn’t necessarily involve enemies, and interesting ways to upgrade yourself independently. 


Android & iOS

7. Brotato 

Brotato Game

Brotato is a shooter rogue-lite video game where you’ll be acting as a potato wielding around six weapons at a time to fight against the hordes of aliens. 

Brotato has a good collection of items and trades to create new unique battles. With the help of these, you have to survive at any cost until help arrives. 

Brotato has a similar gameplay where you’ll be attacked by an army of enemies, but the best part is that the armies will not include just one or two different creatures, but more than that, and the levels will just get harder. 

Key Highlights

  • Fast-run – the game supports fast-run, under 30 minutes where, without wasting time and taking time in exploring, you’ll be immediately attacked by the army and literally have no time to breathe if you want to survive. 
  • Weapon collection – it has over 100 weapons and items to choose from for fighting on the list including stones, sticks, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, SMGs, and whatnot. 
  • Waves – waves give you the opportunity of surviving and last for 22 to 90 seconds each time. You have to take this chance and kill as many enemies as you can. 
  • Dozens of characters – the game has over a dozen characters available to choose from including mage, lucky, crazy, etc. You can customize them to your heart's content and can also edit their run time. 


Microsoft Windows

8. Undead City: Zombie Survivor

Undead City: Zombie Survivor Game

Undead City: Zombie Survivor is another popular Survivor game with lots of zombies attacking you in armies. You have to play the role of a brave hero and save your city from the zombies, and also take it back to how it was. 

Undead City has given you, the warrior, the limitless potential to fight with the strongest armies and monsters. Additionally, you are not the only survivor, and along with other survivors, you have to use your skills, occasionally upgrade them, to fight. 

Undead City again has a similar gameplay where you have to rely on distant combat skills and with the help of your weapons, mostly shooting off laser light, kill the enemies. 

Key Highlights

  • Diversified skills – the game has over 50 skills that are differentiated in strength and number. You have to make the right choice to choose the correct survival skill to kill as many zombies as you can. 
  • Battle map – one level will have five battles in total. To level up, you have to win all five bottles, and the main battle will have the final boss waiting to defeat you. 
  • Collect mana – since the number of enemies is huge, you are to collect mana to unlock or upgrade varied skills while fighting.


Android and iOS

9. Project Clean Earth

Project Clean Earth Game

Project Clean Earth is a popular survival role-play game – a promising combination of Hack and Slash (H&S) and roguelike gameplay.

Project Clean Earth has intriguing retro pixel graphics along with a gripping apocalyptic planet. It’s a dynamic action game where the world is polluted with radiation. Humanity has only one weapon – Bernard, who has come to the earth to kill all mutants. 

Project Clean Earth’s Gameplay is similar to most of the games in this list. You’ll be set free on a variety of war grounds, under the snow or in heat, and you’ll be facing an army of monsters — a mixture of different monsters, all charging at you together. 

Key Highlights

  • Combination Weapons – combination weapons are good for strategic plays. When you combine powerful weapons like Ranged, drones, Melee, and AoE, they form into the strongest weapons to kill the strongest enemies. 
  • Random events – while defeating new monsters and leveling up at new adventures, you’ll also get random roguelike events occasionally for more fun. 
  • Patterns – every monster, especially the main boss, has different patterns. You can figure out these patterns to defeat these strong bosses easily. 
  • High-end weapons – high-end weapons will probably start from level 15 and give you the pleasure of using two weapons at a time.


Android and iOS

Final Words 

There are many more games like on the Internet, but to help you cut short the hassle of finding the most interesting ones, we have presented the above list.

With this, we have come to the conclusion and hope you now have a good bunch of games like to try out in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any games like

Yes, there are plenty of games like, and the best ones are Magic Survival, Super Wizard, 20 Minutes Till Dawn, Project Clean Earth, Undead City, and Vampire Survivors. 

Are there more games like on iOS? 

Undead City: Zombie, Project Clean Earth, Vampire Survivors, and Soul Knight are a few of the interesting games like on iOS. 

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