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Winn Dixie vs Publix: Which Is Cheaper Supermarket? [2024]

Winn Dixie vs Publix: Which Is Cheaper Supermarket? [2024]

Winn Dixie vs Publix: with so many good supermarket brands in the market, it’s quite hard to choose one, especially when they are majorly competing with prices.

Two of these authorized supermarket chains are Winn Dixie and Publix. Both are trusted labels and offer you a huge variety of categories and thousands and thousands of products to choose from.

However, which among them is cheaper? To know the answer, you’ll have to compare prices from both brands, and to help you with this complicated task, we have presented our fair-and-square price comparison table along with more important details in our Winn Dixie vs Publix comparison article below.

Winn Dixie vs Publix: Overview

Winn Dixie 

Winn Dixie vs Publix

Winn Dixie is a popular American-made supermarket chain with about a century's worth of experience, since 1925, in this field.  It’s a home to different types of departments and shopping purposes like pharmacy, grocery, liquor store, etc.

Winn Dixie has enough options and exclusive collections to offer. The prices, as expected, are low with quality being satisfactory. Apart from this, it’s also known for putting up multiple offers and deals regularly, with the number only increasing at the time of festivals and occasions.


Publix vs Winn Dixie

Publix Super Markets, better yet known as Publix, is a widespread employee-owned supermarket brand. It is a private firm and is entirely owned and handled by current and past members and employees from the Jenkins family, with over 90 years of experience in this field. 

Publix is the fastest-growing employee-owned chain in the US. It works to provide you with amazing deals and a healthy meal regularly. It has offers and deals available all the time in its stores, along with some exclusives available on its digital platforms.

Pricing: Which is Cheaper?

Under this headline, we are going to talk about which among Winn Dixie and Publix is the cheaper brand. But, before the explanation, we are going to present the pricing table between the two labels to give you a better practical idea about the prices and their differences.

Note: The brand pricing blocks that don’t have a specific brand name in the brackets mean – Winn Dixie and Publix are providing you with those products from their own side/brand.

ProductsWinn DixiePublix
Oranges2lb bag — $4.492lb bag – $5.53 (sale price)
Bell peppersBag of 2 yellow peppers – $3 (sale price)Green — $3.24
Apples2lb bag — $5.492lb bag — $5.53
Mushrooms 8 oz — $2.498 oz — $2.19 (sale price)
Celery1 pack/bunch — $2.491 pack/bunch — $2.53
Tomato$1.24 for 0.5lb of vine ripe $1.11 for regular
LettuceIceberg (1 head) – $1.99Greenleaf (1 head) – $2.53
Cabbage $2.22 for 2.5lb$2.25 for 2.5lb
Carrots$1.79 for 1 bag$1.43 for 1 bag
Bananas$1.60 for 5$1.70 for 5 
Frozen Hash Browns$3.65 for a 20 oz bag (Reser’s)$4.29 for a 20 oz bag
Canned Green Beans$1.31 for a 14.5 oz can$0.83 for a 14.5 oz can (sale price)
Frozen Broccoli$1.53 for a 10 oz box$1.50 for a 12 oz bag (Essentials) (sale price)
Milk$5.46 for 1 gallon$4.99 for 1 gallon (Pure Value)
Dry Pasta (Penne)$1.77 for a 16 oz box$1.25 for a 16 oz box (Mueller’s) (sale price) 
Sliced Cheese$2.77 for 10 ct slices (sale price)$2.49 for 12 ct slices (sale price) (SE Groceries)
Cheddar Cheese$6.63 for 16 oz shredded$6 for two 8 oz shredded, 3$ each (sale price)
Cream Cheese$6.18 for two 8 oz boxes, $3.09 each$4.69 for a pack of two 8 oz blocks (sale price) 
Canned Chickpeas$1.19 for a 15.5 oz can $1.29 for a 15 oz can (sale price)

For a better and more accurate idea, we have mentioned a bunch of more products with prices compared from Winn Dixie and Publix below:

ProductsWinn DixiePublix
Saltine Crackers$2.85 for a 16 oz box$1.25 for an 8 oz box
Canned Pineapple$2.21 for a 20 oz can$1.50 for a 20 oz can (sale price)
Brown Sugar$1.65 for a 1lb bag$1.49 for a 1lb box (Dixie Crystal)
Ranch Dressing$2.53 for an 8 oz bottle (Wish Bone)$1.99 for an 8 oz bottle (Kraft)
Yellow Rice$0.83 for a 5 oz bag (Vigo)$0.79 for a 5 oz back (SE Grocers)
Refried Beans$1.97 for a 16 oz can$1.59 for a 16 oz can (SE Grocers)

As you can see in the above-mentioned price comparison tables, Publix seems to be offering cheaper products with similar quality as Winn Dixie. Yes, there are products charged higher than Winn Dixie at Publix, but since the majority wins, Publix has won our price comparison. 

Winn Dixie vs Publix: Store Experience 

Winn Dixie 

Winn Dixie is known for offering good customer service. Its staff family has kind and interactive members. In addition to all that, it has also been rated positively by the majority of the customers for an overall good and remarkable shopping experience.

Furthermore, its digital stores are user-friendly, even if you have never tried online shopping, especially grocery shopping. You can easily browse around, both platforms come with integrated shopping lists to help you shop for everything, and finally, place an order with a few simple steps.


Publix is promising when it comes to a store experience. Not just good, but it has been voted as an upscale, reputed high-end department store by many. Why? Certainly not because its prices are high, because they are definitely not, but because of its layout, stores, stuff, etc like points — that makes it the best. 

Now talking about its customer service, it’s good, whether you contact them through online means or visit any of their stores. The staff is kind enough to answer your smallest question and it rarely happens that you receive their customer service number and are unable to reach the team. 

Final Words: Publix vs Winn Dixie

The main highlight of this comparison article was comparing prices, and with all the products compared, it’s certain that Publix is a cheaper brand than Winn Dixie.

Although both labels are trusted, offer good quality products and have enough sales and offers regularly to help you save on every purchase, Publix still wins the comparison battle due to offering lower prices for most of its products.

Additionally, while looking for reviews from the customers, we also came across some people who clearly complained and voted Winn Dixie bad, and the number was definitely visible. Of course, you might have a totally different experience with Winn Dixie, but just a head’s up. 

Compared to this, even Publix has bad reviews about certain things, but the number of bad comments and highlights was sincerely lower than Winn Dixie’s.

Again, liking and deciding on one brand among the two is totally your choice and depends on what kind of experience you had with them. 

Therefore, to stay on the safer side, although Winn Dixie is a bit more expensive than Publix, we will still suggest you visit and try out both Winn Dixie and Publix before deciding which among them is cheaper and offers a better experience to you.

With this, we have successfully ended our comparison battle between Winn Dixie and Publix, and hope you now have an idea about which among them is a better brand to try out! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between Winn Dixie and Publix?

The main difference between Winn Dixie and Publix is that Publix is a higher-quality supermarket chain. Winn Dixie also offers good quality items, but while the prices are higher than Publix, the quality is also low.

Is Publix or Winn Dixie cheaper?

Publix is cheaper than Winn Dixie. When we compared both the brands with common products, the difference between their prices came out to be a good couple of dollars for a majority of the items. Also, there were times when Winn Dixie had cheaper products, but the number was definitely low. 

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