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Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Which Is Cheaper Supermarket? [2024]

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Which Is Cheaper Supermarket? [2024]

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Did you ever think that there will be a time when popular supermarket chains like Kroger, Aldi, and Publix will be competing with prices and services? And you’ll have issues deciding which among them is cheaper.

Kroger, Aldi, and Publix are three of the popular supermarket chains – trusted by millions. They are known to deliver fresh food and good quality products from other varied categories. They have thousands of products in options and the prices are only reasonable and cheap.

But, even if you love all three of them, you simply can’t shop from each every time, nor you might be having time to compare prices. 

Therefore, to help you with this, we have presented a comparison table of prices along with other information about all three brands to help you decide which among them is cheaper and better for you! 

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Overview


Kroger is an American-based retail label, operating a good number of stores nationwide. It is a multi-department store chain well-known throughout the US for its low prices and huge collection of products.

Kroger has hundreds of digital coupons, regular offers, and daily deals, along with interesting combo offers going on all time of the year. Additionally, even if you purchase small, you will get fuel points added to your Kroger account.

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix


Aldi is a well-known multinational family-owned supermarket chain, dealing through more than 10,000 discount stores in about 20 countries globally.

At Aldi grocery stores, you deal with good quality food and every day cheap prices. It has weekly specials and multiple deals regularly, along with easy recipes that will give you a delicious meal with quality being always good. 

Publix vs Kroger vs Aldi


Publix is a popular supermarket chain, an employee-owned brand operated and owned by its past and present employees and members from the Jenkins family.

At Publix supermarkets, you get to deal with huge collections under a good assortment of categories. It’s known to deliver good quality food, whether you are searching in the bakery section or choosing from the dairy department. 

Aldi vs Publix vs Kroger

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Which is Cheaper?

Apples $2.29 per lb, $1.15 each$3.95 for 3lb, $1.32 each$5.53 for a 2lb bag, $2.76 each (McIntosh)
Carrots$1.25 for 16 oz peeled baby carrots$1.70 for 2lb baby carrots, $0.85 each$1.79 for 1lb bag 
Bell Pepper$3.99 for 20 oz tri-color bell peppers$3.29 for 3lb, about $1.10 each$3.25 for 2 green bell peppers, $1.62 each
Potato$5.99 for 5 lb Yukon Goz potatoes$4.49 for 5 lb (RUSSET)$5.53 for a 5 lb bag of red potatoes
Onions$1.29 for 1lb, $0.65 each$2.43 for 3 lb, $0.81 each $2.02 for 2 yellow onions, $1.01 each
Banana$0.49 per lb, $0.21 each$0.39 per lb$1.60 for 5 lb bananas, $0.69 each
Oranges$2.99 for 3 lb (Private Selection™ Cara Cara Navel Oranges) (sale price)$4.49 for 4 lb$4.49 for a 2 lb bag 
Rice$1 for 6.9 oz Rice-A-Roni® Chicken Rice & Vermicelli (sale price), $1.89 for 32 oz Kroger Enriched Long Grain White Rice$2.53 for 3 lb, $0.84 each$0.83 for a 5 oz bag (Vigo)
Beans$1.50 for 16 oz Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans, $1 for 15 oz Simple Truth Organic™ Light Red Kidney Beans (sale price)$1.09 for 15 oz black beans – canned and organic, $0.85 for 15 oz black beans – canned and conventional$1.97 for a 16 oz can (Rosarita), $1.31 for a 14.5 oz can (Canned Green Beans)
Milk$3.19 for 1 gallon Kroger® 2% Reduced Fat Milk$2.95 per gallon$5.49 for 1 gallon
Sugar$2.19 for 2 lb Imperial Pure Granulated Cane Sugar$2.65 for 4 lb, $0.66 each$1.65 for a 1 lb brown sugar bag, $2.19 for a 2 lb white sugar bag
Pasta/Spaghetti $1.33 for 16 oz Kroger® Penne Rigate Pasta, $1.33 for 60 Kroger® Brand Spaghetti Pasta$1.95 for 16 oz organic spaghetti$1.77 for a 16 oz dry pasta box (Penne)
Sause$2.79 for 24 Bertolli® Vodka Pasta Sauce bottle$1.99 for 24 oz$1.27 for a 6 oz bottle (Louisiana)
Bread$1.79 for Kroger® Enriched White Bread (sale price)about 5 cents per ounce for white bread$2.95 for a 20 oz sandwich white bread packet
Lettuce$3.99 for 18 oz Romaine Lettuce Hearts$1.99 per head$2.53 for one head of Greenleaf
Tomatoes$0.99 for 1 lb Roma Tomato, $0.30 each$1.19 for 1 pound$1.11 for regular
Bagels$2.19 for 6 ct or 20 oz Kroger® Plain Bagels$2.09 for 6 ct$2.21 for 4 ct (sale price)
Cheese Slices$2 for 16 ct Kroger® American Cheese Singles$2.09 for 11 ct$2.77 for 10 ct slices (sale price)
Eggs$1.99 for 12 ct Kroger® Large White Eggs$3.95$4.41 for 12 ct large white eggs

As you can see in the above comparison table, the cheapest among Kroger, Aldi, and Publix is Kroger. The second cheapest supermarket chain is Aldi, and Publix has the highest prices among the three.

In reality, all three – Kroger, Aldi, and Publix are known to be charging cheap prices, but if you have all three in your neighborhood, then going for Kroger is your best option, especially when you have a budget to follow. 

Apart from all that, Kroger also has multiple events, promotional deals, and offers ongoing all the time of the year, which increase in number at the time of special seasons and festivals.

Apart from these, it has combo offers like a single piece for $2, but if you buy two or three of them, then you’ll only have to pay $4.5 for all three.

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Store & Shopping Experience 


Kroger is here with new technology to make your shopping experience simpler and more satisfactory. The brand uses digital coupons, gift cards, a loyalty program, and more to give you a good store experience where you can get all the benefits you can.

Another best part about shopping at Kroger is that it’s always, at least the majority of the time, filled with alternatives. For instance, if you couldn’t find something you were looking for, like sauce, Kroger will definitely fill up the space for you with another similar quality and taste sauce.

In general, Kroger has thousands and thousands of products to offer – with cheaper prices and deals and events going on each time you visit to help you save on every purchase. 


According to many customers, Aldi offers value along with a good shopping experience. Although the majority of its stores come with minimal staff and you have to cooperate with self-bagging, the staff is still kind enough to assist you whenever you need.

Additionally, a few customers have also stated that although the prices at Aldi aren’t the cheapest in the market, even if they increase by a couple of cents, they’ll still go for Aldi because it offers a satisfying and peaceful grocery shopping experience – both in-store and through its digital shops. 

Also, its customer service is also on point. It happens rarely that you are unable to reach them through the contact services and whenever you do, they’re kind enough to answer the smallest questions. 


Publix here has a good variety of categories and good quality products to deliver. The prices are not really expensive, although they are higher than the two aforementioned labels.

Talking about the store experience, Publix stores are somewhat known to be high-end supermarket stores where not only the interior is appealing, but the layout along with the overall shopping experience is good too. 

Moreover, few customers have agreed that it’s better to shop from Publix since you won’t have to stay in line for literally about 30 minutes, as that would rarely be the case. 

Kroger vs Aldi vs Publix: Which is Better?

The main motive of this comparison article between Kroger, Aldi, and Publix was to give you a thorough idea of which among them is a cheaper brand and offers a good store experience. 

With all the products compared in the above price comparison table, it is clear that Kroger is the cheapest among the three. It’s followed by Aldi with just a couple of cents difference, and Aldi is further followed by Publix with the same distance.

Moving ahead towards the store experience – all three brands seem to be offering goods store and shopping experiences. 

Of course, there are quite a number of comments stating bad experiences with these brands, but that might not be the case with you.

Therefore, when it comes to the better and cheaper grocery store between Kroger, Aldi, and Publix, we suggest you try all three and decide for yourself, although we recommend Kruger just a bit more – only because it’s cheaper. 

With this, we have reached our conclusion and hope you now know which among Kroger, Aldi, and Publix is cheaper and better for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Aldi bigger than Kroger?

Unfortunately, Aldi is not bigger than Kroger. It’s one of the leading supermarket chains in the US, and the third-largest grocery store according to store count. But, Kroger along with Walmart are at the first two positions. 

Is Aldi cheaper than Kroger?

No, Aldi is not cheaper than Kroger. In our comparison article including a price comparison between Aldi and Kroger, Kroger seems to be having cheaper prices than Aldi, even when the gap is only about a couple of dollars and cents. 

Is Aldi cheaper than Publix? 

Yes, Aldi is cheaper than Publix. When we compared prices between Aldi and Publix for food from different categories, the result clearly declared that Aldi is cheaper than Publix, even when the difference is just about a few cents. 

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