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Costco vs Aldi: Which Is Cheaper? [2024]

Costco vs Aldi: Which Is Cheaper? [2024]

Costco vs Aldi: Old days were indeed good when you didn’t have to worry about comparing prices from multiple supermarkets, and you could just choose any store to get multiple deals and the cheapest products with good quality.

However, since the generation has advanced, there are numerous supermarket chains in society, each having its very own advantages and disadvantages. Among these are two well-known supermarket chains – Costco and Aldi. 

Both Costco and Aldi are popular, trusted, and known to offer discounted rates for their products. But, which among them is cheaper and better? If you are here to know the same, then you must dive into our comparison battle between Costco vs Aldi mentioned in this article! 

Costco vs Aldi: Overview


Costco Wholesale is a popular title for shopping from a huge variety of departments at wholesale and discounted prices. It’s one of the leading local stores delivering deals and promotional offers regularly. 

Costco here charges warehouse prices on popular brand products. It is a multibillion-dollar chain of stores where you get premium collections at cheap prices.

Additionally, you can shop from categories such as beauty, computers, electronics, furniture, government foods, home improvement, mattresses, office products, holiday and seasonal, grocery, household essentials, pet supplies, floral and gift baskets, and many more from its stores. 

Costco vs Aldi


Aldi is a supermarket chain, the general brand name of a German multinational family-owned discount supermarkets duo. This label operates in 20 countries with over 10,000 stores.

At Aldi grocery stores, you can buy quality food at cheap and low prices. Along with that, the label delivers weekly and regular specials and promotional offers to help you stay within your budget while eating good food.

Moreover, its list of categories includes fresh products, frozen foods, snacks, pantry essentials, beverages, alcohol, baby items, pet supplies, Easter, personal care, seasonal products, breakfast and cereal, bakery and bread, and more. 

Aldi vs Costco

Pricing: Which is Cheaper?

Apple JuiceTree Top 100% Apple Juice, 1 Gallon, 2-count: $12.99, 0.05 $ per ounce64 oz organic apple juice: $2.52.
Coconut OilKirkland Signature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 84 fl oz: $17.99, $0.22 per ounce 14 oz organic unrefined coconut oil: $4.99
MilkHorizon Organic Whole Milk, 8 oz, 18-count: $21.99, $0.15 per ounce64 oz organic whole milk: $3.95
Olive OilKirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 L: $19.49, $9.74 per liter16.9-17 oz organic extra virgin olive oil: $4.39
Soy MilkKirkland Signature Organic Soy Beverage, Vanilla, 32 fl oz, 12-count: $17.99, $0.05 per ounce64 oz organic soy milk: $2.25
Black BeansS&W Organic Black Beans, 15 oz, 8-count: $10.99, $1.37 per can15 oz can organic black beans: $1.16
Salad Azuma Gourmet Seaweed Salad, 28 oz: $13.99, $0.50 per ounce16 oz organic spring mix salad: $4.89
BreadBon Appetit Banana Bread Slice, 4 oz, 8-count: $13.99 organic multigrain seeded bread, (per oz): $0.17
ButterKirkland Signature Organic Salted Butter, 16 oz, 2-count: $14.49, $7.25 per poundstick of cheapest butter: $.25 per ounce
FlourArdent Mills Harvest Hotel & Restaurant All-Purpose Flour, 25 lbs: $12.99, $0.52 per ounceAll-purpose flour: 3 cents per ounce
CheeseCello Variety Pack, Cracker Cut, Premium Sliced Cheeses, 2 lbs: $15.99American cheese: $.18 per ounce
Canned CornNutristore Freeze Dried Corn 6-count (120 Total Servings): $89.99 (on sale/under offer)canned corn: 4 cents per ounce
Almond MilkKirkland Signature Almond Milk, 1 qt, 12-count: $14.99, $1.25 per quartoff-brand Almond Milk – 64 oz: $2.65
YogurtChobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt Pack, 5.3oz., 16-count: $17.99, $1.13 each pieceOff Brand Yogurt – 6 oz: $0.75
MuffinsThe Worthy Crumb Mini Muffins, Chocolate Chip, 2.6 oz, 16-count: $14.99, $0.94 each pieceMuffins, pack of 4: $4.29
Peanut ButterKirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter, 28 oz, 2-count: $13.99, $0.25 per ounceOff-Brand Peanut Butter – 18 oz : $1.99
WafersKirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter, 28 oz, 2-count: $9.49Off-Brand Vanilla Wafers: $2.65
BagelsSchwartz Brothers Bakery Organic Everything Bagel Chips, 15 oz: $9.99Bagels pack of 6: $2.09

As you can see in the above price comparison table, it is clear that Costco Wholesale is a cheaper supermarket chain than Aldi. In general, you’ll have to pay about 1 to 2 dollars more when you shop from Aldi behind the majority of the products. 

Store Experience 


For starters, Costco focuses more on the customer service section in the stores and you can see the customer service center right after entering the store. Additionally, the customers have voted their staff including general workers as kind and helpful. 

Moreover, their outlets seem to be quite interesting, more appealing than other similar department stores. In simple words, maybe they are not excellent, but Costco still works to provide you with a satisfactory shopping experience as a consumer.


Aldi guarantees to offer great customer service while maintaining a truly kind and honest relationship with customers. Although all the Aldi stores run on a minimal number of staff members and have self-bagging, the staff is still constantly ready to help you out with anything and everything. 

All these stores are also noted to be clean and tidy with a welcoming atmosphere. They also focus on providing great value with that service so that the customers get a satisfactory shopping experience.

Final Words

As you have already read about, when it comes to the supermarket chain offering cheaper products with similar quality between Costco and Aldi, Costco wins the comparison battle.

However, we’d also suggest you try shopping from Aldi at least once because the rate difference is about just a couple of dollars mostly. 

Also, you should choose it over Costco when you want to buy something in one piece or smaller quantity because, at Costco, you’ll get everything in a bunch and at wholesale rates.

With this, we hope we have cleared the price comparison between Costco and Aldi, and hope you now know which among them is a cheaper and better brand for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Costco cheaper than Aldi?

Yes, when we compared prices of general products from both Costco and Aldi, Costco seems to be offering similar quality and brand products at cheaper prices. 

Is Costco better than Aldi?

Yes, Costco is better than Aldi only when it comes to pricing since Costco wholesale stores offer similar quality products at cheaper rates. 

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